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  2. Hi Scott, We're working with National Instruments on VIPM 2020 and this is a priority. Thanks for your patience, since there's a lot to do. Yes, we'll certainly want some help testing, once it's ready. I don't have an exact timeline at the moment.
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  4. Any progress on that? Catalina has been out for awhile now and 64 bit apps have been the default since LabVIEW 16! Running a LabVIEW 15-32 build is a bit old! I am starting to test Catalina and VIPM is part of that since there is zero chance that NI-Package Manager will ever be available for the Mac. Possible Beta to test?? As a second point, on the Mac system if you initially run VI Package Manager under one user, it fails if you switch to another user account. There is some file permissions problem (the old error 7!) that I have not been able to work around. Either setting the permissions when the file is first created or changing the file open to read only might fix this.
  5. Hi all, I am using VI tester to run unit tests in my project. When I run unit tests for the VIs which are using NI XML APIs. The LabVIEW crashes/hangs randomly at the VI - "..\vi.lib\xml\XPath\Get All Matched Nodes.vi" at the DLL Node. I am not sure about the reason why I am facing this. In the below image, highlighted is the node where execution waits and makes LabVIEW hangs/crashes. Please answer the below Questions which helps me to understand the problem better: 1. In any case does VI Tester runs all the Test VIs Parallelly? 2. The DLL is set to run in UI Thread Could that be a problem? I have tried to change it to run in any thread but that didn't help. Please help me to understand this issue Thanks, Bhargavi Gowri.
  6. Definitely before NIWeek in May 🙂 We do have a beta underway. Please LMK if you're interested to help test.
  7. Hi @StefanLemmens. Thanks for the detailed error report -- that's really helpful. This has been logged in our system as ID 18607 and we'll be looking into it.
  8. Excellent, Thanks @Jim Kring. Is there a planned release date for VIPM 2020?
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  10. @ThomasGutzler @jamesmc86 @TomMcQ @hooovahh @drjdpowell We've been able to reproduce and fix this issue (ID 18605). It'll be fixed in VIPM 2020.
  11. Not a good sign that there were no replies here, but it's worth a shot. After successfully building my application for months, I am also now getting this same error on the same VI. Were you ever able to find a resolution to the problem?
  12. Hi. I just took a look in the latest version of VIPM and it's having some trouble building your package. Note: installing and calling VIs installed outside of LabVIEW is somewhat non-standard, so that's probably why it's not working too well. We'll need to do further debugging.
  13. This is the right place to ask VIPM related questions for getting community contribution. FYI, we (JKI) do have a dedicated support for VIPM Pro subscribers.
  14. It also looks like VIPM keeps on trying to execute this unknown command because I noticed that the error logfile keeps on growing every 100ms until I close the VI Package Manager. The error logfile than contains this error message about 10 times per second. Even restarting the VIPM doesn't stop the error logfile from growing. It just keeps adding the same message over and over. Even restarting the PC doesn't seem to help. Whenever VIPM is open the error logfile keeps on growing. It only stops when I select "Apply Configuration" in the context menu because then VIPM can execute a known command and stops reporting this error.
  15. When I right-click on a vipc file in the windows explorer the context menu shows the option "Add Contents to VIPM Library". Selecting this opens the VI Package Manager but the contents of the vipc file are not added to the VIPM Library. The vipc file definitely contains the vip itself. The error file (located at C:\ProgramData\JKI\VIPM\error) contains the following error : It looks as if the add-command is not supported (anymore)??? Best Regards, Stefan
  16. Here is what I have done so far to reproduce the issue (I can reproduce on multiple packages, I used a simpler example for the post): Build my FGV Package. Shown below is the file locations on disk in the LabVIEW Project. I then built the package, and installed the package. After installation, the files are all in the FGV folder, with no extra files. Now I want to build my File Path package, which depends on the FGV Package I just installed. NOTE the FGV - Test Mode located in the FGV folder on disk. VIPM correctly identifies that the BMI FGV package is required. Save the configuration and build the package. Install the package. When the package is installed, the file that was in the FGV Package has been added to the directory File Path, instead of using the FGV - Test Mode located in the FGV folder with the FGV Package.
  17. I am creating some packages for our internal reuse code. I create Package "Config Files". This package does not have any other package dependencies, and installs as expected (using custom directory, not under LabVIEW). I create a second package, "File Paths", which calls a vi in the Config Files package. Since the Config Files package is installed, VIPM correctly says that the Config Files is a dependency. When I go to build and install (using custom directory, not under LabVIEW) the File Path package, I see a copy of the vi from Config Files under the directory of File path, instead of the file that should have been used under the Config File path. What I Expect: C:\Config Files\test.vi When Installed: C:\File Paths\test.vi I saw some older forum posts about Internal and external dependencies, but I do not see that option in LV 2019. Has this option been removed?
  18. Hi, I am trying to instal LINX for LabVIEW 2013 and I encountered a problem (see attachment). I am using Win 10 and VIPM 2019. TCP/IP port is 3363 and is checked. Under Win XP and earlier version of VIPM it was working. Any help is welcome. Thx.
