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  1. Hi James.

    Thanks for posting this -- it's sure to be super helpful to VIPM users on Linux.

    Ya, there are lots of little gotchas like this that pop up on various Linux flavors, and it's nice to have a record of what worked for others (or myself, when I find an old post of mine answering the question I'm now asking!).


  2. What icons do you think would work well for write and read?

    In your application, what is it that you're trying to Read/Write and Send/Receive? That might help us find some good icons for your use case.

    By the way, there is an "Edit" button with a Pencil.


    For reading, would expect glasses?


    PS - Sorry for the crashes. we're not sure why LabVIEW has a difficult time, sometimes 🙂

  3. 3 hours ago, eldonz said:

    Currently using LV 2014 and the JKI explorer does not show up as an option in the context menu. I believe I have the current JKI State Machine installed because it is showing "JKI State Machine 2018" in the loop title.

    Is the explorer only supported for newer versions of LV?


    Hi Eldon. The context menu items only show up in LabVIEW 2015 and greater, since that's the first version of LabVIEW that supports this ability to create plug-ins for the context menu. You should be able to use quickdrop to open the JKI SM Explorer window via Ctrl+Space >> Ctrl+J. 

  4. Hi Antoine,

    Yes, we intend to migrate EasyXML to NXG when the time is right. Realistically, that will probably happen sometime in 2020. I don't see any major technical challenges in doing so, yet the type descriptor and flat data parsing may need some improvements due to unicode strings.

    There aren't too many people actually using NXG yet, but that will start to shift in 2020 with NXG 4.0 and 5.0 beta, from my perspective.

    Thanks for checking in. Are you using NXG?

  5. On 9/26/2019 at 7:00 PM, DavidLee1997 said:

    Having followed all of the above suggestions, I am still unable to open VIPM.  When I run the command "sudo ./vipm" I get an error "Unable to open X display".  I am using openSUSE 15.1, and trying to use VIPM 2017 with LabVIEW 2017.

    Any suggestions on how to run this one down?

    Thank you!

    Hi David. I don't any ideas about how to get around that. Have you tried posting to the LabVIEW Linux Users group?

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  6. Hi Greg. Thanks for posting this.

    We are aware of this, and the only work-around we have found is to adjust the position of the display text down one pixel, relative to the other parts of the numeric control.

    Unfortunately, that changes the position of the text relative to the background and it looks (very slightly) misaligned (it looks 1px too low). LabVIEW doesn’t provide much possibility for adjusting the behavior of the string text (like making the background transparent when it has the cursor for text input by user.

    If you discover anything or have ideas about how to fix/improve this, please let us know.

    does that explanation make sense?

  7. Hi Kosist. That sounds very odd. Somehow the "JKI Design Pallete.vi" instance that's running in the editor context (VI Server Application instance) is broken. I'm not sure how or why that would happen. Thanks for posting the dump file. It sounds like the LabVIEW crash means that something odd is happening under the hood of LabVIEW.

    Does this only happen in LabVIEW 2017? Have you tried in 2018?

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