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  1. VI Tester Very Slow To Initialize

    Sorry for the delay in response, James. I think this could (in part) be because VI Tester has not been mass compiled. If you mass compile it, does it launch faster? Or, do you think it's a function of the number of tests in your project? -Jim
  2. JKI REST Client is a HTTP client library for connecting LabVIEW applications with RESTful web services. JKI REST Client provides a client implementation of HTTP protocol that is specifically designed for integrating LabVIEW applications with web services. JKI REST Client augments the LabVIEW native implementation of HTTP by adding several features that make it better fit for connecting with RESTful web services than LabVIEW native HTTP client. HTTP REST Client Homepage Get HTTP REST Client
  3. I just fixed the Knowledge Base link, thanks. Yes, that's the work-around we're proposing. For what it's worth, the bug traced back to a cluster constant on the block diagram that had the wrong cluster order for Client ID and Server ID. It was very hard to track down, since it looked like everything was working -- the swapping of values actually happened right at a dynamic Call by Reference of a VI that has its FP controls hidden (so can't debug) and BD password protected
  4. Hi Steen, David. Big apologies for the long delay in resolving this issue -- I wish I had a good excuse for that, but I don't, other than it was tricky to track down the root cause and it wasn't prioritized. Fortunately, there is a simple work-around for VIPM 2014 - VIPM 2018 (see Knowledge Base: Deactivation Fails for Licensed Add-ons built with VIPM) and a fix coming in VIPM 2018f1.
  5. VI Package Manager (VIPM), JKI's flagship toolkit ships with LabVIEW and allows you to discover, create, and share LabVIEW add-ons. VIPM gives you instant access to the add-ons on the LabVIEW Tools Network. Get VIPM, Learn More Release Notes, Knowledge Base, Idea Exchange
  6. This issue has been resolved in VIPM 2018. Stay tuned and let us know if you need early access.
  7. Caraya is an assertion and unit test framework for LabVIEW that is simple and fast. It takes a whole new approach to unit testing; your VI is your test. Caraya allows you to convert your manual test VIs you use to debug your code into unit test cases with nearly no effort. This significantly lowers the barrier to systematicaly write unit tests for your project leading into improved overall code quality for real-world projects where developers don't always have the luxury to write unit test cases first. Caraya Project Homepage Get Caraya
  8. Parse in big XML generated by Testastand

    Update: I've added a little bit of documentation about this, here: https://github.com/JKISoftware/JKI-EasyXML/blob/master/README.md#reading-raw-xml-into-strings-using-the-xml-suffix-in-string-labelname
  9. Extensible Capability of XML Files

    Update: I've added a little bit of documentation about this, here: https://github.com/JKISoftware/JKI-EasyXML/blob/master/README.md#reading-raw-xml-into-strings-using-the-xml-suffix-in-string-labelname
  10. VIPM - Any Future Updates?

    Hi James, Thanks for posting your observations and concerns. We have made no plans to stop development or fixing bugs -- yes, things have slowed down a bit. For what it's worth, I fixed a couple bugs and made a minor performance improvement last week, that will make it into the next release. Thanks for your patience and feedback. Is there anything critical on your organization's list of needs? -Jim
  11. Example "Read RSS Feed" is broken

    The RSS Feed URL changed. Try this one: https://lavag.org/rss/forums/1-lava-forums/
  12. Purpose of Close Reference

    That's a great question, Brian! I tend to agree with your observations and thinking. I'll check in with others at JKI to see if I learn more about the history behind this and any corner-cases where this serves a useful purpose.
  13. Hi James, Here's the reasoning behind the current behavior: - If a user installs a package, it gets added to the package cache (regardless of where it came from: double-clicked from the desktop or downloaded from a repository) - The package list gets populated from a combination of the repository and what's found in the cache. Now, it might make sense to tweak this behavior, such that deprecated packages (as defined by a repository) are flushed from the cache. I think that this behavior would meet your needs and wouldn't have any negative side-effects (except that people who choose to actively install a deprecated package would need to download it again, since it wouldn't ever be cached). Additionally, it might be helpful if unpublished packages (when we query the repo and we detect that it was in the repo previously but no longer in the repo) were flushed from the cache. This would be a little trickier, since we would have to catch the event at the time the package is unpublished (we would see the package is published and then it disappears from the repository's package list). I'll pass the ideas along to the JKI team.
  14. Hi James, There's a setting for showing or hiding deprecated packages. Do you have "Show deprecated packages" enabled? If this setting is FALSE, then I think all deprecated packages are not shown in the Install Other Version list.
  15. When will this be released?

    Hi Jim: Depending on how eager you are to play with this, I could get you an early release to test and provide feedback. Jon: Same goes for you.

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