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  1. Hi Dave, I'll email you some details. Thanks, -Jim
  2. Just so you both know, this dialog is a little misleading. It actually catches a few problems, but doesn't report them well. It catches the following problem situations: VI Package Source VIs in memory before the build starts Duplicate VIs in the VI Package Source Folder Cross linkages to VIs outside your VI Package Source Folder with the same name as VIs inside your VI Package Source Folder In the next version of VIPM, you'll find that this dialog is better in a couple ways: It will tell you which VIs have a problem It will tell you what the problem is For now, hopefully the above information is useful to you, in trying to figure out which problem is causing the dialog to show. Thanks!
  3. Hi Bob, The # character cannot be used in XML names, according to the specification, here: http://www.w3.org/TR/REC-xml/#sec-common-syn As such, EasyXML will delete it from names. Of course, interpreting the XML specification can be a bit of a "treasure hunt", unless you have a really good understanding of regular expressions Thanks, -Jim
  4. These are good ideas. And, we're actively working to make this better. I'll ping you off-line when we're ready get some feedback on our plans.
  5. This is a good idea. In the long run, what I'd like to see are some features that made it easier for you to scan your project, while you are working on it. The time to scan isn't right before a build. We got some ideas in the works and we'll keep you posted.
  6. Hi Fraser, Did you try my suggestion, below? Thanks, -Jim
  7. Richard, I'm glad to hear that it's working for you, now. Thanks,
  8. Hi Richard, You're right, in that there isn't a way to specify a data structure in LabVIEW that generates XML data where empty elements are optional (and omitted from the XML). One way to achieve this would be to dynamically generate the variant input to Easy Generate XML function using the OpenG LabVIEW Data Tools library. Another option might be to post-process the XML data (as you suggested). You can remove empty tags, fairly easily using the "Find and Replace String" function in regular expression mode, using a regular express for valid empty tags. Removing empty attributes would be a little bit more difficult. Thanks, -Jim
  9. Hi Richard, I'm not sure why opening EasyXML causes LabVIEW to look for registry VIs. If you do a Save All, does it do this again, the next time you open EasyXML? Thanks, -Jim
  10. Hi Bob, Your use case sounds like it's exactly what we're working to address with VIPM Enterprise (here's a quick glimpse). If you'd like to participate in the private beta, we'd love your feedback and help in putting the product through the ringer. -Jim
  11. Hi Tim, We haven't released this improvement, yet. However, EasyXML customers can contact us for a pre-release version of the new version. Thanks, -Jim
  12. Hi Norm, I think it's a great idea to add Package Name and Version to the parameters passed into the build hooks. You should be able to parse these parameters from the "Output Package File Path", which is accessible in the post-build hook parameters. Would that work for you, in the short term?
  13. Hi Ben, I like this idea! I don't see any reasons not to add this feature. -Jim
  14. That's actually an image in the lower-right corner of the VI front panel. I've asked the VIPM developers to write a blog article about this, showing how they did it.
  15. Hi Norm, Sorry about the trouble. Is it possible for you to send us (via email, if you prefer) a VI Package source folder that causes the problem? This would be a big help for us to debug the issue. Thanks, -Jim
  16. Hi Toby, Thanks for reporting this. I can reproduce the issue and have filed a bug (Case 7175). Thanks, -Jim
  17. Hi Arne, That's great news! I think I know what the problem/bug is. I'll file a bug for it and report back here with a known issue link. Thanks, -Jim
  18. Hi Arne, Can you please try something? In your destinations: change.. \Categories to... \menus\Categories Also, change... \Controls to... \menus\Controls Then rebuild your packages. I think that this should fix the installation issues. Please let me know. Thanks, -Jim
  19. Hi Arne, First, I apologize since this might be hard for us to debug without a Swedish Windows XP for us to test. And, thanks for the kind words -- we're happy that you like VIPM Can you please create a new VI Package with just a few dummy/test VIs and post it here for us to examine? I'd like to know if the problem is in the VI Package (specifying where to install the package) or in VIPM (in interpreting where to install the package). Also, in addition to posting the VI Package, can you also zip up and post the entire VI Package Source folder (including the .vipb file)? Thanks, -Jim
  20. Hi Mads, It's on our radar and we're working on it. Thanks, -Jim
  21. Hello. If you are an EasyXML customer and this is affecting you, please contact us and we'll send you a version of the software with a fix. Thanks,
  22. You're welcome, Matt. Let us know if you find any other limitations or if you think of ways that we can make EasyXML better (or easier). Cheers, -Jim
  23. Hi Matt, We've fixed this issue. I'll send you an email with details. Thanks, -Jim
  24. Yes, "" and "" are equivalent. DOM parsers and EasyXML should have no trouble with either format.
  25. Hi Matt, Are you concerned about the difference between the empty elements "" and "" or the difference in the numeric precision of the "VALUE" attributes? Thanks, -Jim
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