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  1. My community edition has expired and the only viable options available in the Dialog is to update VIPM, but it says it can not connect, and the result is I can not launch VIPM. I have had this problem before and you resolved it in the past. I have a little bit more info for you this time, I am forced to change my Proxy Password on a monthly basis, which just happened to be today. I think the result is my proxy settings in the VIPM are now incorrect, but I can't get into the VIPM to change them. This is a bit of a conumdrum; can't get into VIPM until I update VIPM, can't Update VIPM until I get in VIPM to change Proxy settings.
  2. The URL is http://osdn.dl.sourceforge.net/sourceforge...error-2.3-1.ogp and there is no error file created. However, I changed the TCP/IP timeout to 60 sec, and I am pleased to say I have the two new packages installed on my computer, Thanks
  3. I am getting closer. It trys to download the string package from sourceforge, but the Last Action results window says it was unable to download the string spackage from the remote server.
  4. When I select "upgrade all installed packages", I am told I have the latest version. When I Select "check the network fo available packages" I am told " there was an errror checking the network, check network connections". Form your post in LAVA I see that the Strings Library is at 2.5 and my version is 2.4, so I am assuming that the message stating I have the latest is wrong. Also, I am confident my proxy setting are correct. I am using RC4 on an XP machine. This is what is in the error file: An error has occured on Monday November 27, 2006 at 09:33:59 AM Error Code: 42 Error Source: (http response "HTTP/1.0 500 Internal Server Error") E2DCE72CBC13E42C45FB5FAE78A12431 in 971572EBA315250FFA1936D94C4D36DA->84C938F051B93A791E0F2179DCB0C83D->C43367DC075DC23720D69C8B115E9072->83AF391CA89AAC71F69D4358732E0EFF->EB2E3FB7A9768BC94066976CE25F2EE6->CA1174D4D87C0AF9C86EFC0CC24DC13F->OGC Main Window.vi Possible Reason: LabVIEW: Generic error. Extra Information: Checking for new packages from the network. Call Chain: OGC Main Window.vi->CA1174D4D87C0AF9C86EFC0CC24DC13F Any ideas? I have just noticed openg.org is giving bandwidth limit errors, perhaps if this is the same machine that is providing the updates for VPM ?
  5. I have been using VIPM since the first beta with no problems, I think beta 2 was the last time I used it. I went to get package updates and the splash screen says it has expired, a dialog pops up giving me three options: the update option says can't connect and when I try the use community edition the dialog just pops back up. I downloaded and installed the latest version, the update went fine and I am now using version 1.0 RC2 build 419, and the problem remains the same. I am behind a fire wall and at one point I had it configured properly, and working, I am not sure if it was configured last time I used it or not, but even when I am not behind the firewall I have the same problem. I am on a Windows XP machine, and have LabView 8.01 and 8.2 Installed. Any Ideas?
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