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  1. Miko, I'm sorry that you're having installation issues. First, VIPM is capable of detecting and upgrading Commander installations -- you did not need to uninstall Commander. Second, when you uninstalled commander, did you first uninstall all of the packages (from within Commander)? If you do uninstall Commander, it is recommended that you first uninstall all packages from within Commander. > Will VIPM just replace the old ones if I try to install newer versions? Generally speaking, yes it will. But, it depends on the settings of the individual package. Please submit a direct support request via the Contact JKI page and we will help you fix these issues. Thank you, -Jim Kring
  2. I've very sorry that you're having installation issues. Hopefully we can get VIPM installed for you. We have noticed that, on some Mac machines, the self-extracting installer is having trouble during the self-extration step. This is the error you are seeing. However, we have found that tring to run the installer again will usually work. Some users have had to retry running the installer up to five times before the self-extraction worked. If you can, please retry running the installer a few times and see if you are able to get VIPM installed. If you are still having problems, we can send you an installer (non-self-extracting) that will work without problems. Thank you for your patience. -Jim Kring
  3. Heiko, Please, try changing your TCPIP timeout to something like 60 seconds (see this post for details) and see if that helps. We are aware of this issue and are working on a long term resolution. Thank you, -Jim Kring
  4. That's great news. I'm glad that it worked for you. Thank you, -Jim Kring
  5. One more thing... What is the URL of that is being used to download the package? (See the screenshot below, for an example.) If you are having timeout errors, this URL should remain visible in the status display for a long while. Thank you, -Jim Kring
  6. I'm sorry to hear you're still having trouble. The issue you're having now sounds like it is related to the SourceForge mirrors change. Can you do a couple things? First, try changing your network timeout to a larger value (for example: 60 seconds) and try to download the string package, again. Tools >> Options... >> Internet >> TCPIP Timeout Second, can you please attach any error log files from today? These should be located here: C:\Program Files\JKI\VI Package Manager\error\ Thank you, -Jim Kring
  7. The problem with the server has been resolved. Thank you, -Jim Kring
  8. Yes, the VIPM error is related to the problem with the OpenG.org server. We will resolve this, shortly. Thank you, -Jim Kring
  9. This issue has been resolved. Please download release candidate 4. Thank you, -Jim Kring
  10. We have identified the issue and a fix will be available, shortly. The internal tracking number for this issue is Case 3496. Thank you, -Jim Kring
  11. The Mac OS X version of RC 3 has just been released.
  12. I have done some further testing, and I cannot reproduce the issue. Are any of you still seeing this problem? Thank you, -Jim Kring
  13. Gentlemen, I'm sorry that you're having issues with VIPM. I believe that this is related to the issue we have been having with the SourceForge.net package servers. > 4 of them were installed and show online status as Local. ni_goop_wizard, nilib_rectangle, nirsc_html_help_common, and ogpatch_ni_motion7X_bugfix. These packages are all served directly by OpenG and are not served by SourceForge.net, which supports the theory that the issue is with SourceForge.net Can you please post your error log files, here, so that we can examine them? You can find them here: C:\Program Files\JKI\VI Package Manager\error\ Again, we are very sorry about this issue and will work hard to get it fixed, as soon as possible. Thank you, -Jim Kring
  14. Hello, > Just taking my first crack at getting VIPM installed. For some reason when I downloaded the VIPM file, it was not flagged as "executable". I changed this. I believe that it is not uncommon to have to manually set a file's permissions to executable, after downloading from the web on a Linux system. This is probably a security feature of the browser. > Below is the output of my installation of the RTE and my attempt at VIPM. I'm not sure what this error is. Do you have any issues running other built LabVIEW executables? I did find some google search results, related to your error message: Search 1 Search 2 This would appear to me, to be an issue with the LabVIEW Run-Time Engine, related to the Mesa graphics library. NI support might be the best avenue of support on this issue, if it does turn out to be a problem with all LabVIEW executables and not just VIPM. Thank you, -Jim
  15. We have resolved this issue and there is a new version of the software available for download. Please see here for more info.
  16. Thanks for reporting this. We have identified the issue and will resolve it, ASAP. Thank you, -Jim
  17. The Linux version of RC2 was just released. Mac version to follow.
  18. This issue has been fixed in Release Candidate 2. Please see the announcement, here.
  19. Sorry about the trouble. We are working hard to get a fix out, ASAP, so stay tuned. Thank you for your patience.
  20. Jeff, We'll look into your issue and try to reproduce it. Regarding non-networked computers, take a look at this post: Transfering Packages to Non internet computers., How do I transfer packages to a computer not connected to the Internet Thank you, -Jim
  21. Wonderful. I am glad that it is working for you, now. Thank you, -Jim
  22. Waldi, A couple other things.... Make sure that in "VI Server: Configuration" you allow access to "VI calls", "VI properties and methods", "Application methods and properties", and "Control methods and properties" (see below). And, in "VI Server: Exported VIs" ensure that you entered a value of "*" (see below). Thank you, -Jim
  23. Waldi, This is a VI Server access issue. Make sure that you are allowed to invoke VIs using VI Server. Could you post a screenshot of your LV VI server settings (more specifically the following section: VI Server: Machine Access and VI Server: Configuration). Also, note that sometimes the wrong IP is set in the VI Server : Machine Access and inputting in the machine name/address (and allowing access to this IP) occasionally fix the connection issue. Note: you may have to restart LV for these changes to take effect. Thank you, -Jim
  24. Ton, Release Candidate 1 (RC 1) is now available for download. Please see the announcement, here. Thank you, -Jim
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