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  2. Hey Ruslan, What specifically do you like about it? Anything you dislike or don't agree with? I can probably share my front panels so you can play with the colors, etc. but I don't think I can share the code due to the NDA/IP rights with my company. If you're looking for something in particular about it I can probably share a screenshot or explain how/why I did certain things. The actual code isn't really all that magical. I think it's just a JKI State Machine doing some logic to get data to and from a file. -Nate
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  5. nathan-murphy Great design. Is it possible to put it here (what can be laid out)?
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  7. I added a pull request earlier. So far the team seems happy about it. I would rather not manage my own branch though. I like the library though, very flexible for the most part!
  8. When testing an item using configuration based test I find that I would prefer more Hierarchy on the report but not any additional VIs. I Like the use of call chain but i think its a bit inflexible for some situations. I imagine the implementation would be somewhat like this: I think i would consider using a String Array as apposed to a string shown above to add additional false nodes to the call chain. (These call chains are scattered here and there). These would have to be passed into the assert nodes otherwise they would have their default behavior. I would consider putting together a pull request if this would be a feasible change to the master branch.
  9. Hi, I've been running through the JKI SM Training course (thanks for making it available in these strange times!). The videos and tutorials are great. I'm having trouble downloading the exercises/tip sheets and get the following message: Are the exercises available elsewhere? Thanks, Ian
  10. I have a 2 state machines that are connected through user events. One of these is for taking measurements and writing data, the other is to control loading, moving and unloading the UUTs this is done through TCP communication (this is defined already from the vendor so I cant change that). With the the load there is a long wait time until I have a response over TCP and I dont want to have the measurement machine locked until I have a response. I would assume the best way would be just to ping the TCP read in a timeout loop with the TCP read timeout set to 100ms and clear the error until there is a response. This should give me the ability to response to other user events and keep the machine active. Again maybe I am on the right path for this and it is the best solution but something tells me there is a better option that I am not seeing. Anyone have a better solution?
  11. First of all, thank you for this amazing tool. I have been using it for quite a long time. However I found a problem with JKI Flat UI Controls that only appears if you launch LabVIEW from Visual Studio in a debug session. To replicate the issue, you can just simple create an empty project in Visual Studio (tested with VS 2015, VS 2017 and VS 2019) and set LabVIEW as the Local Windows Debugger. If you launch a debug session, you don't have to open any project, and still LabVIEW will crash after approx. 30 seconds and throw an exception. The problem has gone after I removed JKI Design Palette and JKI Flat UI Controls 2.0 from LabVIEW.
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  13. Hello, I have a system with LabVIEW 2015, 2016 installed. I am trying to install 2019, however, when I try to install VIPM 2019, I get this message: I've also tried uninstalling from the windows uninstaller and get this: I don't have 'vipm-setup.msi' for 2016. Any ideas how to resolve? -Chris
  14. Hi Chris. I don't think there's a way to do either of these, currently, via the API. They are both great ideas and I support them Would you be willing to post these ideas to the VIPM Idea Exchange?
  15. Hi guys, Just wondered if there's any way (using VIPM File Handler) to Refresh a VIPC to reference latest versions of listed packages (assuming they're already installed in VI package library) ?. Alternatively, any plans to add the ability to Add Packages to VIPC by package name rather than scanning a Project ? BR. Chris
  16. Hello JKI Team, In order to install a package in labview 2018, jki_lib_flat_controls >= is required as a dependency . I tried to install JKI Flat UI Controls instead but it doesn't work. Could you give me an advise in this case ? 1, Is it correct that JKI Flat UI Controls is an upgrate of jki_lib_flat_controls ? 2, In the case not, where could i download jki_lib_flat_controls (This package exists no more in VIPM) ? Thank you in advance. Regards,
  17. Same issue here as well, I've tried a couple times during the past 3 months to use the new JKI Icon Set 2.0 but I get to the Design Palette Activation screen, enter my email, and I never receive an Activation Code. I made sure I was opt-in for JKI emails and it looks like I am. Would really like to use this new icon set especially since your 1.0 version was so good. Thanks JKI Team!
