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  2. Hey Brian, This is a great idea. You're right that VIPM doesn't scan the Custom Action VIs for dependencies, currently. I can see how that could be a big help. We can't commit to a date on this, but I'll add it to our tracker, for the R&D team to consider. Thanks!
  3. Hi Everyone. I've just posted an idea that I'd like people's feedback about. It's to create a polymorphic VI for Assert and show the Polymorphic Selector Ring, by default. You can see more details about the reasoning behind this proposal, here: https://github.com/JKISoftware/Caraya/issues/26 Thank you for your comments and ideas. -JIm
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  5. If there is a dependency added to a Pre/Post Install/Uninstall VI, this dependency isn't detected by the Scan for Dependencies function. Attached is a package that has a single VI that doesn't do much. But the package has a Pre-Uninstall VI that has a dependency on an OpenG Wait. Scanning for dependencies doesn't find any and I suspect it is because the Pre-Uninstall VI isn't part of the package source. The reason I want this is because my Pre/Post Install/Uninstall VIs are getting large and I wanted to make subVIs but they aren't brought into the package, only the top level. My work around for this is to call subVIs that are already installed. I intended on making a single package that is something like "Package Tools" which all packages that use the Pre/Post VIs will depend on. I can still add this manually but will often forget since all other dependencies are properly found on a scan. Reuse Test.zip
  6. Hi There. This is more of a MS Windows issue than a VIPM issue, from what I can tell. Sometimes if Windows is bogged down (CPU) this can occur.
  7. If you have a slow - heavily loaded pc (win7/64b) and LabVIEW(2018) is exceeding the timeout time. Then if you retry the installation from VIPM I have seen that two instances are launched. VIPM ought to see that there is already an instance being launched and wait for that to be ready.
  8. Mellroth

    Internal Dependencies and error 1357

    Have you been able to reproduce the bug with the files I uploaded? /J
  9. Jim Kring

    Missing file in lvlib

    Hi Thomas. Thanks for reporting this. Can you explain a little bit about how this missing .rtm file is impacting your work? Does it cause any specific problems, or is it just an observation that it's missing? Thanks.
  10. T.Liebenau

    Missing file in lvlib

    Hy JKI Team, i found that the Caraya.lvlib is missing the file "Application Menu.rtm". Can you fix that package? Best regards Thomas
  11. Jim Kring

    Cant Download VIPM

    Looks like your IT department is probably blocking the download URL.
  12. james.manley

    Cant Download VIPM

    I'm trying to download the VIPM but it never pops up as an option to download, there is the "*If the download does not start automatically, please click here." but the page it takes you too doesn't do anything
  13. Jim Kring

    Internal Dependencies and error 1357

    Thank you. We'll take a look at reproducing this and if there's a future fix for the issue. We can't commit to a timeline, but we certainly would love to see this issue addressed in a future release, if there's a solution to be found.
  14. Mellroth

    Internal Dependencies and error 1357

    Hi, Attached is a simple example using the LabVIEW DynamicDispatch example as source. The internal package contains the three classes Shape, Triangle and Square. All these classes have a method named Identify. The public code is supposed to use these three classes internally, but not expose them, hence we add them as an internal dependency. If the wireflow_lib_wf_internalclasses- is added as a internal dependency, the build of the public package fails with the error shown in the attached image, if we remove the package from the list of dependencies the public package package builds just fine. If we monitor the VIPM temp build folder during the build, and if we check other internal packages, we see that the folder where VIPM puts the internal dependencies and adds the name-spacing is a flat structure. Since several methods have the same name it means that they will still have the same name after the name-spacing, resulting in the failed builds /J JKI example.zip
  15. Jim Kring

    Internal Dependencies and error 1357

    Hi. Thanks for reporting this. Would you be willing to spend a small amount of time to create a super simple VI Package project that demonstrates this issue and share that with us (as a zip file)? We'd love to be able to reproduce this issue and see if there's a work-around or fix.
  16. We recently hit a really big bug (at the moment it is a showstopper) when trying to build a new package with a number of internal dependencies. * LV2014 * VIPM 2016 What happened was that VIPM complained about VI salready in memory, throwing error 1357, for several files in the dependency hierarchy. We were able to nail it down to that VIPM puts all dependencies in a flat structure. This means that if you link to a dependency with a class hierarchy and dynamic dispatch, all dispatched VIs will be placed in the same flat structure and thus getting the error 1357. We even tried to workaround this by putting each class in a separate llb when building the vip file of the internal dependency. This probably affects other types of packages, e.g where name-spacing via lvlib is used. I haven't found anything about this being a known issue, so please update VIPM to preserve the hierarchy of the dependencies, or at least handle a scenario with internal deps with name duplicates /J
  17. I can't point you to a known issue, but there's a good chance we've fixed the issue you're mentioning.
  18. Thanks for your response. I am using VIPM 2016 SP1. Is that a known issue in VIPM 2016?
  19. Which version of VIPM are you using? I think we made some improvements to VIPM 2018 (and the f1 release) that improve support for PPLs.
  20. Bruce, Can you try to run VIPM as root user using pseudo commands? If that does not help, send us VIPM Error Logs. Refer this article on how to do that: https://support.jki.net/hc/en-us/articles/214135523-How-to-submit-VIPM-Troubleshooting-Logs
  21. I have a .vipb and .vipc files for my project. It was building the packages earlier, but recently I have changed all my project files and reusables to packed library. Now I am getting Error 10 while building the package. But I am able to build the package successfully, If I rename/delete the .vipc it it is building properly. Thanks in advance.
  22. K. Ludlow

    Issue with text encoding

    The flatten to JSON string.vi appears to be using CP-1252 encoding instead of UTF-8. This is causing the character - to be cast as – in my application. This is generating an error in the application. Is there a way to correct this?
  23. I got it. Thanks for confirming this, Jim.
  24. Bruce Diesel

    2017 VIPM Not Connecting to 2018 Labview Linux

    Hi Ashish, thanks for the pointer to the article. Unfortunately it has not solved the problem. VIPM does initially connect to Labview and restart it. But then it sits trying to connect to Labview and eventually times out. Bruce
  25. Hi Tianbin, The VIPM package URL handler only works on Windows, currently. Jim
  26. Ashish

    error code 10

    Ben, Thanks for reporting the issue. We have forward this to our team to take a look at. We cannot promise on when the fix will be released.
  27. Bruce, The issue is likely related to permissions. Have you referred this article: https://support.jki.net/hc/en-us/articles/214135683-Resolving-issues-with-VIPM-connecting-to-LabVIEW
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