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  1. Hi, Could you perhaps release the information from the http://blog.jki.net/community/bay-area-labview-user-group-feb-10-2015-come-learn-about-jki-state-machine-objects/presentation of the project? Thanks either way. Look forward to seeing the full code.
  2. I would be intrigued to hear more. I did not run into any limitations, though I of course had to find solutions to some "problems" (finding a nice way to run a data logging loop that also checks the event structure for new input as an example). I now look forward to 2013 release even more. Edit: Also I forgot to add, there should be an area to download the template (maybe close to the JKI state machine), as it is now the only place to find it (that i found) is in the one blogpost about the presentation, but it is not clear if that is the newest version or just an event release. At least i think this would be useful.
  3. Hi, I was wondering if there was an area/site with active development and discussions around the module template you presented a while ago (http://blog.jki.net/events/niweek-2011-beyond-state-machines-slides-and-code-now-available/). I have used this for a recent project and I really liked the framework (for working with multiple instruments at the same time), and I thought it would be interesting to see how others use it and mabey learn more about how to best use it. I only found one related post on this forum (from 2011). Either way thanks for the free stuff
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