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  1. Hi Eric, Thanks for posting these! I'll ping others at JKI to take a look. -Jim
  2. OK, I see. It's good to hear that this is just a one time thing, while you migrate over to using VIPM to build your packages. We've looked into the possibility of having an "importer" for existing MNU files, but it's a little bit tricky. Ya, copying the icon of existing palette MNU files within LabVIEW is a bit of a hassle -- I'll mention this to the VIPM dev team and we'll think about ways we can improve this, in the future. Thanks!
  3. I see -- so, this issue really only impacts you once, when you're migrating from your old palette MNUs to using VIPM to create packages. Is that right? Or, are you going to need to resync these palette icons again, from the source location into VIPM?
  4. Once you have the VI Tester window open, try selecting File >> Open Project of Test Class and then browse to your project (.lvproj) or test case/suite (.lvclass) file. Does that work for you?
  5. There's no way to do this, currently. Can you describe a little more about your use case? Do you already have icons defined somewhere else? Or, do you use some icon editor outside LabVIEW? Or, is this just for the first time you create icons? Thanks!
  6. Cool. I'm glad this works for you. I'm happy to help.
  7. For the case you mentioned, I would create a "Comparison" package and have it install into the RFI custom category, as shown below: Does this do what you want? Try building and installing your package this way and let me know if it works. Thanks, -Jim
  8. Hi There. This thread is really only relevant for VIPM 3.0. In VIPM 2010, we added the ability to create/install a custom palette category for your package. Have you tried this? Can you explain more about what you are trying to accomplish, so that we can best help you? Thanks!
  9. Hi, Sorry for the trouble. Do any of the debugging tips in this other thread help? Thanks, -Jim
  10. There are a couple routes: You could download and install them at home and then copy the VIs from user.lib, etc. and move them onto your work computer via sneakernet. Another option would be to download all the sources from sourceforge: http://sourceforge.net/projects/opengtoolkit/ Both of these methods will be difficult, which is why we made VIPM
  11. Great! I'm glad that worked for you. Thanks for letting us know. -Jim
  12. Hi Gavin, Thanks for reporting this. Would you be willing to work with us to help get this resolved? We can try to fix and then have you test. Cheers, -Jim
  13. Hi Ed, Sorry for the trouble. We've got a fix for this. We'll follow up with you off-line, right away. -Jim
  14. > I'm afraid that working in a large international organisation kinda prohibits the arbitrary update to LabView 8.2, regardless of how many nice features are included. It's a shame you impose this constraint, as this seems like an excellent solution for us. But alas... Hi! Yes, I'm sorry that we can't help you out on your older version of LabVIEW. It's a tough decision about which versions of LabVIEW to support, and we have our own constraints that we're working with that impose some limitations on our choices. > Edit: Sorry, it was Tortoise I was referring to. I arrived in this thread through a search for older LV versions. No problem. I've moved your post into the TortoiseSVN discussion forum. Thanks, -Jim
  15. Hi, You can use the XML Load Document function to validate the XML against a DTD (document type definition) file. I think that you need to put the reference to this DTD in the XML file. Also, EasyXML will output an error if the incoming XML file can't be parsed. So, maybe you just need to use EasyXML. Have you tried this yet? Thanks, -Jim
  16. I'm glad it's working now. The error message in your log is one we've seen before and it most likely not at all related to the "missing packages" issue. It's possible that the long delay was because of the upgrade process where VIPM updates its package database files to a newer binary format. Again, I'm glad it's working for you now, and sorry for the trouble.
  17. Do you have a valid LabVIEW version and "All" selected for your quick filter (in VIPM's toolbar)? If you don't have these set right, your package list will get filtered out and not show any packages. -Jim
  18. Hello Heiko, We've seen and fixed this issue. We'll ping you off-line and let you help test a fixed version if VIPM. Thanks, -Jim
  19. Hi Jon, This is by design. You can still add the double underscore to the front of the suffix, but VIPM no longer forces you to use that convention. -Jim
  20. Hi Jason, Thanks for posting your test results. Since PPLs are platform and LabVIEW version specific and they don't support external dependencies, we haven't seem many people (outside NI) using them. We'll spend a little time looking into whether we can reproduce your issue and/or get packaging of PPLs working. Thanks, -Jim
  21. You're welcome and thanks for the extra info. We need to redirect that area of our "old" website to some newer content. So, it's good that you brought it to our attention. Thanks,
  22. Hi Chris, The Configuring VIPM for Package Building instructions don't apply to VIPM 2010. In VIPM 2010, you should be able to build packages, out of the box. BTW, how did you land on that page? I suspect you followed a link from somewhere and I want to make sure that we update those links with current/accurate information. [update: I've added a note at the top of that page telling users that the information is not relevant in VIPM 2010.] Thanks, -Jim
  23. What's LabVIEW 2011? You must be living in the future, Bob
  24. Hey Bob, We've had a few reports of slowness of the Mass Compile step. A couple things to note: - You can press the Abort button on the VIPM toolbar (big red "X" button) to stop the mass compile. This won't negatively affect the installation. - You can disable the Mass Compile after package installation in the VIPM Options dialog. -Jim
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