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  1. Jim, Many thanks for the speedy response, unfortunately I'm still scratching my head on this one. > However, if you have not entered a username, then the HTTP request will not attempt to authenticate during proxy requests. I don't think that this bug is affecting you. I have double and tripple checked my proxy settings, they are exactly the same (except no Username and Password) as those used by OGC. Perhaps your suggestion above is the root of my problems. If I am not entering a Username then no attempt is made to authenticate. >I am not really sure what could be the problem. Are you certain that the proxy host and port are correct and that you have a reasonable TCP timeout? Yep, I've checked them against my OGC settings and they're spot on. OGC is working so I know that I can connect. Regards, Chris
  2. Hi JKI Firstly can I congratulate you on the launch of VIPM, looks like a great upgrade for users of Commander. I certainly am looking forward to details of the Enterprise edition. OK so the install of VIPM seemed to go quite smoothly, I successfully registered all versions of LabVIEW installed on my machine. When it came to setting the Proxy settings things didn't quite work out for me. I have set proxy settings on Commander with no difficulties in the past however there is now a UserName and Password section. Becuase we use Novell Client Trust here at work I am already authenticated and therefore no Password U/name is required however when I clear the contents of the Password box and select OK they reappear if I then return to the Internet Settings page at any time. In addition to this I also noticed that the list of mirror sites is empty as is the SourceForgeMirrors.txt file. Can I used the same file that is used by Commander ? Any idea's how I can resolve this issue would be appreciated as I can't wait to get using VIPM. Regards Chris
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