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  1. Hi Jim, When I attempt to download a package the corresponding ogp file does not appear in the C:\Program Files\JKI\VI Package Manager\cache directory. I installed both LabView and VPIM in the standard locations; I have admin rights on my PC and I am able to add and remove files in the cache directory. With regards, Steven
  2. Joe, Thanks for the advice; i don't appear to have a corrupted ogp file. Whenever I attempt to install a package an ogp file appears in my temp directory. The ogp file is deleted when the error message is displayed. Regards, Steven
  3. Jim, I tried several mirrors close to me geographical and I the same error message is generated. Regards, Steven
  4. Jim, Thanks for prompt reply. Changing the network timeout to 60 seconds does not clear the problem. Also there are no error log files. Regards, Steven
  5. Hi I have successfully installed VPIM but I am unable to install any packages. When I attempt to install a package, the application reports it could not download the package from the remote server and a ERROR CODE: 1 is reported (see VPIM Error Message screen dump). Regards, Steven
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