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  1. Hi Tianbin, The VIPM package URL handler only works on Windows, currently. Jim
  2. Jim Kring

    Support for LVLIBP?

    Hi Steen, Thanks for the well thought out question/proposal. We've considered this at several points, yet there have always been very many considerations that make supporting LVLIBPs problematic. Unfortunately, NI did not have LabVIEW developers in mind when they designed LVLIBPs -- they were focused mostly on addressing internal use cases such as streamlining deployment to embedded targets.
  3. Jim Kring

    Problem converting back from JSON

    Hi There. Yes, it looks like you may have found a bug. I think that "[]" characters are allowed in JSON data names. Perhaps they were removed because they are also special characters.
  4. Hi Kev, Can you try setting VIPM to use "No Proxy" and see if that helps.
  5. That's a a good idea.
  6. Jim Kring

    Automatic Update

    I don't know if there's any way to do this programmatically, at this time.
  7. Hi, Paul. Yes, VI Package Configuration is the way to go!
  8. Jim Kring

    2013.0.1 Download

    Hi There. Please email support@jki.net and we'll point you in the right direction.
  9. Not totally sure what the issue is. Have you tried running both VIPM and LabVIEW as the root user? Also, might be because LabVIEW is running in Evaluation mode. Linux is a bit tricky, since it's so configurable and quirky...
  10. Jim Kring

    JKI SM conversion to LVNXG

    Thanks for the update @wyzromek. Yes, there's still a lot to do -- NXG 2.1 still isn't totally ready for upgrading existing projects and there is still a little work to do on the JKI SM side of things, too. We're hoping that NXG 3.0 will provide a bit more features and improvements to the process 🙂
  11. Hi @Jim C I split this discussion into a separate discussion thread. I like you're idea about the JKI State Machine Follower. I've been collecting some ideas about possible run-time and debugging tools: https://github.com/JKISoftware/JKI-State-Machine-Editor/wiki/Roadmap#run-time-tools Here are a few ideas: State logging - Show which states executed in which order Data logging - Show what data was changed between execution of frames Single stepping - Execute one frame at a time and pause between execution Breakpoints on individual states - Pause when a state is executed, so that highlight execution can then be enabled (and maybe we could turn execution highlighting ON, but I'm not sure how to do that programmatically) These tools would probably require temporarily swapping the Parse State Queue function in the user's instance of a JKI State Machine with a special one that has debugging features under the hood (there could be a debugging and non-debugging version of Parse State Queue that we could script in/out of the VI to enable/disable the debugging features). Anyhow, I wanted to let you know that this is a direction we're looking into, in case you have any ideas you've already been thinking about or working on :-) Thanks,
  12. Thanks for the feedback @Jim C. I'm glad you like this new feature. I also like the idea of allowing the JKI SM Editor to help with debugging and have it highlight the actively executing frame. I've been toying with some similar thoughts :-)
  13. We've made another great round of improvements to the JKI State Machine Editor that we're excited to tell you about. This release adds a pretty cool new little feature that we've heard several people ask for... Now, you can right-click on a state string wire and select Insert "Add State(s) to Queue" to automatically insert this VI.
  14. Jim Kring

    JKI SM conversion to LVNXG

    Hi again @wyzromek. Have you tried clicking 'Next' and continuing with the conversion? The resulting project should be relatively unbroken: the missing methods/property nodes are replaced with placeholder nodes and the NXG 2.0 library calls to both JKI & OpenG are mapped correctly (see below).
  15. Jim Kring

    JKI SM conversion to LVNXG

    Hi @wyzromek. Thanks for reporting this. We're currently looking into the issue, with the help of NI and will get back to you with information, as soon as we know more.

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