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  1. Yesterday
  2. I was trying to understand the logic behind this and now that I take a step back, I see. You were trying to prevent people from putting in 2012 instead of 12.0. Makes perfect sense now.
  3. Simply removed the case structure and it seemed to work fine.
  4. I was trying to apply a vipc using the API and it tells me 20.0 isn't a valid LabVIEW version. Digging into I found this: see attached image. Maybe you guys were a little too optimistic about the switch to NXG and figured wed never see 20.0?
  5. Last week
  6. Somehow I saw your posted about the error log and somehow skipped over the one about rebooting. That may have worked, but now we will never know (unless someone else ends up with the same problem).
  7. uninstalling and reinstalling via NIPM appeared to work (didn't even reboot in between).
  8. Number 2 would be very useful. Number 1 I haven't run into (yet).
  9. Here is the whole error if that helps: =========== START of VIPM 2020.0.0 (build 2302) Error Message =========== An internal VIPM 2020.0.0 (build 2302) Error has occured on: Friday May 22, 2020 at 10:37:10 PM = Automated Message Start = Error 42 occurred at (http response "404". URL Requested: http://ftp.ni.com/evaluation/labview/lvtn/vipm/packages/austin_consultants_lib_finance_ohlc_plot/aus tin_consultants_lib_finance_ohlc_plot- 85294761631CBC58471969C9E99FB95F:2980001 in 34ECF0FD9B9E81860D3E52C65FD0A442->15A1868D1CB3D6176D9B44B0ED323314->C898E814D7E422D8CA4487CB97FA7465 ->OGPM Class.lvlib:0A647C51DBC1AD7225F71A08D470BB08->OGPM Class.lvlib:4CD02F4728B5353B72E37139092E0B05->E1F6385E95370507176402E569A529D7->VIPM Main Window.vi . URL: "http://ftp.ni.com/evaluation/labview/lvtn/vipm/packages/austin_consultants_lib_finance_ohlc_plot/au stin_consultants_lib_finance_ohlc_plot-". Possible reason(s): LabVIEW: (Hex 0x2A) Generic error. = Automated Message End = = User Defined Message Start = Error downloading package info = User Defined Message End = = Error Handler Call Chain Start = VIPM Main Window.vi-> E1F6385E95370507176402E569A529D7-> OGPM Class.lvlib:4CD02F4728B5353B72E37139092E0B05-> OGPM Class.lvlib:0A647C51DBC1AD7225F71A08D470BB08 = Error Handler Call Chain End = =========== END of VIPM 2020.0.0 (build 2302) Error Message ===========
  10. I am getting a 404 on "http://ftp.ni.com/evaluation/labview/lvtn/vipm/packages/austin_consultants_lib_finance_ohlc_plot/au stin_consultants_lib_finance_ohlc_plot-". any thoughts as to why?
  11. Great. For what it's worth, a couple things we're considering: 1) Disable/configure the hotkey -- sometimes it pops up with just Ctrl+Space for some reason. 2) Allow pointing to other folders of custom controls.
  12. @Sam Taggart. There are error logs here: C:\ProgramData\JKI\VIPM\error
  13. So VIPM 2020 was working fine for me, but now it is not. When I launch it, the icon appears in the task bar and then it disappears and nothing happens. Any recommendations on troubleshooting steps? perhaps some logs somewhere? I'm on the latest update of Windows 10 if that helps. thanks, Sam
  14. I would mark this as an improvement since in the past it could sometimes take a while for VIPM to refresh everything. I am quite happy with the design palette at the moment, but if I think of anything I will let you know.
  15. Hi LV Gurus, The Parse State Queue Arguments output is an awesome feature I have been using to update the status indicator. Is there a way for this feature to pass through escaped characters (e.g. \n ) so I can properly format the status "LCD" indicator. Currently when I send "Status >> Blah...blah... \n Blah..Blah" the Status LCD literally will display "Blah...blah... \n Blah..Blah" with the escape character printed and no new line. Thanks Guys!
  16. Hello LV Gurus, I have used JSM since release 1.0 (circa LV 2011). I understand the sub-diagram label feature was not yet implemented. Is there a reason why the JSM 2018 still not using sub-diagram labels (like below) since that has been standard in LV for many many years. Thanks guys! Sub-Diagram Labels enabled (lots of manual editing just to clean up those comments) Sub-Diagram Labels not enabled (current 2018 version):
  17. Thank you for posting this! I'll forward it along to NI to take a look into it. Well, only NI can fix LVInternal errors 🤷‍♂️ Still, I'll ping them, since I'm sure they care to know what the issue is.
  18. You're welcome. Any requests to make it more awesome?
  19. Hi Sam. VIPM 2020 works a little bit differently. It hangs around in memory for a little bit in case someone uses it again -- this way, it's much more responsive. Yet, it's changed the observed behavior around exactly when the package list refreshes. This is something we're working on and should be improved in the next release.
  20. That did the trick. Curious - I thought that ran everytime you opened VIPM. Is that true? Does it only automatically do it on some schedule? I swear I had restarted VIPM.
  21. I think the issue is that you need to "Check Network for Package Updates" (Refresh) in the main VIPM package list. Can you try that? Then, I think it'll find the new version. LMK if that works. PS - you're welcome!
  22. By the may thanks for an awesome toolkit and the quick response!
  23. It seems that link is still pointing to the old package even though the new one shows up in the list. See attached.
  24. Hi There! Glad you like the JKI HTTP REST client. For the base URI, I would use: and then for the path when you call GET or POST, use: /relay/outlets/0/state/ Here's how you could add the X-CSRF header. Note that you can type (or copy-paste) new items into the drop-down selector for the header -- it works like a string control, but with some pre-defined options to make life easier for common headers. The JKI HTTP REST Client passes the username and password into the HTTP VI used by built-in HTTP Open Handle.vi, which I believe doesn't support digest authentication. Under the hood... Digest authentication is something that could be added -- here's the specification and here's a demo server, if you're interested in trying.
  25. You forgot one important thing: an asterisk "*" in the Machine Access List. Also, very important, verify your TCP port address in the VIPM (Options >> LabVIEW tab). If you have multiple LabVIEW installations make sure each VI Server have unique ports. Good Luck! Relativity1
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