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  2. Hello, let me report the following issue, which was discovered by my colleague. We use LabVIEW 2015, SP1. JKI Design Palette v1.0.5.196. We have some project, which has dialog windows. And we've noticed, that sometimes when user did right-click on VIs title bar, LabVIEW is completely frozen. Then we've started to investigate the issue, and found out that Path control from JKI Design Palette causes high CPU usage -> which somehow in its turn causes issues with title bar context menu. When we have just 1 empty VI opened, CPU usage is low, around 1-2 %. But as soon as we place there Path control, CPU usage jumps to 22-30%! And VI is just opened, it is not running. When we place any other path from "native" LabVIEW palette, CPU usage is around 2-5%. Thank you, Sincerely, Ivan.
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  4. Turns out (it seems obvious now...!) I was missing the tdtable from my runtime engine (2019). Fixed as per this knowledge base: https://knowledge.ni.com/KnowledgeArticleDetails?id=kA00Z0000019Ru8SAE&l=en-GB Copied over the missing file from a colleague's machine.
  5. Hi, I upgraded vipm today from and received the following errors after install and then on launch (which fails). Have uninstalled and downloaded direct from jki and see the same behaviour. I've tried also to run from admin. Any ideas greatly appreciated! Naeem
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  7. Update. Resolved it. I ran it as administrator (via Command Prompt), and it now works. Perhaps this message "This package is not compatible with your OS or any LV Version..." needs to change. It is a bit misleading.
  8. Hi, I am seeing this error today. I have installed VIPM 2020 Free version on a VM. The VM is running Windows Server 2019 Datacenter build 1809 . Is this an unsupported OS as the error suggests, and therefore the reason for the error? Thanks Chris Farmer
  9. We have an official bug ID for this 18825 - VIPM API doesn't handle LabVIEW 2020 We're working on a fix.
  10. Hi, One nice feature of SMO is the ability to programmatically abort an instance of a SMO that did not stop properly when asked to. Very similar to what you would do with the big red "abort" button in the labVIEW IDE. The abort method is called in the "destroy.vi" method of the SMO. However, this functionnality doesn't work for me and I'm not sure it is supposed to work. Indeed, the SMO is attempting to call the abort invoke method on the reference of "process.vi" which is a subvi of "LaunchProcess.vi". To my understanding, LabVIEW does not allow to programmatically kill a subvi. Only a top level vi can be killed with the "abort" invoke node (top levels vi include vis launched with the "run" method or with the "asynchronous call" method and the x80 flag for instance). Calling the "abort" method on a subvi's reference ends up with error 1000. Hence I think that LaunchProcess.vi can indeed be aborted programmically but not process.vi and this is why the abort feature doesn't work in SMO. Am I missing something? Best regards, Christophe
  11. @turbophil....have you heard about VI Package Configuration? It does exactly what you are asking for. Here is a knowledgebase article about it: https://support.vipm.io/hc/en-us/articles/214135883-How-to-use-VI-Package-Configurations-VIPC-
  12. I see that this feature can be valuable to some. I will suggest to post such ideas in https://www.vipm.io/post/suggestion/
  13. Good find! We have recorded this issue as Case 18813 and will see when can we get it resolved.
  14. I, too, would be interested in such a feature. It would make things really nice if we could export the list of installed packages from one machine and then import that on another to mirror the configuration. This would roughly approximate doing a "pip freeze" and generating "requirements.txt" for python code.
  15. I, too, would be interested in such a feature. It would make things really nice if we could export the list of installed packages from one machine and then import that on another to mirror the configuration. This would roughly approximate doing a "pip freeze" and generating "requirements.txt" for python code.
  16. I manage about 20 internal packages for my company and some of my package are "low level", I mean used by other packages. OpenG packages do that too. It would be cool if VIPM could produce a view similar to the VI hierarchy but for package.
  17. I found the problem. It was a problem with the structure of the db.json file.
  18. Hello, I have created a FAKE SERVER with Visual Studio Code. The file db.json of that server contains information about animals (consumption and weight). From LabVIEW, I've made a simple vi that GET the information and POST the new information generated randomly. I'm able to GET the information, but when I try to POST consumption or weight information, an error occurs. The error 500 in the console from Visual Studio code is this: I don't know whether the problem is the vi or the FAKE webserver. I'm a completly newbie in this field. Your help is appreciated. Thank you in advance. prova4.vi db.json
  19. Update: The button gets covered when the window is set to minimum width: Perhaps the refresh button could be moved? Otherwise minimum window size should be bigger?
  20. Strange issue with the newest version (2020.2) the "update package" button is hidden. At first I thought it was completely missing. - I see this on two machines, one running build 2391 and the other build 2386. On another computer running build 2386 it works fine. - The only other difference I can see is that the button is missing when more than one version of LabVIEW is installed. It is visible when only one version is installed
  21. Hi Prabhu Did you find a solution with the native functions in combination with JKI's REST API? Any input would be appreciated.
  22. Is it possible to export list of used packages from package configuration to some text file? The point is, that I'd like to include list of packages into the documentation - so now I have to write list of packages manually, based on the list which I see in VI Package Configuration Editor...
  23. Currently I am able to extend the VIPM pro free trial multiple times to access the Pro features by providing email ID. Is there something that the free trial is missing? I think it isn't ethical to keep extending and using the pro features using the trial version for commercial use. This provides an easy way to misuse the same. My question: We are currently evaluating our license requirements. We have a couple of teams which require the Professional Version. The primarily used pro features are VIPM APIs, Package Licensing and VIPC building. The frequency of usage is about once a month. Which edition should we go for and how many licenses? Thanks in advance.
  24. VIPM 2020 is available for Mac. https://support.vipm.io/hc/en-us/articles/360045837651-VIPM-2020-1-Release-Notes-Windows-and-Mac-
  25. Hi @kosist. Thanks for reporting this. We've logged a bug [18812] for this issue and will have our team look into it. Regards, Jim
  26. Sometimes there are weird permissions issues in Windows with files on a network drive. I've noticed odd behaviors occasionally, too. I'm glad it's working for you now, and thanks for reporting these issues.
  27. It seems that the difference is that the error shows when the package is double-clicked on a network drive and it opens normally when double-clicked on a local drive.
  28. In case when new (custom) destination's name starts the same as already existing one, then both destinations are treated as the same (not possible to edit name of custom destination, and when path is changed in one of them - it is reflected in another one). As the example, there is standard destination "Help Menu", then I've added "Help Menu Test" - both of them were treated as the same destinations. And then 3rd destination "Menu Test Help" was fine.
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