  19. Hi! I wanted to know where can I ask a question about my problem with VI Package Manager so I get a fast reply? I am sorry if this is an off-topic, but I really urgently need to solve my problem and it just seems that people do not have the same problem as me. But the issue still must be solvable, right? I hope maybe you have an experience of where to turn to in a similar situation. Please let me know, I would be really grateful! I tried to post on LabVIEW forum, but I could not find help there either. This forum just seemed as the right fit, but I am supersized that it is not that active. Thank you in advance!
  20. Just to complete this - in case someone else sees this issue - we've made some server changes on our end which are the root cause of this problem. The server changes have changed permissions on users. Running VIPM as an administrator solved this problem. While we're working on the permissions settings, I've set the shortcut to VIPM to run as Administrator and all works just fine.
  21. Ok, thanks for letting us know, Tim. Hope you got it working.
  22. Hi! I have an issue with not being able to run the LINX example for my Arduino MEGA in LabVIEW. I am using LabVIEW 2019 (32-bit), 2019 JKI VI Package Manage, Diligent LINX (version on Windows 7 (64-bit). So the issue here is that I am not able to run the program and when I click on the broken arrow, it says I have no errors (photo 1). It seems that the error is with the Loop Frequency as I show in the second photo below. I was following this link and tried to force a recompile - did not work. I ran the mass compile and there are indeed a problem with the Loop Frequency (photo 3), but what can I do about it? How can I fix it? Please tell whatever you think, I will try out anything to make this work. Photo 1: Photo 2: Photo 3:
  23. I have an activation problem with Labview. This is most likely the cause of the above issue. No need to respond. Thanks
  24. Below is the error Details from the failed installation. Any help is greatly appreciated. Tim Main Package Name: JKI Serialization v1.0.1.14 Package Name with Error: JKI Serialization v1.0.1.14 Error Message: VIPM could not install the package jki_lib_serialization- . Error Code: 8 Error Source: Open/Create/Replace File in C67C17A61D892A779727551BEF09A84E->43105161E3ECC5D5EE650DF274C1CB11->0ED5338B9A29C49A512F6049C2CCAE99->1DBEABF39FB76470575E756F0E9DB3AC->87355405EFC0DDB6ACE0A96175E31D86->OGPM Class.lvlib:89AC7BADF759B8183E200C1F7AFA7855->OGPM Class.lvlib:3617A98EB64CF6012064A2A881466B07->579BE417495B7ADCD1FF111EE165D832->VIPM Main Window.vi<APPEND> C:\ProgramData\JKI\VIPM\cache\jki_lib_serialization- =============== Main Package Name: JKI Unicode v1.0.0.7 Package Name with Error: JKI Unicode v1.0.0.7 Error Message: VIPM could not install the package jki_lib_unicode- . Error Code: 8 Error Source: Open/Create/Replace File in C67C17A61D892A779727551BEF09A84E->43105161E3ECC5D5EE650DF274C1CB11->0ED5338B9A29C49A512F6049C2CCAE99->1DBEABF39FB76470575E756F0E9DB3AC->87355405EFC0DDB6ACE0A96175E31D86->OGPM Class.lvlib:89AC7BADF759B8183E200C1F7AFA7855->OGPM Class.lvlib:3617A98EB64CF6012064A2A881466B07->579BE417495B7ADCD1FF111EE165D832->VIPM Main Window.vi<APPEND> C:\ProgramData\JKI\VIPM\cache\jki_lib_unicode- =============== Main Package Name: JKI JSON v1.1.10.37 Package Name with Error: JKI JSON v1.1.10.37 Error Message: VIPM could not download the package jki_lib_json_serialization- from the remote server. Error Code: 1 Error Source: (No Package Info found for "jki_lib_json_serialization-") OGPM Class.lvlib:A49D5A837FB8B8AA12AB7AF4D6183704 in 8287055C6AB423A5B8472CDE8E59DC22->VIPM Main Window.vi ===============
  25. I can't understand why that's not working. Can you try restarting VIPM, refreshing the package list, and see if you get the same error?
  26. Hi there. Thanks for your question. Yes, VIPM users need Pro to subscribe to a custom repository.
  27. I am using the trial version of VIPM to evaluate whether our company wants to utilize VIPM Pro for our process. I have been happy with it so far, and have been able to create a number of packages. Now I want to start having other team members use the packages I created. So I have published to a repo on a network drive. When the other team members (who have the free version of VIPM) try to go to the Tools > Options, then click on "Network" to add a subscription to the local repo, they get a dialog that says "Subscribing to a VI Package Repository, requires upgrading your Free version of VIPM to Pro". This is the method described in the tutorial video on the JKI website. https://support.jki.net/hc/en-us/articles/214136483-Getting-Started-with-VIPM Do all team members now need VIPM Pro to subscribe to a local feed? I tried using VIPM 2018 and 2019, got the same error in both.
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