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    In case when new (custom) destination's name starts the same as already existing one, then both destinations are treated as the same (not possible to edit name of custom destination, and when path is changed in one of them - it is reflected in another one). As the example, there is standard destination "Help Menu", then I've added "Help Menu Test" - both of them were treated as the same destinations. And then 3rd destination "Menu Test Help" was fine.
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    It seems that the difference is that the error shows when the package is double-clicked on a network drive and it opens normally when double-clicked on a local drive.
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    Suppose you have an architecture where states calls sub states to do the details of the action then you have to queue to the front. Example of a motor stage with a break: Top level commands queued are 1) Move_To_Pos >> A 2) Move_To_Pos >> B where state Move_To_Pos (PosArg) issues the actual string of commands or states: Break >> Off Goto >> PosArg Break >> On The initial queue after 1), 2) are queued will be: (Front) Move_To_Pos >> A; Move_To_Pos >> B (tail) which if you use add to front of queue gets expanded to (Front) Break >> Off; Goto >> A; Break >> On; Move_To_Pos >> B (tail) and if using add to tail: (Front) Move_To_Pos >> B; Break >> Off; Goto >> A; Break >> On; (tail) And this gets replaced with (Front) Break >> Off; Goto >> B; Break >> On; Break >> Off; Goto >> A; Break >> On; (tail) As you see the sequence of positions will be B then A and not as the example presumes A then B So for the concept of subroutine-like states to work you have to add to front.
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    Please tell me when it is ready. I would be happy to be a tester. I only need to download the Arduino code?
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