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  1. Oh, it looks like you actually have the Flat UI Controls (and the OpenG Toolkit) package installed, but the JKI Design Palette is not installed -- that's expected. If that's correct, the Flat JKI Controls will be located on disk here: Do you see those?
  2. Hi Scott, The JKI design palette is currently only Windows compatible. I could look into what it would take to get a Mac build working. It’s distributed as a PPL, and has to be compiled in each platform. you can choose to ignore the dependency, and continue the installation of the flat UI controls. You would then need to browse to the installation location do use the controls. thanks for your patience. As you know, we just got VIPM 2020 working on MacOS Jim
  3. The VI Package Builder could specify the name of the VI to show in the palettes, or be smarter in general about which VI to show in the palettes. Sometimes it opens the wrong VI.
  4. Some advanced users are asking for support to install VIPM for Windows onto a Docker container. This would allow creating fully automated build processes that spin up virtual machines that have LabVIEW and VIPM installed on them, so that VI Packages can be created automatically.
  5. Hi Thomas. That’s super cool! Thanks for showing the screenshots. I’m glad to hear how easy that was for you and hope it’s helpful to you and your team. -Jim
  6. I’m glad to hear it’s working for you!
  7. Great. For what it's worth, a couple things we're considering: 1) Disable/configure the hotkey -- sometimes it pops up with just Ctrl+Space for some reason. 2) Allow pointing to other folders of custom controls.
  8. @Sam Taggart. There are error logs here: C:\ProgramData\JKI\VIPM\error
  9. Thank you for posting this! I'll forward it along to NI to take a look into it. Well, only NI can fix LVInternal errors 🤷‍♂️ Still, I'll ping them, since I'm sure they care to know what the issue is.
  10. You're welcome. Any requests to make it more awesome?
  11. Hi Sam. VIPM 2020 works a little bit differently. It hangs around in memory for a little bit in case someone uses it again -- this way, it's much more responsive. Yet, it's changed the observed behavior around exactly when the package list refreshes. This is something we're working on and should be improved in the next release.
  12. I think the issue is that you need to "Check Network for Package Updates" (Refresh) in the main VIPM package list. Can you try that? Then, I think it'll find the new version. LMK if that works. PS - you're welcome!
  13. Hi There! Glad you like the JKI HTTP REST client. For the base URI, I would use: and then for the path when you call GET or POST, use: /relay/outlets/0/state/ Here's how you could add the X-CSRF header. Note that you can type (or copy-paste) new items into the drop-down selector for the header -- it works like a string control, but with some pre-defined options to make life easier for common headers. The JKI HTTP REST Client passes the username and password into the HTTP VI used by built-in HTTP Open Handle.vi, which I believe doesn't support digest authentication. Under the hood... Digest authentication is something that could be added -- here's the specification and here's a demo server, if you're interested in trying.
  14. We just released a new build with 2020 support https://www.vipm.io/package/jki_design_palette/
  15. There’s a new build of the JKI design palette that supports LabVIEW 2020! https://www.vipm.io/package/jki_design_palette/
  16. Hey @John Hoehner and @ChrisStrykesAgain. Caraya 1.0 is officially released and in the wild! https://www.vipm.io/package/jki_lib_caraya/
  17. Yes! Thanks for the ping about this Sam. We will update this, very soon.
  18. VIPM 2020 is sporting a completely new visual design that's both more modern and fun to use! We based it on the JKI Flat UI Controls 2.0. Here are a few screenshots below! You can download VIPM 2020 today! Main UI Package Builder Options Window VIPM Browser (more details here) Windows System Tray Notification (more details here) Download VIPM 2020 today!
  19. We're not yet ready to release VIPM 2020 for Mac. If you want to be notified when it's released, please subscribe to this forum topic.
  20. Hi @trobertson79. It's a great question! The sort of simple answer is this: In most programming situations, the developer should pick one way or the other (either add to front or add to back). Mixing front and back is a recipe for hard debugging. And, since the template already enqueues at the front then this is why we recommend to stick with that.
  21. Hi Chris. I don't think there's a way to do either of these, currently, via the API. They are both great ideas and I support them Would you be willing to post these ideas to the VIPM Idea Exchange?
  22. Here are some links: https://blog.jki.net/jki/introduction-to-jki-json https://github.com/JKISoftware/JKI-JSON-Serialization There's not much documentation, since it's a very simple serializer.
  23. Hi Albert, Thanks for reporting this. Yes, you should certainly contact CPE regarding this issue. It would be great if VIPM could detect this, yet I think that it might be tricky to try to guess the developer's intentions. Maybe VIPM could warn the package developer of potential problems. -Jim
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