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VI Tester - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Posted 16 January 2009 - 10:24 PM

The following are a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about VI Tester:

VI Tester is a great idea. How did JKI come up with it?

VI Tester is based on the industry standard xUnit software test architecture that is used in many other programming languages -- this architecture is very flexible and powerful, but also very easy for beginners to learn. So, we can't take credit for inventing the architecture, only for making it available to LabVIEW users.

Why do I need to write software to test my software?
If there are problems (a.k.a bugs) with your software, it's best to know before you ship your software. Unit testing is a great way to validate that the software functions, before it ships. And, unit tests are a great way to capture and communicate software requirements -- if you want to know how a VI is supposed to work, just look at its unit test as an example. Also, if you break functionality in your software, you want to know right away, so that you can make good educated guesses as to which recent changes broke your software. The more time that passes from when the software is broken and when you realize it's broken, the harder it is to find the source of the problem.

I see that VI Tester uses LVOOP to create tests, does VI Tester test VIs that are not in classes?
VI Tester is designed to test VIs. Your test methods must be members of a TestCase class but your test methods can (and should) call project VIs (that do not need to be LVOOP class members). In the example project that ships with VI Tester, we demonstrate how to test the 'Merge Errors.vi' which is standard VI that is located on the 'Dialog and User Interface' palette in LabVIEW. For more information on how to write tests, watch the tutorial video here.

Can I use VI Tester to test my hardware?
We guess you could, but you'd be better off using a tool like NI TestStand, which was designed for testing hardware.

How do I create new tests?
See here.

How do I debug tests?
See here.

What's on the future roadmap for VI Tester?
See here.

Where can I learn more about testing software?

There are a lot of books, websites, and other resources related to software testing.

Here are a few links:

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