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  1. Thanks for posting this information. Since this is an issue with installing LabVIEW, maybe you could try contacting NI support? One idea that I have is for you to try (first) installing the latest version of VIPM by itself (vipm.jki.net/get) and then (second) installing LabVIEW 2018.
  2. It looks like you need to install the LabVIEW 2015 run-time engine for Linux. http://www.ni.com/download/labview-run-time-engine-2015-sp1/5838/en/
  3. Hi Tim. This is one of those odd Windows/IT issues -- sorry it's such a pain. Perhaps installing 2017 on a new system and then seeing if you can find the uninstaller files and copy them over to the old computer might work? I don't necessarily recommend that, but if you're trying to figure out a solution, perhaps that could work.
  4. Hi Kev. Can you zip up a simple project that demonstrates the problem. This will make it easier for our team to reproduce and possibly fix this issue. Note that this might not be an easy fix. And, it's also worth noting that VIPM should be able to build packages that include PNG files. Is there a reason why they have to be part of the LVLIB (considering that these are not LabVIEW file types)?
  5. Thanks for reporting this. Would you be able to create a test VI that demonstrates the problem and save your test values as Front Panel defaults (or change the FP Control to a BD Constant), so that we can test using the exact same inputs that you have?
  6. Hey Brian, This is a great idea. You're right that VIPM doesn't scan the Custom Action VIs for dependencies, currently. I can see how that could be a big help. We can't commit to a date on this, but I'll add it to our tracker, for the R&D team to consider. Thanks!
  7. Hi Everyone. I've just posted an idea that I'd like people's feedback about. It's to create a polymorphic VI for Assert and show the Polymorphic Selector Ring, by default. You can see more details about the reasoning behind this proposal, here: https://github.com/JKISoftware/Caraya/issues/26 Thank you for your comments and ideas. -JIm
  8. Hi There. This is more of a MS Windows issue than a VIPM issue, from what I can tell. Sometimes if Windows is bogged down (CPU) this can occur.
  9. Hi Thomas. Thanks for reporting this. Can you explain a little bit about how this missing .rtm file is impacting your work? Does it cause any specific problems, or is it just an observation that it's missing? Thanks.
  10. Looks like your IT department is probably blocking the download URL.
  11. Thank you. We'll take a look at reproducing this and if there's a future fix for the issue. We can't commit to a timeline, but we certainly would love to see this issue addressed in a future release, if there's a solution to be found.
  12. Hi. Thanks for reporting this. Would you be willing to spend a small amount of time to create a super simple VI Package project that demonstrates this issue and share that with us (as a zip file)? We'd love to be able to reproduce this issue and see if there's a work-around or fix.
  13. I can't point you to a known issue, but there's a good chance we've fixed the issue you're mentioning.
  14. Which version of VIPM are you using? I think we made some improvements to VIPM 2018 (and the f1 release) that improve support for PPLs.
  15. Hi Tianbin, The VIPM package URL handler only works on Windows, currently. Jim
  16. Hi Steen, Thanks for the well thought out question/proposal. We've considered this at several points, yet there have always been very many considerations that make supporting LVLIBPs problematic. Unfortunately, NI did not have LabVIEW developers in mind when they designed LVLIBPs -- they were focused mostly on addressing internal use cases such as streamlining deployment to embedded targets.
  17. Hi There. Yes, it looks like you may have found a bug. I think that "[]" characters are allowed in JSON data names. Perhaps they were removed because they are also special characters.
  18. Hi Kev, Can you try setting VIPM to use "No Proxy" and see if that helps.
  19. I don't know if there's any way to do this programmatically, at this time.
  20. Hi, Paul. Yes, VI Package Configuration is the way to go!
  21. Hi There. Please email support@jki.net and we'll point you in the right direction.
  22. Not totally sure what the issue is. Have you tried running both VIPM and LabVIEW as the root user? Also, might be because LabVIEW is running in Evaluation mode. Linux is a bit tricky, since it's so configurable and quirky...
  23. Thanks for the update @wyzromek. Yes, there's still a lot to do -- NXG 2.1 still isn't totally ready for upgrading existing projects and there is still a little work to do on the JKI SM side of things, too. We're hoping that NXG 3.0 will provide a bit more features and improvements to the process ?
  24. Hi @Jim C I split this discussion into a separate discussion thread. I like you're idea about the JKI State Machine Follower. I've been collecting some ideas about possible run-time and debugging tools: https://github.com/JKISoftware/JKI-State-Machine-Editor/wiki/Roadmap#run-time-tools Here are a few ideas: State logging - Show which states executed in which order Data logging - Show what data was changed between execution of frames Single stepping - Execute one frame at a time and pause between execution Breakpoints on individual states - Pause when a state is executed, so that highlight execution can then be enabled (and maybe we could turn execution highlighting ON, but I'm not sure how to do that programmatically) These tools would probably require temporarily swapping the Parse State Queue function in the user's instance of a JKI State Machine with a special one that has debugging features under the hood (there could be a debugging and non-debugging version of Parse State Queue that we could script in/out of the VI to enable/disable the debugging features). Anyhow, I wanted to let you know that this is a direction we're looking into, in case you have any ideas you've already been thinking about or working on :-) Thanks,
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