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  2. Elmar, At our lab, I did exactly the same for the same reason. To me a very obvious improvement, extremely helpful to find from what part the error originated. I changed the colour of the Parse State Queue VI to distinguish it from the original. See the yellow coloured vi icon in the screenshot below. Now a wire "previous" state is available for error processing, which in my case is done in the white coloured subvi "ERROR". Would love to see this in the next update of the JKI SM :-) @Jim Kring I find it cumbersome to have multiple logins for multiple platforms. This is the JKI forum and you ask for feedback on GitHub? >> We've posted a related idea and request for feedback, here: https://github.com/JKISoftware/JKI-State-Machine/issues/11 >> [..] Should we, instead, make the Previous State available to all frames of the JKI State Machine (e.g. as an additional output to the Parse State Queue), [..] Yes, this is sufficient for me. Oh, and I should mention that I use the very helpful GPower error toolset (https://gpower.io/?lang=en) which allows for creating (and extracting)multiple errors on the "standard error wire". So then the JKI Error Handler frame can handle multiple errors, originating from a single frame.
  3. Is it possible to allow for a user to turn off the warning dialog that pops up every time Reload is pressed? I am currently developing tests one at a time, making sure they fail, then modifying and making sure they pass. It is kind of annoying to have to click the pop up away so often as I am reloading frequently. Thanks for this product, it is changing the way I program! Ryan
  4. Hi, I am using JKI SM for a project. I need a vlaue generated in JKI SM to another loop to generate a user event. The value is timestring and will trigger a state in JKI SM. I a able to generate the timestring user event to stop the executin after 60 seconds. The (time+60) seconds timestring is generated in JKI and this value comes back in the JKI to trigger a state. I have attached a vi which generates an event after 60 seconds from execution and stops the VI. Please convey how can I get the time+60 second value out from JKI. Or Can i achieve this within JKi itself? User Event Example (3).vi
  5. Recently installed LabVIEW 2017 (have other versions already installed), VIPM Pro 2019 fails to install Hidden Gems for LabVIEW 2017 (but installs OpenG just fine).  I also tried running VIPM as Admin, made no difference.  

    Oops, spoke too soon -- Got Error Code 7 with OpenG LabVIEW ZIP Library.  Had gotten Error Code 8 with Hidden Gems.  Did reboot on first seeing this error, and still error persists.

    One other Gripe -- I logged in to JKI Community, saw my old messages, but couldn't Post.  I was identified on the Forum as Bob Schor (Members), but it still insisted that I "Sign In" again to post.  I did, got back to the same place, and now I can post.  This is an annoying "Feature" of the site!

    Bob Schor

    1. Bob Schor

      Bob Schor

      OK.  Second Reboot, uninstalled then reinstalled OpenG Toolkit, on reinstallation, only the LabVIEW Zip Library seemed to be installed, without error.

      Hidden Gems in vi.lib (from the 2017 menu) still gives me the error, message attached below.

      This time, when I log in to the Forum, I get here without trouble (i.e. it not only takes me to my "page", but it lets me enter this message without needing to "Sign In" again).  Weird.

