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  2. Reading the above thread, does this mean that the Linux VIPM 2017 will only work on LabVIEW 2017 and not 2018 or 2019? If so, when does JKI anticipate a release of VIPM for Linux that supports newer versions of LabVIEW? Respectfully, David
  3. Currently I use LabVIEW 2017 for my ongoing project, but I will give a try for LabVIEW 2018.
  4. I'll report back if it happens again. I know I updated to the ladies version not long before I posted so maybe the shortcut didn't register after the update? But I think it wasn't working a few days back either...
  5. Hi Kosist. That sounds very odd. Somehow the "JKI Design Pallete.vi" instance that's running in the editor context (VI Server Application instance) is broken. I'm not sure how or why that would happen. Thanks for posting the dump file. It sounds like the LabVIEW crash means that something odd is happening under the hood of LabVIEW. Does this only happen in LabVIEW 2017? Have you tried in 2018?
  6. Yes, you can have Jenkins run a set of tests for each commit. You might want to try using the G-CLI tool to run a set of VI Tester tests from the command line. It was created by @jamesmc86 and it's a great tool (we even use it in the build process for JKI Design Palette)!
  7. Go figure... Another thing to note is that Windows has some sticky keys (another other) tools that intercept keystrokes and so who know what might be going on under the hood at times. I'm glad it's working for you, now.
  8. Hi Sebastian. You're welcome, thanks for letting me know, and wishing you the best of luck on the project.
  9. So today it's working... Not sure what's different. I shut down my PC most days when I go home, so I have to relaunch LabVIEW often. Today it just works. Weird...
  10. Hi Jim Thanks for the quick reply. Based on this information we decided to keep the current blue color. Again, thanks. Sebastian
  11. Hello, I am trying to determine if this would be suitable for Continuous Integration, i.e. run Test suites after each commit. Ideally Jenkins would call the executable which calls the JUnit plugin (https://github.com/JKISoftware/JKI-VI-Tester-JUnit-XML-Test-Results) After testing Jenkins could evaluate the output file generated by the exe. I can create a Test Case and can use the JUnit plugin to load it and generate a report. However if I try to replicate this in an executable I get error 1448 even though the library is not broken. I tried including my Test case into a PPL but there was no difference. More compactly my question is as follows: Is it possible to integrate this with Jenkins and run a set of tests for each commit automatically?
  12. Dear Jim, I've tried to open it manually. When I run Start.vi in the lvlibp, then the same error occurs. When I open "JKI Design Pallete.vi", it is not broken. But when I run it, the following error occurs (Scan string error). Also, I guess that this error causes LabVIEW crash (or, reason for LabVIEW crash is causing this error). I don't know, if dump file could help you, but let me attach LabVIEW crash report - maybe you could take a look on it please? 3ed54b83-8458-4358-92a6-e275e35f5894.zip
  13. I'm not running in a Virtual Machine. I noticed the version number isn't displayed in the "info" screen, so I had to go into VIPM to get it. Windows 10 x64 Professional LabVIEW 2017 v17.0.1f3 32-bit Design Palette v1.0.4.193
  14. Hi Ian. Thanks for reporting this. We've had some users communicate issues with the keyboard shortcuts when using LabVIEW inside of a Virtual Machine. Would that be the case for you? Can you let me know a little more about your system setup (Virtual Machine? Windows version, LabVIEW Version, JKI Design Palette version)? Thanks.
  15. I can't get the Design Palette to launch using keyboard shortcuts. I know it used to work, so I'm not sure what's going on. Launching from the Tools menu does still work. I might try removing and reinstalling the Design Palette, but has anyone else run into this?
  16. Running as Administrator did it! I was about to do a Follow-up Post saying I'd just "built" a second PC with LabVIEW (on a system where my normal account is NOT an Admin account, just like the PC where I had the problem), and over here (PC-2), EasyXML installed without problems. So back to PC-1 (where the problem occurred), did Steps 1-3, no go, but Step 4 worked. Who knows, some permission flag got "stuck", I guess ... Many thanks for the quick response. Bob Schor
  17. Hi Kellen, There are a couple good solutions: VI Package Configuration files and VI Package Repositories. Yes, installing packages, will install the required VI's beneath the LabVIEW folder -- that's sort of how LabVIEW works, and it's definitely a pain for many users, especially when IT has to be involved 🙂 There's a good article on using packages in your project, here. -Jim
  18. thank. But it seems to me that changing the properties of buttons is not very convenient. JKI Flat UI 1.0 is more convenient in this regard - but there are fewer elements. Could it be somehow simpler and more universal to remake the buttons from JKI Flat UI 2.0, so that it is like in JKI Flat UI 1.0. Or only through properties?
