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  2. I just installed Labview 2019 on a windows 10 machine along with Labview 2017. Previously, I was able to install packages like MGI Toolkit and OpenG with no problems.. Now with VIPM 2019, I can no longer install those packages to Labview 2019 or even 2017. I know those packages are compatible with LV2017 because I had them installed on a previous Windows 7 machine. I get the following error message.
  3. Hi, Enjoying the JKI SM Explorer tremendously! However, it currently shows up persistently on all my desktops which is not very convenient since there - occasionally - is more to life than LabVIEW. Is there a away to limit it to just the desktop where LabVIEW is running? Windows 10, LabVIEW 2020b4 thx, Casper
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  5. All- Here is the link to the NI forum concerning this thread. At this time, I have been successful in launching VIPM in openSUSE Leap 15.1. Respectfully, David Johnson
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  7. Has anyone from JKI seen this? @Ashish @Jim Kring I thought there might be some interest in fixing this bug
  8. Thank you for your reply! Somehow yesterday I didn't realize that Edit could be used as Write, thank you. Glasses for reading will be great, this is similar as default accessors icons for VIs. I implement VI for CAN communication with some custom protocol. Thus I would like to read/write message by address, and send/receive command (or payload). Interesting is, that even Silver buttons set do not have such icons - although there are different kinds of icons. Regarding crashes - I've found out that on first call, after project is opened, it works for me, so I take all buttons which I need, and then work with application 🙂 Most probably, I have something with my LabVIEW installation (different toolkits, drivers, etc.), thus something could be wrong there.
  9. Right, we don't have a build of VIPM for Catalina yet...
  10. Hi James. Thanks for posting this -- it's sure to be super helpful to VIPM users on Linux. Ya, there are lots of little gotchas like this that pop up on various Linux flavors, and it's nice to have a record of what worked for others (or myself, when I find an old post of mine answering the question I'm now asking!). -Jim
  11. Hi Greg. The buttons' Boolean Text is 20 pt Application Font, so it depends on the font you've got configured on your system. The control labels and captions are set to 15 pt Calibri -Jim
  12. What icons do you think would work well for write and read? In your application, what is it that you're trying to Read/Write and Send/Receive? That might help us find some good icons for your use case. By the way, there is an "Edit" button with a Pencil. For reading, would expect glasses? PS - Sorry for the crashes. we're not sure why LabVIEW has a difficult time, sometimes 🙂
  13. I try to use the toolkit when it does not crash 😉 and enjoy it a lot, but I've just found that there is no buttons with icons for such often used actions as Read, Write, Send, Receive. Also, there could be more "specialized", like Query, Execute, Init, DeInit, etc. Are there plans to expand the toolkit, or there is some specific reasons why those (at least more common Read/Write, etc.) are not implemented in the toolkit? Thanks a lot, Sincerely, Ivan.
  14. Dear JKI community, let me, please, share the following - button "Boolean--Home-House-40x40-Button-(flat)" has label "Pause 23". Thank you very much, Sincerely, kosist.
  15. Hi Eldon. The context menu items only show up in LabVIEW 2015 and greater, since that's the first version of LabVIEW that supports this ability to create plug-ins for the context menu. You should be able to use quickdrop to open the JKI SM Explorer window via Ctrl+Space >> Ctrl+J.
  16. Currently using LV 2014 and the JKI explorer does not show up as an option in the context menu. I believe I have the current JKI State Machine installed because it is showing "JKI State Machine 2018" in the loop title. Is the explorer only supported for newer versions of LV? Thanks, Eldon
  17. Hi , I want to trigger a user event in JKI SM. Its a time based event; the SM enters in a state and gets the current system time after 60 secs the it should switch to a different state.
  18. Hi, It seems it is an 32-bits application. This doesn't work under Catalina...😢
  19. Support for macOS Catalina?
  20. This is covered in part in various places but I thought it might be useful to have it in one. I've got VIPM running on CentOS 8 but you have to jump through some hoops due to 64 bit, wayland and rpm signing! 1. Install support for the 32 bit RTE on 64 bit by installing the following packages: glibc.i686 libstdc++.i686 libXinerama.i686 libGL.so.1 2. To install the run time engine - you need to remove the digest checks since these have got more strict. In the run time engine folder edit INSTALL so the line that starts RPMOPT includes --nodigest at the end of the string. 3. Now follow the standard install instructions. 4. Before running VIPM run the command "xhost si:localuser:root" to allow the root user to launch a window process. I believe this is due to wayland. Hope that helps someone!
  21. For my project I want to use JKI SM with AF but have no knowledge about JKI SMO. So; How can I integrate JKI SM with AF and Secondly how the SMO works?
  22. Hi , I am slightly confused between JKI SMO and Actor Framework. What are the similarities and when to use either of them?
  23. Hello, My VIPM doesn't detect any web browser. When I try to open a product home page or some help menu a popup is appearing. (Popup message : "The link you selected requires a web browser to be installed on your computer. VIPM could not find a web browser installed"). I have installed chrome before VIPM and firefox after I saw the popup for the first time. But no change. Thanks
  24. was this ever resolved, because I am currently having the same problem.
  25. Muthuraman, Can you confirm if the problem began only after upgrading to VIPM 2019? Have you observed the issue in older version of VIPM?
  26. Hi, I work for Texas instruments and we heavily use VIPM for Package deployment to 1000 + users. Recently we upgraded the VIPM to 2019 and of late (Probably last 8-10 months), we are seeing users reporting VIPM throws this error intemittently and have to retry couple of times to get through the package installation. The error says " There was an error accessing the following repositories 1. LabVIEW Tools Network 2. VI Package network 3. OpenG mirrors list" We know this error is coming because we use OpenG packages as reusables. Any suggestions to get this fixed.
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