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  1. Hi All, I thought I would start a thread about how the first experiences went with VIPM Community Version. I downloaded the first day VIPM was available and installed the next. I only installed into LabVIEW 8.0.1 where there was no previous install of Commander. The install was error free and the initial check and install of all the available packages off the net went fine. The speed was very good. I did note that "Bird's Eye View" warned that a LabVIEW restart was required and there were a couple of packages that VIPM reported that it could not get off the remote servers. I'll try those again later. I was very pleased. No errors or problems that I can find. All the new VIs appeared in the LV 8 menus on restart. Great launch of a new product. I did try to reply here on the forums last night and could not, even after registering. Today I found that I could not yet register VIPM itself. I assume that will be functional very soon. I also tried the VIPM >> Help >> Learn More About Enterprise Edition and them menu pick took me to the correct page but as I am sure many of you already found out, the Enterprise Edition is not only not out yet, but there is no information. I would have liked to at least see a short list of some of the extra features that will be in Enterprise Edition as well as a rough idea when JKI is trying to launch that edition. Still, great launch. Now we need to get more packages available, hmmm ...
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