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  1. Jim, What protocol(s) will my networked package repository need to be running to have the enterprise edition access its packages? Thanks, Chris
  2. I installed VIPM last night, and was impressed with the self extracting installer (written in LV!), the look / feel of the application and its abilities. I liked the ability for it to recognize packages that were upgrades, and only install the latest versions. I am running LV 7 on the machine I'm working on right now, but I plan to install VIPM on machines with 7, 7.1, and 8.0.1. I see that VIPM has the ability to load packages from disk, which is the way I have to load packages, since most of my work machines are not connected to the internet. My group has developed our own reuse library and we distribute them internally via OpenG Packages, so this tool will help us keep those packages up-to-date on all our machines. I also look forward to reading your blog posts on how you developed VIPM and how you used subversion and OpenG builder to make your job easier. Thanks JKI Enjoy NI Week
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