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  2. Hi , I want to trigger a user event in JKI SM. Its a time based event; the SM enters in a state and gets the current system time after 60 secs the it should switch to a different state.
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  4. Hi, It seems it is an 32-bits application. This doesn't work under Catalina...😢
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  6. Support for macOS Catalina?
  7. This is covered in part in various places but I thought it might be useful to have it in one. I've got VIPM running on CentOS 8 but you have to jump through some hoops due to 64 bit, wayland and rpm signing! 1. Install support for the 32 bit RTE on 64 bit by installing the following packages: glibc.i686 libstdc++.i686 libXinerama.i686 libGL.so.1 2. To install the run time engine - you need to remove the digest checks since these have got more strict. In the run time engine folder edit INSTALL so the line that starts RPMOPT includes --nodigest at the end of the string. 3. Now follow the standard install instructions. 4. Before running VIPM run the command "xhost si:localuser:root" to allow the root user to launch a window process. I believe this is due to wayland. Hopw that helps someone!
  8. For my project I want to use JKI SM with AF but have no knowledge about JKI SMO. So; How can I integrate JKI SM with AF and Secondly how the SMO works?
  9. Hi , I am slightly confused between JKI SMO and Actor Framework. What are the similarities and when to use either of them?
  10. Hello, My VIPM doesn't detect any web browser. When I try to open a product home page or some help menu a popup is appearing. (Popup message : "The link you selected requires a web browser to be installed on your computer. VIPM could not find a web browser installed"). I have installed chrome before VIPM and firefox after I saw the popup for the first time. But no change. Thanks
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  12. was this ever resolved, because I am currently having the same problem.
  13. Muthuraman, Can you confirm if the problem began only after upgrading to VIPM 2019? Have you observed the issue in older version of VIPM?
  14. Hi, I work for Texas instruments and we heavily use VIPM for Package deployment to 1000 + users. Recently we upgraded the VIPM to 2019 and of late (Probably last 8-10 months), we are seeing users reporting VIPM throws this error intemittently and have to retry couple of times to get through the package installation. The error says " There was an error accessing the following repositories 1. LabVIEW Tools Network 2. VI Package network 3. OpenG mirrors list" We know this error is coming because we use OpenG packages as reusables. Any suggestions to get this fixed.
  15. Hello JKI, Problem still persists - have checked my firewall logs and there are no dropped packets on the ports. Must be something to do with it being a virtual machine. Here's the VIPM error log, if that's of any use for you to troubleshoot. Some sort of generic error 42. =========== START of VIPM 2019.0.0 (build 2029) Error Message =========== An internal VIPM 2019.0.0 (build 2029) Error has occured on: Tuesday November 05, 2019 at 07:59:59 AM = Automated Message Start = Error 42 occurred at (Timeout value exceeded!) 8B531AEFB0487B775F9C3920D94A1C09:1600001 in CB0223047C730D2BADF940A6F0264CA2->VIPM Configure LV Port.vi->Options.lvlib:VIPM Options Window.vi->VIPM Main Window.vi Possible reason(s): LabVIEW: Generic error. = Automated Message End = = User Defined Message Start = Testing the LV connection from the test connection dialog. = User Defined Message End = = Error Handler Call Chain Start = VIPM Main Window.vi-> Options.lvlib:VIPM Options Window.vi-> VIPM Configure LV Port.vi = Error Handler Call Chain End = =========== END of VIPM 2019.0.0 (build 2029) Error Message =========== It's very frustrating not being able to debug this myself... Would you care to set up a replication on a Hyper-V virtual machine, and see whether you get the error and if so, why? Hyper-V comes with all windows installs anyway, it wouldn't take you long. Many thanks, Leah --- Edit: set up the replication on a non-networked VM. It connected fine. Seeing as it is not a firewall issue, could you suggest some further troubleshooting steps please?
  16. Hi aputman, I am new to LabVIEW and JKI and I have the same issue. If possible can you share the VIs(modified JKI and the one that puts states in front) Regards Himanshu