  19. Hi @Ruslan. A you're noticing, changing the colors so that they look good is a little bit tricky. There is a Boolean Control property you can write to called "Colors [4]" (which is an array of 6 elements, for buttons with hover effects). The 6 elements are: False Color True Color False to True Color True to False Color Hover While False Hover While True Depending on how you're using the button, you'll want to set these colorings appropriately.
  20. Hi Bob. Error 8 is a file permission error. Please try this: 1) shut down LabVIEW 2) Go into VIPM and install EasyXML 3) Wait for VIPM to start LabVIEW, and then see if EasyXML installed OK If that doesn't work, retry the above steps, but launch VIPM as Administrator -- try it first with VIPM launched normally. Please let me know how that works for you.
  21. I've just (re-)installed LabVIEW 2016 (32-bit), 2018 SP1 (32-bit), and 2019 (32-bit) on a Windows 10 PC. I successfully installed the OpenG Toolkit in LabVIEW 2018 (so VIPM 2019 is clearly working). When I try to install EasyXML, I get an Error message: Main Package Name: EasyXML Toolkit for LabVIEW v3.0.0.170 Package Name with Error: EasyXML Toolkit for LabVIEW v3.0.0.170 Error Message: VIPM could not install the package jki_lib_easyxml- . Error Code: 8 Error Source: Open/Create/Replace File in C67C17A61D892A779727551BEF09A84E->43105161E3ECC5D5EE650DF274C1CB11->0ED5338B9A29C49A512F6049C2CCAE99->1DBEABF39FB76470575E756F0E9DB3AC->87355405EFC0DDB6ACE0A96175E31D86->OGPM Class.lvlib:89AC7BADF759B8183E200C1F7AFA7855->OGPM Class.lvlib:3617A98EB64CF6012064A2A881466B07->579BE417495B7ADCD1FF111EE165D832->VIPM Main Window.vi<APPEND> C:\ProgramData\JKI\VIPM\cache\jki_lib_easyxml- =============== Please advise how to proceed. Bob Schor
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  23. Hello! In version JKI Flat UI 2.0.1 hovering over an element changes the color of the element slightly. But if for example the color of the element in the true value is green, then when you hover over the element it becomes unclear what state it is in. Is it possible to do as in the version of JKI Flat UI 1.0?
  24. I work for a company that is very tight with what we can and can't install. It's really a huge pain in the behind. I am always looking to improve what we are doing and trying to make things more automatic and simplified for our developers. If I download VIPM and develop something, for another to use it they all have to have VIPM and the same packages is that correct? How do companies that manage to successfully use VIPM handle the installation and propagation of packages to all their developers? We typically don't build applications but are always reusing old projects and code to speed up the development process. Thanks for any pointers. -- Kellen
  25. The double emails are due to the program erroring when I enter my email, so I also go online and do it, but apparently it does actually send the original email from the design palette.
  26. That's very interesting and odd. I haven't been able to reproduce this on my end, and I don't know if I've heard anyone else complain about this. I guess it could be due to some dependency. The JKI Design Palette is built into a PPL, so it should be pretty well isolated from such problems. When that happens, can you try opening the design palette manually (using File >> Open) and see if it's broken and if there's any useful information about why it won't run?
  27. Thanks, @kosist! This will be fixed in the next release! I see you found the CTL file. You can modify and save that file, and it should work for you. Here is a fixed file, in case you need it: Boolean--Add-Plus-Transparent-Button-(flat).ctl You can replace the existing/buggy file in the "<LabVIEW 2017>\resource\JKI\Design Palette\Themes\JKI Flat UI 2.0" folder so that this new fixed one will show up in the Design Palette.
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