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  1. @Jim C you may want to tell your coworkers to sit down when the hear about this new release... We've made another great round of improvements to the JKI State Machine Editor that we're excited to tell you about. Integrated Event Structure and Case Structure Viewer The biggest thing you'll notice is that we've integrated the Event Structure and Case Structure into a single tree view -- all of the Event Structure frames have been added under the "Idle" ("Event Structure") item at the top of the tree (as shown in the screenshot below). You can now easily navigate all the Event Structure frames and Case Structure frames from this single tree view. Drag & drop to reorder the Event frames -- it works just as you'd expect! Explore States Dialog Another cool feature we added is the ability to Explore States on a state string constant. Simply right-click on a state string constant and choose Explore States (as shown below). This will open a dialog (shown below) that looks a lot like your string constant, and allows you to click on individual lines/states of the string constant, which will navigate the JKI State Machine to that frame. This allows you to quickly jump between frames if you'd like to navigate through the sequence of states in the string constant. Grouped Right-click Options on States Finally, we added a small usability improvement where we now group all of the right-click options for a state, under a single submenu (as shown below) -- previously, these were all at the root level and started to get unwieldy. I hope you enjoy this latest round of improvements to the JKI State Machine Editor and it helps your write great code even faster.
  2. What version of VIPM do you have?
  3. Hey @BrianW Thanks for posting details of the issue you're experiencing. I found this thread on the NI Forums that addresses a similar issue. The solution post seemed to resolve it for the user in that thread. Any chance that might be of help?
  4. @tomlawton That’s wonderful news!
  5. OpenG Array Library not listing in VIPM

    Great! Thanks for letting us know.
  6. Processing events in JKI state machine

    Hi @Tomas Can you explain what, in particular, your "dealing with"? I'm curious about the challenge your experiencing. Also, the timer is interesting. What do you use it for? It looks like it's a shift register with the time the JKI SM started running? Any reason not to put this into the main data (cluster) shift register? -Jim
  7. @tomlawton looking forward to hearing whether it's working for you.
  8. OpenG Array Library not listing in VIPM

    Thanks for reporting this @Narendranath Babu. We've fixed this issue and the package should now be available for download in VIPM. Please let us know if it's working for you now.
  9. Kereberos authentication

    That's great to hear. Thanks for letting us know. If you come up with a good solution, maybe you can share some details, so that other's can see how you did it. Thanks!
  10. VIPM 2017 for Linux won't Launch

    You may need to do some googling and research to figure out how to run 32 bit applications on your linux installation. there’s a discussion thread here with some tips: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/23182765/how-to-install-ia32-libs-in-ubuntu-14-04-lts-trusty-tahr Specifically, it talks about how to add another package repository for apt yet to find the missing package. Please keep in mind that I’m not sure exactly if this is the best solution for you, so please be sure to do some research.
  11. VIPM 2017 for Linux won't Launch

    Some googling shows that this error can occur when you're running 64-bit and in order to run 32-bit executables, you'll need to install the ia32-libs package (and make sure you have multi-architecture support enabled). You can try installing the ia32-libs package using the following command: apt-get ia32-libs Some googling will help you figure out all the details for your platform. Disclaimer: I'm not a Linux expert, but I sometimes play one on TV.
  12. You might try creating a JKI folder here, and ensuring that your user account (or all user accounts if you wish) has write access to it.
  13. @tomlawton oops, you're right. I just tried installing on a clean Mac and I get the following: I typed in my password and then VIPM launched just fine (and on subsequent launches without typing in my password). Question: Is your user account an admin account?
  14. VIPM 2017 for Linux won't Launch

    thanks for posting that. It looks like you are in the right folder, the permissions are correct on the vipm file, and you tried to execute it. I'm no Linux expert, but that looks like it should work. What happens if you type the following? ls -al /usr/local/JKI/VIPM/vipm This should output something that looks like: -rwxr-xr-x. 1 root root 35218160 Mar 8 21:22 vipm

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