  17. I was able to fix this by setting vip files to open with VIPM File Handler.exe by default.
  18. Afraid I'm still stuck on the same issue a week later and it is impeding my ability to get work done. Does anyone have any suggestions? Alternatively, has anyone managed to successfully get VIPM running on a Hyper-V virtual machine? Many thanks, Leah
  19. Possibly related, I can't close then reopen a file within a test method. It feels like the tearDown VI is using the reference created in the setUp VI, without considering that the object being unbundled in tthe tearDown.vi might have been changed by test_CloseOpen.vi It may be this just isn't allowed, but if so, perhaps it could be more widely documented? A simple example is attached. It's written with LabVIEW 2019, but I can backsave if needed (not sure if the issue depends on the version though). The VI Tester version is (Feb 12 2019) according to the About page from the Runner. VI Package manager tells me I've installed the latest version, "v3.0.2.294-1", which mentions a fix for issue #39 in the change list. I'm therefore not exactly sure which version I have, and if I should reinstall things to check for a fix, but I'd guess initially that perhaps I have the latest version and the About page wasn't automatically updated? Edit: This may not have been the best thread to post to, but continuing to edit here to hopefully reduce the number of emails I may trigger. The issue described here: [FIXED in 3.0] DOM reference is lost when passed from Setup to test VI seems fairly similar in spirit. However, unlike in that case (as far as I could tell from reading), I don't actually open the reference in the Test Suite's new - I only populate a Path control (which I don't change). The reference is opened first in MyTestCase:setUp.vi, and closed in MyTestCase:tearDown.vi (which is where I hit the Error 1), and also closed+reopened (so a new reference, but the same path) in MyTestCase:test_CloseOpen.vi. When I receive the Error 1 in tearDown calling the object to close the reference, probing the reference shows a seemingly valid reference, which matches the value probing the Open.vi gives during the test. References-JKI_VI_Tester.zip
  20. Hi, I built a VIP Package for a library that I designed. The code within my library uses the Timekeeper.livlib as a dependency (which is a locked (by password) lib that you can find on NI website). I added Timekeeper.lvlib to my project so that I can ensure that it will be put into the VIP file. Everything works fine until I run the VIP installation on a new computer. In the fresh install, my lvlib code refers to the Timekeeper.lvlib but expect it to be on a path that is related to my dev computer (instead of the destination set in the VIP build). Any idea on how I can prevent that ? Cyril
  21. Ok, thanks for this, no less than what I was expecting from JKI 🙂 I don't really use NXG yet, I installed NXG 4.0 and had a quick look around, nothing more for now. Not sure yet when I'll start migrating my customer project, probably around end of 2020. At the moment I'm listing all the NI modules/drivers and "community modules" that I use in CurrentGen and start checking if and when they'll be available in NXG.
  22. I would love to have a proper boolean indicator. The "normal"/"standard" bool indicators shipped with LV are clearly outputs: they have dept (they are not flat), they recalls physical LEDs...clearly on/off outputs. I tried to make a flat version of those but they don't look great (they look like a spot of color) and it is not clear that is a bool indicator. If I use checkbox, the user clicks on it...it is not clear that is an indicator only.
  23. Good morning, I am having problems connecting LabVIEW 2016.0 and VIPM 2019 on a Windows 10 Enterprise virtual machine. My host machine with the same setup (OS, permissions etc.) works fine. The host just has a few more versions of LabVIEW installed. I'm running out of ideas... this is what I have tried so far: I have followed the instructions on this article but nothing changed. I have checked my firewall and VIPM and LabVIEW are both allowed to make TCP connections on any port. (Same settings as on host machine.) Tried using a different port for both VIPM and LabVIEW I debugged it in command line using: netstat -aon | findstr 3363 -->Get task reference tasklist | findstr [task] I can see that a connection is established between VIPM and LabVIEW on that port (see attached image). But I still get the error message saying 'VIPM could not connect to LabVIEW 2016'. I've increased the timeout. I've run VIPM as administrator I've reverted my VM, reinstalled the software and encountered the same issue Any ideas what else I could try? Could it be something to do with it being a Hyper-V virtual machine, and behaving like a remote session? Many thanks, Leah
  24. Hello, I recently installed LabVIEW 2019 and tried to install Packages via the VIPM. The configuration of the VI Server is as follows: When I click on "Verify" I get the following Error: I have also added exception rules to the windows firewall. I am running Windows 10 Enterprise Version 1709 Build 16299.1451 Anyone have some hints?
  25. Hi Antoine, Yes, we intend to migrate EasyXML to NXG when the time is right. Realistically, that will probably happen sometime in 2020. I don't see any major technical challenges in doing so, yet the type descriptor and flat data parsing may need some improvements due to unicode strings. There aren't too many people actually using NXG yet, but that will start to shift in 2020 with NXG 4.0 and 5.0 beta, from my perspective. Thanks for checking in. Are you using NXG?
  26. I'm in no rush to move project to NXG, but I am curious, I saw on GitHub that JKI is has worked on a JKI State Machine for NXG and I was wondering if there was any similar project for EasyXML. I'm assuming the transition of this toolkit is not going to be a huge problem, am I right? I'm also assuming some NXG early birds have already tried the transition of EasyXML, anyone?
  27. Thanks for sharing this Bob. Hopefully, it turns up in the Google search for anyone else having the same issue. Sometimes when I'm searching for answers on Google, I find posts by me where I've answered (in the past) my own question (in the present)! 🙂
  28. I've been using VIPM for years to access the LabVIEW Tools Network. Recently, one of my machines was set up with a User Account (where I do most of my work) and a separate Admin account. A while ago, I tried to install EasyXML and got a strange error (among other things, I was told the package was not compatible with my OS nor any version of LabVIEW installed on my computer). Turns out the "fix" was to run VIPM from my Admin account. But do I learn? No, months later, I try to install another package. Similar error. While browsing this Forum, I run across my previous note and see "Run VIPM as Administrator", which (are you surprised?) fixes this "new" error. You'd think I would have learned my lesson, but I can at least pass on this warning. Bob Schor
  29. Thanks for reporting this. We're still not sure why it's happening, since it's oddly intermittent. We'll keep looking and let us know if you have any more info about the error...
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