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  1. Hello again Sorry for my late reply but I have been away for a short holiday. I'm also sorry to say that the installation of VIPM using LabView RTE 2009 for Linux does not work. I think it is the same problem other users have using a 32-bit system on a computer with more than 4 Gb internal memory. During the install I got the error: LabVIEW caught fatal signal 9.0.1 - Received SIGSEGV Reason: Invalid permissions for mapped object Attempt to reference address: 0x0x87d65cf Segmenteringsfel (the last line is Swedish for segmentation error). /arne
  2. Edit: VIPM 2014 for Linux is now available. This is a major release that fixes most Linux related install issues. ===== Hello I'm trying to install VIPM for Linux on Scientific Linux 6.4 (32-bit) and Labview 2012 Sp1 (Linux) but I could not start the VIPM installation what so ever. I guess it is something with the the LabView RunTime Engine but I could not figure out what. I have reinstalled the RunTime Engine manually (labview-2009-rte-9.0.1-1.i386.rpm) but that doesn't help. (and yes I have been trying all this as superuser ) I'm a newbie on LabView for Linux and also a newbie on rpm-based Linux. /arne
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