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  1. Hi There. I think you may need to also (separately) publish the system package to the repository, too, in order for it to be correctly downloaded/found by repository clients. Please try that, and let me know if that resolves the issues for the clients.
  2. Hi @Rami_Saaidi, We've had another user report a similar issue recently. Have you tried re-running the installer after the error, to see if it works the second time? Also, I think one user said they resolved the issue by installing .NET 4.0 before running the VIPM installer. -Jim
  3. @Ruslan. Thanks for reporting this. Do you know if this also happens in newer versions of LabVIEW, too (e.g. LV 2020)?
  4. I see. Could you change your individual packages (that require none of their VIs are in memory) to require that LabVIEW be closed before installing?
  5. Hi @ranjgith. No, there's no such feature for VI Package Configuration files. Packages, themselves, have such features but not VIPC files. Can you explain a little bit about what you need to accomplish? What's your use case? -Jim
  6. Hi @wolfkil. Thanks for letting us know it worked for you. We're trying hard to keep things working well. Please let us know if you have any more issues.
  7. Hi @Olivier Jourdan. I have no idea why this setting wouldn't work. Can you try it on a super simple project to see if it's reproducible? If you can reproduce it and zip up the sample project, we can take a look.
  8. Fantastic! Thanks for lettings us know.
  9. @mprantl Install stats are shown in VIPM 2020's VIPM Browser and on the package pages of vipm.io
  10. This is available in VIPM 2020 available for download: vipm.io/download
  11. @sblades this is fixed (we hope) in VIPM 2020.1 now available for download: vipm.io/download
  12. @StefanLemmens - this feature is in VIPM 2020.1 which is now available for download: vipm.io/download
  13. Hi All, @QsiAtWork, @Nstewart, @szymsciupak, @Mads Toppe, @wolfkil VIPM 2020.1 for Windows and Mac are available for download at vipm.io/download This new version allows download without sign-in, to allow corporate users behind an IT proxy/firewall to download/install packages. Thanks for your patience. -Jim
  14. Another thought... you can append text to VI Descriptions via this setting in the package builder.
  15. Hi Olivier, My first thought is that this would probably only work for a post build custom action (unpack the VIP, modify the VIs, and repack the VIP). -Jim
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