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  1. You need to make sure that each LabVIEW version is configured for a different TCP port. Please see this post for instructions on how to fix the problem. You might also want to read the LabVIEW Options - Version Management and Configure LabVIEW Port dialog documentation pages. Thank you, -Jim
  2. Jeffrey, Thanks for the kind words and for the valuable feedback. We are actively working on features that address configuration management issues. Stay tuned... Thank you, -Jim Kring
  3. I've just created a new Tips and Tricks entry called Upgrading All Installed Packages to Latest Version. Thanks again, -Jim
  4. There are often situations where you want to upgrade all packages that have upgrades available. There is a very simple way to do this. Simply select Package>>Upgrade All Installed Packages... from the VIPM menu (see screenshot, below) Then, confirm the package upgrades (see screenshot, below). That's all there is to it!
  5. That's good feedback (that you hadn't noticed this feature). I'll create a new Tips and Tricks topic describing this feature. Thanks, -Jim
  6. Chris, You're absolutely right. It is a bit of a pain to upgrade a single package on multiple versions of LabVIEW. This is a really valid use case and we've definitly got it on our list of things to address. The way that I deal with this is to leave VIPM open all the time and use VIPM to launch LabVIEW (I switch/restart versions of LabVIEW frequently). After LabVIEW starts I then select Package>>Upgrade All Installed Packages... (from VIPM's menu) to make sure that I've got the latest and greatest packages installed on the LabVIEW version that I just launched. We're happy to hear you love 1.0. We're working hard on the next release which should give you more reasons to love VIPM ;-) Thank you, -Jim
  7. In VIPM, you'll often want to perform an action on a set of packages with the same status (installed, not installed, upgrades available, etc.). For example, let's assume that you want to install all OpenG library packages (which are named "oglib_*") that are not already installed. This task is easy to complete, using the column sorting feature of VIPM. The first step is to type your search string into the quick search box in VIPM. The next step is to sort the package list by the status (glyph) by clicking on the first column heading Then select all of the packages of interest (shift+click or ctrl+click to select multiple) then right-click and choose Install... Finally, confirm the action and the packages will be installed. That's all there is to it!
  8. Jamie, Can you please post a screenshot of the VIPM installer window in this strange state? You are the first to report this issue and I am not quite sure what's going wrong. Do you have any non-standard font sizes configured? Thank you, -Jim Kring
  9. Hi David, We'll post something about this, shortly. Thank you, -Jim Kring
  10. Doh! That's quite a pickle. Fortunately this won't happen in the future (once you upgrade to the 1.0 Final Releasee), as there is no expiration in the final release. The simplest solution (as Chris mentioned) is to download the 1.0 final release from http://jkisoft.com/vipm/download/ . Run the installer and it will upgrade your existing VIPM installation. Then, run VIPM and change your proxy settings in the options dialog. Thank you, -Jim Kring
  11. Thank you for reporting this issue. This was caused by a change made by NI, in the URL where the package file is located. We have fixed the issue and you should now be able to download the picture3d package. Thank you, -Jim Kring
  12. Rexxar, In order to see the OpenG VIs in the LabVIEW palettes, you need to make sure that you have the ogrsc_dynamicpalette package installed. I have no idea how you were able to run the VIPM installer without the 8.0 run-time engine and why you are seeing that error message. That seems very strange. Thank you, -Jim
  13. Hi Ton, Thanks for the link to NTLM info. At this time, there is no plan to support NTLM, since (1) we have not received many requests for this and (2) it would require a significant ammount of development and testing on our part (for example, we would need to set up a Windows proxy server, etc.). Also, since work-arounds (like the local proxy) are possible, those few users who do need NTLM support, still have a way of making VIPM work on thier network. That said, OpenG does have an HTTP library (which is not yet available on VIPM) and if someone were to add support for NTLM proxy authentication, it would make it easy for us to support it in VIPM. Thank you, -Jim
  14. Sometimes VIPM launches LabVIEW when installing packages. But, did you know that you can quickly launch LabVIEW from within VIPM? Just right-click on the LabVIEW Version Selector ring and select Launch LV x.x (see the screenshot, below). This will launch the LabVIEW version that is currently selected in VIPM.
  15. Ton, It sounds like your proxy is using NTLM authentication a proprietary Microsoft standard (based on the domain\user_account format). Can you possibly send (by email) a log of the HTTP transaction with the proxy? You can capture this with a program, such as ethereal. Thank you, -Jim Kring
  16. Ton, Is there a chance that the new proxy configuration does not support "basic" authentication and requires a more sophisticated authentication style? Can you ask your network admin to check this and possibly add support for basic authentication? Or, if you are able to find out more information, we might be able to implement the specific authentication mechanism. Thank you, -Jim Kring One more thing... are you using an empty username, or did you simply remove that for the screenshot? If you are using an empty username, that might be a possible source of the issue in VIPM.
  17. Hi Richard, Yes, I'll send this ASAP. Thank you, -Jim Kring
  18. I just tested on a couple Windows XP systems (with FireFox as the default browser) and I cannot reproduce this error. We haven't gotten any other reports of this problem, either. Does the open URL in default browser VI work in your LabVIEW development environment? What is your default browser? Maybe it's an issue with LabVIEW and IE7. Thank you, -Jim Kring
  19. Hi Danny, We are very close to a 1.0 release of VIPM Community Edition. This will not expire and it will be freely available. Thank you, -Jim Kring
  20. Miko, I'm sorry that you're having installation issues. First, VIPM is capable of detecting and upgrading Commander installations -- you did not need to uninstall Commander. Second, when you uninstalled commander, did you first uninstall all of the packages (from within Commander)? If you do uninstall Commander, it is recommended that you first uninstall all packages from within Commander. > Will VIPM just replace the old ones if I try to install newer versions? Generally speaking, yes it will. But, it depends on the settings of the individual package. Please submit a direct support request via the Contact JKI page and we will help you fix these issues. Thank you, -Jim Kring
  21. I've very sorry that you're having installation issues. Hopefully we can get VIPM installed for you. We have noticed that, on some Mac machines, the self-extracting installer is having trouble during the self-extration step. This is the error you are seeing. However, we have found that tring to run the installer again will usually work. Some users have had to retry running the installer up to five times before the self-extraction worked. If you can, please retry running the installer a few times and see if you are able to get VIPM installed. If you are still having problems, we can send you an installer (non-self-extracting) that will work without problems. Thank you for your patience. -Jim Kring
  22. Heiko, Please, try changing your TCPIP timeout to something like 60 seconds (see this post for details) and see if that helps. We are aware of this issue and are working on a long term resolution. Thank you, -Jim Kring
  23. That's great news. I'm glad that it worked for you. Thank you, -Jim Kring
  24. One more thing... What is the URL of that is being used to download the package? (See the screenshot below, for an example.) If you are having timeout errors, this URL should remain visible in the status display for a long while. Thank you, -Jim Kring
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