      Bob Schor

      VIPM Hidden Gems Bug.txt

  6. Hello, I am trying to use Flat Controls 2.0 objects in a LV 2016 blank VI. Once I drag and drop the objects into the VI, the objects stop hovering once my cursor enters. Hovering only happens in JKI Design Palettes window. Please let me know if I miss anything and I am attaching a LV 2016 VI for your reference. Thanks
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  8. Hi I'm also struggling to run vipm in a CentOS 64 bits. I'm not proficient about Linux, specially CentOS. From various posts on the net, I've got the idea that people advise against the use ia32-libs because there are replacements from quite time ago, and there are considerations specific to the Linux distribution. I've already giving up and I'm back to focus on working with LabVIEW. Considering that the current LabVIEW 2019 for Linux is only 64 bits, wouldn't it be better to have the vipm match it?
  9. I just installed Labview 2019 on a windows 10 machine along with Labview 2017. Previously, I was able to install packages like MGI Toolkit and OpenG with no problems.. Now with VIPM 2019, I can no longer install those packages to Labview 2019 or even 2017. I know those packages are compatible with LV2017 because I had them installed on a previous Windows 7 machine. I get the following error message.
  10. Hi, Enjoying the JKI SM Explorer tremendously! However, it currently shows up persistently on all my desktops which is not very convenient since there - occasionally - is more to life than LabVIEW. Is there a away to limit it to just the desktop where LabVIEW is running? Windows 10, LabVIEW 2020b4 thx, Casper
  11. All- Here is the link to the NI forum concerning this thread. At this time, I have been successful in launching VIPM in openSUSE Leap 15.1. Respectfully, David Johnson
  12. Has anyone from JKI seen this? @Ashish @Jim Kring I thought there might be some interest in fixing this bug
  13. Thank you for your reply! Somehow yesterday I didn't realize that Edit could be used as Write, thank you. Glasses for reading will be great, this is similar as default accessors icons for VIs. I implement VI for CAN communication with some custom protocol. Thus I would like to read/write message by address, and send/receive command (or payload). Interesting is, that even Silver buttons set do not have such icons - although there are different kinds of icons. Regarding crashes - I've found out that on first call, after project is opened, it works for me, so I take all buttons which I need, and then work with application 🙂 Most probably, I have something with my LabVIEW installation (different toolkits, drivers, etc.), thus something could be wrong there.
  14. Right, we don't have a build of VIPM for Catalina yet...
  15. Hi James. Thanks for posting this -- it's sure to be super helpful to VIPM users on Linux. Ya, there are lots of little gotchas like this that pop up on various Linux flavors, and it's nice to have a record of what worked for others (or myself, when I find an old post of mine answering the question I'm now asking!). -Jim
  16. Hi Greg. The buttons' Boolean Text is 20 pt Application Font, so it depends on the font you've got configured on your system. The control labels and captions are set to 15 pt Calibri -Jim
  17. What icons do you think would work well for write and read? In your application, what is it that you're trying to Read/Write and Send/Receive? That might help us find some good icons for your use case. By the way, there is an "Edit" button with a Pencil. For reading, would expect glasses? PS - Sorry for the crashes. we're not sure why LabVIEW has a difficult time, sometimes 🙂
  18. I try to use the toolkit when it does not crash 😉 and enjoy it a lot, but I've just found that there is no buttons with icons for such often used actions as Read, Write, Send, Receive. Also, there could be more "specialized", like Query, Execute, Init, DeInit, etc. Are there plans to expand the toolkit, or there is some specific reasons why those (at least more common Read/Write, etc.) are not implemented in the toolkit? Thanks a lot, Sincerely, Ivan.
  19. Dear JKI community, let me, please, share the following - button "Boolean--Home-House-40x40-Button-(flat)" has label "Pause 23". Thank you very much, Sincerely, kosist.
  20. Hi Eldon. The context menu items only show up in LabVIEW 2015 and greater, since that's the first version of LabVIEW that supports this ability to create plug-ins for the context menu. You should be able to use quickdrop to open the JKI SM Explorer window via Ctrl+Space >> Ctrl+J.
  21. Currently using LV 2014 and the JKI explorer does not show up as an option in the context menu. I believe I have the current JKI State Machine installed because it is showing "JKI State Machine 2018" in the loop title. Is the explorer only supported for newer versions of LV? Thanks, Eldon
  22. Hi , I want to trigger a user event in JKI SM. Its a time based event; the SM enters in a state and gets the current system time after 60 secs the it should switch to a different state.
  23. Hi, It seems it is an 32-bits application. This doesn't work under Catalina...😢
  24. Support for macOS Catalina?
  25. This is covered in part in various places but I thought it might be useful to have it in one. I've got VIPM running on CentOS 8 but you have to jump through some hoops due to 64 bit, wayland and rpm signing! 1. Install support for the 32 bit RTE on 64 bit by installing the following packages: glibc.i686 libstdc++.i686 libXinerama.i686 libGL.so.1 2. To install the run time engine - you need to remove the digest checks since these have got more strict. In the run time engine folder edit INSTALL so the line that starts RPMOPT includes --nodigest at the end of the string. 3. Now follow the standard install instructions. 4. Before running VIPM run the command "xhost si:localuser:root" to allow the root user to launch a window process. I believe this is due to wayland. Hope that helps someone!
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