  18. Is there any performance advantage to EasyXML over the built in LabVIEW functions? I wrote a TestStand XML reporter parser in LV to import the data into a SQL database which works but can't seem to keep up with how many reports we generate. Reports can take 10 - 45 sec to parse and import and there are thousands of them. Also, there seems to be memory leaks that I can't find the built in parser that slows the importer as it is running 24/7. I usually reset the system every week or so if I remember. An example of a large report here would have 300 tests to import.
  19. Here are some links: https://blog.jki.net/jki/introduction-to-jki-json https://github.com/JKISoftware/JKI-JSON-Serialization There's not much documentation, since it's a very simple serializer.
  20. Dear JKI Tream : I want to learn the JKI JSON toolkit but I can't find the help file online. Send me a help file? Thanks!
  21. I'd love to see these three License-related improvements to VIPM: 1) First, a main window column showing the package license, so it becomes very easy to see whether a package is open source, freeware, proprietary/custom, or something else. It'd be nice if the column title could be clicked to sort sort packages by license type: 2) To complement this, a change to the filter box with options to filter by license type, or maybe a second filtering box for this specific purpose. This would further help those searching for packages to focus on finding one they can afford and actually use for new open source projects, which is particularly relevant now that LabVIEW Community Edition is going to bring in lots of new users who definitely aren't going to purchase proprietary add-ons: 3) Finally, it be interesting for the VIPM Community Edition, specifically, to only allow the creation of open source packages, what would create a clear barrier to those who might be thinking of using VIPM Community Edition for proprietary package creation. This could be done by changing the "License Agreement Name" (in VIMP Community Edition only) from a free form text field to a combo box listing only OSI-Approved licenses' SPDX codes, therefore making the intended purpose extremely clear. The default option could be BSD, with other popular OSI-Approved licenses listed below it, and less common ones (if requested) on a submenu: What do you think? 😊 PS: Re-posted with changes from the original in the VIPM 2020 Beta board.
  22. Hi Albert, Thanks for reporting this. Yes, you should certainly contact CPE regarding this issue. It would be great if VIPM could detect this, yet I think that it might be tricky to try to guess the developer's intentions. Maybe VIPM could warn the package developer of potential problems. -Jim
  23. Hi In the VIPM 2020 beta I tried to install the error logger from CPE. And indeed that worked except that the include ppl was not correct for LV2019 or LV2018 so not useable. I have send a request to CPE to add those versions but only this morning so somewhat early to expect a reaction. Is it possible to check for ppl versions or should we leave that to the developer.
  24. I like to give my users a "starter pack" when beginning a new project. Part of this includes setting up a directory structure with a vipt file waiting for them. However, when packages are built vipt files are ignored. I have gotten around this by renaming them before build and then restoring the old name after installation, but this seems like a fragile and inelegant solution.
  25. Drag *.vip files into Repository Manager window. Useful if you one has many packages to publish simultaneously. For example, if the catalog gets corrupted one could drag the entire "packages" directory into the Repository Manager to reconstruct the repository.
  26. Hi @maristu. We have a fix for this issue in the VIPM 2020 Beta. Thanks again for reporting it. If you'd like to help test, please sign up for the beta.
  27. Son of a gun!  After posting "I can't install VIPM 2019", I tried once more, got the same error, clicked something (maybe "ignore"?, and the installation started up, despite the error.  It finished, and now it looks like it is working.  Weird.

    Bob "I believe in Miracles" Schor

  28. Hi I had a package named "cfgCampaña xdas" but due to the special character ñ I had some troubles to publish. I can not remember exactly the problem. Finally I renamed the package, it it published in my repository but the old package "cfgCampaña xdas" continues in the vipc file, but it is impossible to remove, and once I try to remove with the right click menu I can not close the window dependencias xdas.vipc vipmsupport_02-19-20_11-45-01.bin
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