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  2. Nice. The empty clusters and arrays now work without issues! Here is a suggestion for the existing clusters/arrays that contain a delete me button (in case you need to keep it after the latest upgrade): why not make the text hidden and the color transparent so it won't even appear (since it is going to be deleted anyway) And for the decorations, I suggest that you put the decoration on top of an transparent empty cluster that will get deleted after being placed on the FP (in a similar approach to the above).
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  4. Fantastic! You're welcome and thanks for testing and letting us know it's working.
  5. Looks like the newest version fixed it. Thanks!
  6. Thanks for testing and letting us know. Yes, we now officially support "empty" clusters and arrays -- previously, these were throwing errors when we tried to load them, but we fixed it so that they are handled better and officially supported. Have fun.
  7. Hi Jim, I just checked and it works great! Good idea to automatically delete the "Delete Me" element once the control is placed on the Front Panel. It also looks like the issue with the controls disappearing doesn't exist anymore. Thanks
  8. Yes, we're trying hard to whittle down the list reasons why it's hard to create amazing UIs in LabVIEW 🙂 Along those lines, you may want to update your File Path controls with this new one that has a Folder icon (we just posted it).
  9. Here's an updated version with a Folder icon on the browse button. This will appear in the next release of JKI Flat UI Controls. Download: Path--File-Browse-Folder-Location-Simple.ctl Note: Place this file in the "<LabVIEW 2017>\resource\JKI\Design Palette\Themes\JKI Flat UI 2.0" folder and it will show up in the Design Palette. If you want to keep the one with the "+" icon, too, simply rename that existing file as "Path--File-Browse-Folder-Location-Simple-Plus.ctl"
  10. We've had some requests for a File Path Control with "Folder" Icon for Browse Button. The existing path control in 2.0 has a "+" icon (shown below)
  11. You're really making me think harder now about my cons and wishlists! Thanks to you and the team for the continued refinement of the tool!
  12. Hi Guys. This morning we pushed a new release of 1.0.2 with support for empty clusters and arrays. Also, when dropping an existing cluster or array with a single "Delete Me" element, it will delete it after it's placed on the Front Panel. Please let me know how it works for you guys. PS - we're going to continue to think about how best to support decorations.
  13. Hi guys, Thank you for your answers!@ammouri that's a great idea! I actually ended up doing that for my arrays and clusters but didn't think of doing it for my decorations as well. Thank you for the tip, it works great 😉
  14. Hi @Greg sands. We just released version 1.0.2 which has a TipStrip showing control name and tags when hovering the mouse over items in the palette.
  15. Hi guys, great discussion. Yes, the way you add arrays, clusters, and decorations is using these tricks to give them valid “values”. i agree that the current behavior where the design palette fails to load *any* controls is a bit of a bug (to say the least) — we will fix that (make it more fault tolerant) in a future release. And, we’re looking at better ways to support arrays, clusters, and decorations in the future. Until then, I’m glad you’ve discovered the work-around 🙂
  16. Another update for you: we just released Design Palette 1.0.2, which should support hotkeys (Ctrl-Shift-Space) on the right side of keyboard.
  17. JKI Design Palette 1.0.2 is now available with Improved Toolbar, Information Dialog with Tips, and more... This builds on the 1.0.1 release and all users are encouraged to upgrade. Release Notes: Improved Toolbar - simpler and with close window button where you'd expect it! Information Dialog with Tips - now you can see the latest LabVIEW user interface design tips and articles from JKI! Close Window button moved to upper right corner on main toolbar for easier closing of window TipStrip for controls are now visible when hovering over items in the Design Palette and shows the name and search tags of items Resizing palette window now keeps the topmost visible control in same relative position after resize (previously scroll position was reset) Launch the Design Palette from the right-click menu of Front Panel items (controls, indicators, decorations, etc.) Hot keys for Quick Drop mode (e.g. Ctrl-Shift-Space) now work with right side keys (previously only left side keys worked) Empty Clusters and Arrays (with no elements) are now supported (previously required a dummy "Delete Me" element) Other minor improvements... Download and Installation: Option A - Download and install with VIPM Option B - Run the JKI Design Palette (Tools >> JKI Design Palette) and click the Updates button on the navbar.
  18. Last week
  19. Yeah I was able to replicate the issues that you described. Creating and empty array/cluster caused all the controls to disappear on the palette. That is why the existing clusters in the palette contains a dummy "Delete Me" control :). You can do the same with a decoration to add it to the palette: AA
  20. In the next release of the Flat UI Controls 2.0 we will be adding a VISA Resource control! For those of you who want to get it soon, here it is: Download: IO--VISA-Resource-Name.ctl Note: Place this file in the "<LabVIEW 2017>\resource\JKI\Design Palette\Themes\JKI Flat UI 2.0" folder and it will show up in the Design Palette.
  21. The initial release of Flat UI Controls 2.0 did not have a VISA Resource control. Many users have asked for this.
  22. Wow! What a fantastic post, Nathan! And, your User Interface looks great. I wanted to let you know that we just posted a (better) resizable string that addresses the "two resizable elements" issue.
