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  1. James, Glad to know that you got it resolved and thanks for the details that helped you resolve the issue.
  2. Bob, Glad to know that "Run As Administrator" worked for you and you are now feeling better. Our apologies for the delay in getting back to you. Here is link to several support articles on VIPM: http://support.jki.net/forums
  3. Hi, VIPM subscription renewal offers free upgrades along with dedicated support to ensure that you make the best of your purchase. VIPM Pro 2016 will be releasing soon. Stay tuned!!
  4. RDR, Was there any change in the OS, admin privileges, API version and operating environment? Also, for testing purpose, can we get access to repositories that you are using? Tools Network and another working repo?
  5. > I have a dependency that says package A depends on package B. > does the order of an uninstall occur so that package A will be uninstalled before package B Yes, I believe that this is the intended/designed behavior.
  6. No. That should be fine. You need just the Run Time Engine for LabVIEW 2013 and not the full development software.
  7. VIPM 2014 needs LabVIEW 2013 Run Time Engine. You can download and install the LabVIEW 2013 Run Time Engine separately from NI website.
  8. Can you think of launching an executable post package install "Custom Action" that will take care of remaining activities (including re-launching LabVIEW, putting file at desired locations etc).
  9. Not sure if it is related but yes....VIPM connects to LabVIEW via VI Server. I wonder if LabVIEW reinstall/repair will help. Keep me posted on what solution NI provides for Desktop Execution Trace Toolkit.
  10. Hmm....thats odd. We want you to try to re-install VIPM. To do this you will have to uninstall VIPM using the VIPM uninstall and then delete the following folders manually: C:\ProgramData\JKI\VIPM C:\Program Files (x86)\JKI\VI Package Manager Then re-install VIPM.
  11. aputman, Thanks for summarizing your observations and the solution that helped leverage JKI State Machine architecture to meet your needs. As drjdpowell pointed out, there are certain tradeoffs as well. So, it all depends on the use case. Certainly, your suggestions will be useful for many JKI State Machine users in similar situation.
  12. `Are there any popup dialogs at LabVIEW launch? You must disable them (by selecting the checkbox "Do not show again").
  13. Refer this article: http://support.jki.net/entries/21447601-Resolving-issues-with-VIPM-connecting-to-LabVIEW
  14. Hi, I was able to successfully install MakerHub Link v2.0.0.93. Chances are that VIPM was not able to download the package successfully. Else, try to contact the package provider for any similar issues reported.
  15. Hi, You will have to manually tweak VIPM Settings file by following the below instructions. Let me know how it goes. FYI, our experience suggests that editing the file in Notepad gives good results. Locate Settings.ini file located at: /Library/Application Support/JKI/VIPM/Settings.ini Backup this file (copy at a different location) Open Settings.ini in notepad Locate "Targets" section and update as shown below. (The example is for one version of LabVIEW installed on the system) [Targets] Names.="1" Names 0="LabVIEW" Versions.="1" Versions 0="13.0" Locations.="1" Locations 0="/Macintosh HD/Applications/National Instruments/LabVIEW 2013/LabVIEW.app" Ports=" 3364" Tested.="1" Tested 0="TRUE" Disabled.="1" Disabled 0="FALSE" Connection Timeout="120" Active Target.Name="LabVIEW" Active Target.Version="13.0" PingDelay(ms)="-1" PingTimeout(ms)="60000"
  16. Where did you get the VIPM installer from?
  17. You can think of adding a dummy subVI in the package that you will replace later.
  18. James, There are no reports of VIPM update checker. The JKI Update checker should have notified you of the build 1967. Chances are that the update checker might have been blocked possibly by firewall resulting in this behavior. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  19. Anders, The error image seems to be missing. Can you send it again? Also, send the error description, image to support@jki.net.
  20. If you add other packages as dependencies, then you will get all the necessary subVI components installed. Also, the order of installation should not matter since VIPM performs mass comipile after package installation.
  21. Well....sorry to say that we are not able to recover the missing attachment. We will keep an eye on the error occurrence in future and let you know how it goes.
  22. Hi, There seems to be no easy way to find the missing attachment. Do you remember the name of the attachment? I can check on my local machine, if I had ever downloaded it.
  23. Ok. Let me check with our team about the missing attachment.
  24. Hi, Is the issue resolved? If not, can you share the code to help reproduce the behavior?
  25. Steen, Just trying to catch up on open items. Have you ever resolved the issue? Do you happen to have any dynamic libraries?
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