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  2. For reference, here is a support article: https://support.vipm.io/hc/en-us/articles/214135663-VIPM-fails-to-launch-after-splash-screen-on-Windows
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  4. Hello Jim, I was looking for the Open Package File function (see attached). I think the right click on the package and add to library is what I am looking for. I was not aware of that feature. Thanks
  5. Hi Dan, Glad you're exploring VIPM 2020. What do you mean by "load packages"? Are you saying that you'd like to add them to VIPM's package list? You can double-click the package and open it in VIPM to install it. Also, in VIPM 2020.1 (currently in beta) we've added an "Add to Library" right-click option on Packages in Windows File Explorer. Does that answer your question? -Jim
  6. My problem persists... apparently I do not have necessary permissions for some Splash VI file?? Here is the text file from C:\ProgramData\JKI\VIPM\error June-29-2020.txt
  7. I'm having a similar problem (VIPM 2020) as the opening post of this thread. Since the solution of re-installing LV Runtime Engine worked for some people, I'm trying that (LVRTE 2019SP1) now. If I don't reply again, that probably means it worked.
  8. A little more info I found when playing around: I located .mnu file responsible for my palette in LabVIEW directory and deleted it. Now, as expected, show in palettes does not work. Also, my palette disappeared from LabVIEW funtions palette. When I restore .mnu file, palette is available once more, however, show in palettes displays Agilent 34401 palette after clicking again.
  9. Hi, I am having an issue with functions palette I generate in VIPM. The palette is generated and behaves correctly in LabVIEW, however, when I click "show in palettes" in VIPM after installing toolkit, instead of my functions palette, Agilent 34401 palette is displayed. Any idea what might be wrong?
  10. I've seen similar happening on two different PCs as well. Restarting fixed it on one; had to reinstall on another. Currently on this one it opens, but will automatically close itself after a maybe 20 or 30 seconds. I'm not sure what's causing all of this, but this is all I have in C:\ProgramData\JKI\VIPM\error. =========== START of VIPM 2020.0.0 (build 2302) Error Message =========== An internal VIPM 2020.0.0 (build 2302) Error has occured on: Sunday June 28, 2020 at 05:22:19 PM = Automated Message Start = Error 42 occurred at (http response "404". URL Requested: http://ftp.ni.com/evaluation/labview/lvtn/vipm/packages/austin_consultants_lib_finance_ohlc_plot/aus tin_consultants_lib_finance_ohlc_plot- 85294761631CBC58471969C9E99FB95F:2980001 in 34ECF0FD9B9E81860D3E52C65FD0A442->15A1868D1CB3D6176D9B44B0ED323314->C898E814D7E422D8CA4487CB97FA7465 ->OGPM Class.lvlib:0A647C51DBC1AD7225F71A08D470BB08->OGPM Class.lvlib:4CD02F4728B5353B72E37139092E0B05->E1F6385E95370507176402E569A529D7->VIPM Main Window.vi . URL: "http://ftp.ni.com/evaluation/labview/lvtn/vipm/packages/austin_consultants_lib_finance_ohlc_plot/au stin_consultants_lib_finance_ohlc_plot-". Possible reason(s): LabVIEW: (Hex 0x2A) Generic error. = Automated Message End = = User Defined Message Start = Error downloading package info = User Defined Message End = = Error Handler Call Chain Start = VIPM Main Window.vi-> E1F6385E95370507176402E569A529D7-> OGPM Class.lvlib:4CD02F4728B5353B72E37139092E0B05-> OGPM Class.lvlib:0A647C51DBC1AD7225F71A08D470BB08 = Error Handler Call Chain End = =========== END of VIPM 2020.0.0 (build 2302) Error Message ===========
  11. Hello, I was playing around with vipm 2020. I couldn't figure out how to load packages I created in previous versions of vipm and packages I downloaded. How do you load packages from your hard drive? Thanks
  12. Glad you figured it out, @Justin Thomas, and it was just an email issue. Hope Design Palette is working well for you.
  13. Similar issue, im not able to activate this via email. I send out the email request and never receive an Activation code. Is there an alternate method of activation available? Fixed now, looks like my account was not setup to receive emails from JKI
  14. Hello! Is there a way to give the VI Package Builder a relative path for the "Build Output Directory" and the "Source Directory" (in Build Information)? I try to build a package by calling a LabView executable that is using the VIMP API. I need to set a relative paths because the project is checked out from Gitlab into a temporary folder that will be deleted after the build process finished. I tried all kinds of path formats but can't make it work and always get the following error message: There was a problem building Test_Project. Error Details: Code: 1430 Source: Ordner erstellen in VIPM Create Dir if Non-Existant.vi->12585F9C94A7D59D3E260C29C9C1E906->161DA2F058D709ED4354707005A11FC0->31D8663ACFF1819471D28090923FC176->VIPB_API.BuildAndPackageLibraryFromSpec[Private].vi:6610005->VIPB_API.BuildAndPackageLibraryFromSpec[Private].vi.ACBRProxyCaller.B8C000B4<APPEND> builds Maybe there is a way so set the new path after the checkout but I can't see a way to do it.
  15. 4.2.0b1 is a beta that was put on lavag.org, it has support for Linux RT targets that the previous one did not, unfortunately there is no official release with that functionality yet.The package had a slightly different name as well, which confuses VIPM a bit when trying to uninstall. See the discussion here: https://lavag.org/topic/21142-openg-zip-42/page/2/
  16. VIPM 2020 running in task manager, but main window does not appear, nor is VIPM icon in windows tray (Windows 7 on a Parallels virtual machine on a MacBook). Can open build specs and get that window, but cannot install packages. Attached is image of Build Spec window , but no main window.
  17. What files should I send you? The content of C:\ProgramData\JKI\VIPM\cache or C:\ProgramData\JKI\VIPM\databases\LV 19.0 or both?
  18. Earlier
  19. Hi Everyone I face the same problem and I'm blocked right know. What exactly is the issue. So IT in my company may could temporary work around it. What is the road map vor VIPM 2020.1? Many thanks and best Regards Markus
  20. Please tell me when it is ready. I would be happy to be a tester. I only need to download the Arduino code?
  21. Hi Everyone @Mads Toppe, @szymsciupak, @wolfkil, This is a known issue that affects some people behind corporate firewalls. In VIPM 2020.1 (still in beta), you will be able to download packages without a sign-in and hopefully this will resolve the pain point. Thanks for your patience. -Jim
  22. Hi Antoine, Thanks for posting this. I'm not sure what the issue is. I don't see the same thing. One thing that's different between your and my systems is you have a version "1" in the list. Would you be willing to send me a copy of that package? I suspect it's not a released package, but it appears to be causing some issues. Don't delete it quite yet, because I'd love to know what's going on.
  23. I'm struggling with the same problem during an automatic VIPM update.
  24. I confirm it works when I connect to the Internet using mobile hotspot instead of company network. Which is inconvenient because my laptop won't let me do it if it can find a company Wi-Fi network. Dear JKI Team, it looks like a bug and I think we have already provided enough information so it can be fixed
  25. I too am seeing this. However if I run the app as administrator it will successfully load. This is run on Windows 10 64-bit, 32 bit LabVIEW, inside a virtual machine. My account is administrator and I have user account control settings turned off. If you need any more information let me know and I can try to help solve this issue.
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