  23. In the next release of the Flat UI Controls 2.0 we will be making the String Control resizable! For those of you who want to get it soon, here it is: Download: String--Simple-String-Resizeable.ctl Note: Place this file in the "<LabVIEW 2017>\resource\JKI\Design Palette\Themes\JKI Flat UI 2.0" folder and it will show up in the Design Palette. You can delete the "String--Text-Input-Field-*.ctl" files in that same folder, if you don't want those not-so-well-resizable strings to not show up in the Design Palette anymore
  24. The initial release of Flat UI Controls 2.0 did not have a very good resizable string (the background/frame had to be resized separately from the text area). Many users have asked to make this resizable in a better way.
  25. In any validation setting, the tolerances around measured and reported values is critical, and so is tracking the tolerances for any given parameter being measured, with any measurement device or sensor. To automate the calculation of these ranges and limits within our overall application, we must track the specifications of any of these parameters. This used to be done using a peer reviewed excel table, and was loaded into LabVIEW using the Report Generation Toolkit. This had several drawbacks, but that's not the point of this post. The point is that using Excel means that any text becomes free text and if data isn't entered correctly then it can cause issues with parsing. So I created something I call the Specification Manager. It's a small utility that is intended to only be used by validation test case developers to add new specifications to the database of available specifications that can be tested, or to add new hardware for use in the validation tool. I built this tool in about 2-3 days as a way of trying out the JKI Flat UI 2.0 and the Design Palette. Here's the home screen of the tool: Some things that I think make this a nice UI: Dark background (76, 76, 76) and a nice pop of vibrant color, the icon for the tool uses the same two colors to provide consistency All native windows elements are hidden as this tool is very small and simple, there's no need for a toolbar, etc. Our company uses Century Gothic as a common font in many places, so I used that for some of my UI elements (title bar, specifically) System Chiselled Line separating workflow components of the tool. That horizontal line doesn't look like much, but it's a visual separation of the two things you're supposed to do with this tool. 1) select a file path, 2) manipulate the individual .spec files Listbox to store data - I hate working with listboxes, but I think they are the best UI element for storing continuous data. They look way better than any array I've seen when the data is simple. To add a new specification to the library, you press 'add' and get a dialog window that's a sort of wizard: I used the JKI built-in buttons here to give some sort of icon to the various specifications that can be created. I also changed the color scheme of this wizard to 'light' to signal to the user that this is a dialog/configuration type window and not really part of the core functionality of the utility. If this were a project for a wider audience, I would have customized them a bit more, but as-is, I think it's okay. The symbols are kind of meaningless as the library isn't as vast as I'd like it to be. After selecting the type of specification, you enter the name of it: This screen continues to use consistent fonts, and buttons from the previous screen. Pressing 'Continue' gets you to the heart of what this application is intended to do, modify specifications. (*I typed in random data, please don't double check these against the actual specifications of the 6218 - I will not be using this data in production) I used an array of customized clusters containing the JKI Flat UI 2.0 numerics and enums, then used some more of their pre-built buttons at the bottom for continued navigation. I used the same pop of color on the cancel button, mostly for fun, but also as a way of drawing immediate contrast between the other two operations that the buttons provide. That's about it! This is an internal-only tool, but I think that editing specifications using this small purpose-built utility will be easier than us using Excel to do the same thing. Overall impressions of the Flat UI 2.0 library: Pros: good selection of commonly used buttons and controls, consistent theme across numerics, strings, enums, file paths, and buttons - makes a consistent UI easy to build Color customization of buttons is easy, including customization of the hover-state (which I did to the 'X' button on the home screen of the utility) Wishlist: As with any library of icons and UI elements - a wider selection. I had a hard time finding icons for my 'Add Specification' wizard screen and had to reach pretty far Design palette only launches when using the left ctrl+shift buttons, it'd be nice for it to work with either left or right Cons: Working with the String controls and indicators was a little strange. There are actually two resizable elements in a single control, one for the frame/background and one for the actual text field. I had to be careful when resizing the control to make sure that both fields were resized correctly. Also the front panel snapping meant that the border around the text area was easy to lose if the text field itself was resized incorrectly. I will probably continue to use the UI library for the internal only developer tools, but for the main applications that I'm working on there is still heavy customization specific to my company that I will continue to have to do. Thanks for reading - feel free to ask any questions about the design choices or other elements of the UI for this tool.
  26. Hi all, First, thank you JKI for your great tool that makes the design of my UIs so much easier! I successfully added my own themes and controls to the JKI Design Palette but I noticed some controls are not supported. Arrays and clusters with no elements: data structures like arrays and clusters require to have elements to be added to the Palette. Adding arrays or clusters that don't have elements make all the controls in the JKI Design Palette disappear as shown below. In the future, I think it would be great to be able to add our own arrays and clusters that don't have a type to the Palette. Decorations: decorations can't be added to the Palette. I tried to add my own decorations to the Palette and it looks like they are not supported. It didn't make the other controls disappear like above but I think it would be a great improvement to have access to decorations (classic or our own) via the JKI Design Palette. Best, Benoit
  27. We implemented offline activation in version 1.0.1. Please give it a try and let us know how that works for you.
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