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  1. I sort of did the same and there's still some confusion about the legal terms of the license. Even though the main page says that the state machine is a free download, it was pointed out to me that: However, if the license agreement in your earlier email is indeed the clickwrap agreement that comes with downloading the software, that agreement will be the controlling contract, and the other supplemental information you provided will have no legal effect. The license agreement references that there are License Fees of some sort. So we're still a bit skittish about incorporating it into our work. Though congratulations on such a nice piece of software and thanks for releasing it. I thought it might be a good idea to point this out since, if we're having confusion about it, other people elsewhere might be as well.
  2. I've finally found time to download and look at the State Machine. So far, it looks like it might be a useful framework. I just have a question about the license. The template is copyrighted, which means any VI I use it in becomes a derivative work. The license says that I can use the State Machine: for your own internal use, development, testing and evaluation purposes to copy, modify, create derivative works of, and distribute the JKI Product, through multiple tiers of licensees, only in executable form and only as part of or together with a software or other product developed by you or on your behalf So as I read this, I can use the State Machine internal to my company in any way that I want, but if I'm going to distribute my VI outside my company, I can only do so in executable form and can not distribute the .vi file itself? If I read that right, that means the State Machine can't be used in any open-source program or even in a small application posted to LAVA?
  3. Screenshots are attached. Following Michael's suggestion to ignore the error on the second try seemed to work.
  4. When trying to install the new VPIM (1.1 build 0663), I get an error when I try to go past the license registration page: "VI Package Manager appears to be already running." Rebooting didn't help and neither did manually uninstalling the previous version of VPIM on this machine. This computer is running Windows 2000. I did not have any problem updating the version on my Windows XP machine. Any suggestions on how to get around this?
  5. This is a totally cosmetic issue, so it's probably not a priority. I notice that when I first launch VPIM, the listbox is striped blue/white until the last entry, after which it's completely white. When I select "Check the network for available packages", the box is redrawn and the blue/white striping continues past the last entry. This is under the 1.1 Public Beta on Windows 2000.
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