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  1. ah, I cannot easily save it for LabVIEW 8.2.1 as I hoped because of the feedback nodes. If you get time could you post a 8.2.1 version, I may try and look at changing it myself if I get time later cheers dannyt
  2. Very nice Ton, thanks for that, I intend to use it today.
  3. Thanks Jim, sorry I had missed it when looking before but it obvious now you have pointed me at it danny
  4. Hi Jim, I downloaded the state machine template a while ago and I am using it in one internal application and am just thinking about it's use in another. However we are having a tightening up of our use of open source / third party code and I need to check I am fully compliant (legally not just me knowing I am doing what you intended). I suspect this will mean a "Help About" type menu with an acknowledgement to JKI and OpenG in our executable. Having downloaded it I cannot now find the license terms so could you please place a copy of it in the state machine FAQ section, I sure there may be others who occasionally need to check this type of thing cheers Danny
  5. OK, I have do a little playing around and have answered my own question. I am happy that the ogp package must contain the *.bmp and *.spec files and I would only need to copy over the *.ogp if I was going to then use the Add Package facility cheers Danny
  6. Sorry to open such an old thread but my question is very related to you comment above and I just wanted to check something. It is more a confirmation that I have got thinks correct In the VIPM cache there are three files per package for example palette-1.2-1.spec palette-1.2-1.ogp palette-1.2-1.bmp so to move packages to a non networked PC we can a) copy over the contents of the C:\Program Files\JKI\VI Package Manager\cache from one machine to another, thus copying over all three files the *.opg *.bmp *.spec or we can /;) we can place the *.ogp package only on the PC some where and use the Add package to list options you mentioned above. In this situation is the *.bmp & *.spec file pulled out from the *.ogp file ? cheers Danny
  7. Hi I would be interested in signing up for the Beta program for this, I am specifically interested in the "Easily move package files to non-networked computers" aspect. Do you have an idea of how well the Beta 1.1 version would sit on the same machine as the released 1.0 version ? cheers dannyt
  8. Hi, I am newish to LabView and have been reading with great interest the information on the OpenG site and have ended up on here in VI Package Manager land, I am very interested in this tools and the OpenG build application (my background is Configuration Control / build Release ), I am looking forward to linking the Open build into my ClearCase system. I am very keen to use the VI Package Manager, I understand your intention to have a Community edition for free and a professional edition at a cost this is a reasonably common model; what I do not quite understand is the expire date on the Community edition. I feel a little nervous starting to use a 'free' tool that will expire in 18 days from when I start using it, the expire date on the community edition seems a little at odds with the OpenG model. Reading other posts I think this expire date is because this is only a beta release and I guess you are trying to force all users to update through your beta's. This is not intended as a criticism I would just like a little understanding on this point, it will help me as I am trying to persuade other this is the way to go. It can often bit a little difficult trying to get some companies to buy into the concept of open source with it great values and benefits and I have already had a manger looking over my shoulder saying 'oh do we have to buy it when it expire' cheers Danny T
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