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  1. Ton, Ton wrote: > I love to have an option to set a location for these items (eg. Start\Programs\National Instrument\Tools\VIPM) Thanks for the suggestion. One quick solution would be for you to create these Start menu folders/shortcuts yourself. > The documents folder in all 3 cases were located on the D drive. Program files, LabVIEW, in the 'normal' location > I've run the same installer on a 'english' laptop, and the shortcuts were installed in the right direction. Is it possible for you to test on a Dutch installation with the documents folder located in the standard (C drive) location? This might hint as to whether the problem is related to the non-English version of Windows or, rather, the location of the documents folder. My instinct makes me think that it is probably an issue with the non-English version of Windows. Thank you, -Jim
  2. Mike, Thanks for taking the time to install and test VIPM. We are very happy that you've had a positive experience and that you are interested in Enterprise Edition and more packages. Rest assured that we are working very hard on exciting new developments and will keep everyone informed, when news is available. Best Regards, -Jim
  3. Ton, Thank you for taking the time to install and test VIPM. We are happy that you like it Regarding the issue with the creation of shortcuts, I have filed a bug (Case # 1949). We will do our best to resolve the issue. Regards, -Jim
  4. [uPDATE] This issue has been fixed (Case # 1941) and will appear in a future release. If anyone needs this issue resolved immediately, please send us an inquiry via our Sales, Customer Service, and Company Feedback form.
  5. Chris, Can you see if there is an error log file here (or in a similar location, depending on your choice of installation location): C:\Program Files\JKI\VI Package Manager\error\ And, if there are any error log files, could you please post them as an attachement, in this thread. Thanks, -Jim
  6. Hi Chris, > Firstly can I congratulate you on the launch of VIPM, looks like a great upgrade for users of Commander. I certainly am looking forward to details of the Enterprise edition. Thanks. The team has worked very hard on this release and it is nice to get this feedback! > OK so the install of VIPM seemed to go quite smoothly, I successfully registered all versions of LabVIEW installed on my machine. When it came to setting the Proxy settings things didn't quite work out for me. I have set proxy settings on Commander with no difficulties in the past however there is now a UserName and Password section. Becuase we use Novell Client Trust here at work I am already authenticated and therefore no Password U/name is required however when I clear the contents of the Password box and select OK they reappear if I then return to the Internet Settings page at any time. This is just a display bug. The password field should be empty if there is no password configured, but it is currently being filled with 6 null characters (just for display). However, if you have not entered a username, then the HTTP request will not attempt to authenticate during proxy requests. I don't think that this bug is affecting you. > In addition to this I also noticed that the list of mirror sites is empty as is the SourceForgeMirrors.txt file. Can I used the same file that is used by Commander ? This should not be a problem. VIPM will automatically refresh the mirrors list, as needed. You can also refresh the list manually, by pressing the "Refresh Mirrors" button in the options dialog (see screenshot below). I am not really sure what could be the problem. Are you certain that the proxy host and port are correct and that you have a reasonable TCP timeout? Regards, -Jim
  7. Dear LabVIEW users, If you're a LabVIEW enthusiast, then you probably already know that we, the people at JKI, are extremely passionate about the LabVIEW community, which has been of tremendous value to our organization's professional growth. We have strived to give back to the community over the years through our active involvement in OpenG, as well as various other LabVIEW community groups and efforts. JKI cares tremendously about the evolution of open source LabVIEW and specifically OpenG. Because of this, JKI is excited to announce the upcoming release of VI Package Manager. VI Package Manager (VIPM) is a software product that provides seamless download and installation of VI Packages, including the OpenG libraries, over the Internet. VIPM is similar in capabilities to OpenG Commander, but is professional quality, with more features. VIPM will come in two versions: a community version and a enterprise version. The community version will be available to everyone at no cost (free). The enterprise version will provide additional capabilities and will be sold for a fee, along with JKI technical support. Both versions will provide access to all OpenG software libraries in addition to a having a powerful set of features for package management. Releasing VIPM Enterprise Edition as a commercial product will provide the financial engine to allow JKI to commit expert LabVIEW developer resources to the growth and support of the product. At JKI, we are committed to promoting LabVIEW by aspiring to develop some of the best software applications written in LabVIEW, and we are excited about the possibilities VIPM will provide to open source software for LabVIEW. Thank you for the opportunity. Best Regards, Jim Kring President and CEO JKI
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