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  1. The Mac OS X version of RC 3 has just been released.
  2. I have done some further testing, and I cannot reproduce the issue. Are any of you still seeing this problem? Thank you, -Jim Kring
  3. Gentlemen, I'm sorry that you're having issues with VIPM. I believe that this is related to the issue we have been having with the SourceForge.net package servers. > 4 of them were installed and show online status as Local. ni_goop_wizard, nilib_rectangle, nirsc_html_help_common, and ogpatch_ni_motion7X_bugfix. These packages are all served directly by OpenG and are not served by SourceForge.net, which supports the theory that the issue is with SourceForge.net Can you please post your error log files, here, so that we can examine them? You can find them here: C:\Program Files\JKI\VI Package Manager\error\ Again, we are very sorry about this issue and will work hard to get it fixed, as soon as possible. Thank you, -Jim Kring
  4. Hello, > Just taking my first crack at getting VIPM installed. For some reason when I downloaded the VIPM file, it was not flagged as "executable". I changed this. I believe that it is not uncommon to have to manually set a file's permissions to executable, after downloading from the web on a Linux system. This is probably a security feature of the browser. > Below is the output of my installation of the RTE and my attempt at VIPM. I'm not sure what this error is. Do you have any issues running other built LabVIEW executables? I did find some google search results, related to your error message: Search 1 Search 2 This would appear to me, to be an issue with the LabVIEW Run-Time Engine, related to the Mesa graphics library. NI support might be the best avenue of support on this issue, if it does turn out to be a problem with all LabVIEW executables and not just VIPM. Thank you, -Jim
  5. We have resolved this issue and there is a new version of the software available for download. Please see here for more info.
  6. Thanks for reporting this. We have identified the issue and will resolve it, ASAP. Thank you, -Jim
  7. The Linux version of RC2 was just released. Mac version to follow.
  8. This issue has been fixed in Release Candidate 2. Please see the announcement, here.
  9. Sorry about the trouble. We are working hard to get a fix out, ASAP, so stay tuned. Thank you for your patience.
  10. Jeff, We'll look into your issue and try to reproduce it. Regarding non-networked computers, take a look at this post: Transfering Packages to Non internet computers., How do I transfer packages to a computer not connected to the Internet Thank you, -Jim
  11. Wonderful. I am glad that it is working for you, now. Thank you, -Jim
  12. Waldi, A couple other things.... Make sure that in "VI Server: Configuration" you allow access to "VI calls", "VI properties and methods", "Application methods and properties", and "Control methods and properties" (see below). And, in "VI Server: Exported VIs" ensure that you entered a value of "*" (see below). Thank you, -Jim
  13. Waldi, This is a VI Server access issue. Make sure that you are allowed to invoke VIs using VI Server. Could you post a screenshot of your LV VI server settings (more specifically the following section: VI Server: Machine Access and VI Server: Configuration). Also, note that sometimes the wrong IP is set in the VI Server : Machine Access and inputting in the machine name/address (and allowing access to this IP) occasionally fix the connection issue. Note: you may have to restart LV for these changes to take effect. Thank you, -Jim
  14. Ton, Release Candidate 1 (RC 1) is now available for download. Please see the announcement, here. Thank you, -Jim
  15. Ed, The internal tracking number for this is Case 2915. Thanks again, -Jim
  16. Ed, Thanks for the feedback. We are aware of this issue. I'll post an issue tracking number, shortly. Thank you, -Jim
  17. Ton, Stay tuned. Today, we will be releasing RC1 (Release Candidate 1). Regards, -Jim
  18. I'm glad it's working for you. It seems that there was some kind of glitch during the installation of that package.
  19. This is caused by installing the "ogpatch_template_bugfix" package. This package does the following: Renames NewDlg InitTree.vi as NewDlg InitTree__buggy.vi Installs a new version of NewDlg InitTree.vi which calls NewDlg InitTree__buggy.vi as a subVI. If you are not able to fix this problem by uninstalling the "ogpatch_template_bugfix" package, you can restore the original file, which is included in the attached zip file: NewDlg_InitTree_LV80.zip \resource\plugins\templatebrowser.llb\NewDlg InitTree.vi
  20. Ed, The package files that are stored in the cache folder are similar to a user's library of packages. This is analagous to how one's MP3 (and other) files are stored in an iTunes music library folder. In order to uninstall a package, we must have a copy of the original package file (so that we can access the install/uninstall script VI), regardless of whether the user has removed the package file from the cache -- this is why we store the original package file in the db folder. Is this redundancy a real issue for you or are you just curious? Regards, -Jim
  21. Joe, Version 2.3 of the oglib_lvzip (zip tools) package was just released. See here, for more info. Regards, -Jim
  22. Chris, The problem was caused by one of the files inside the package having a read-only attribute, which was preventing it from being installed correctly -- this is a bug, and an internal report has been created (Case 2548). As a work-around, you should remove all read-only attributes from files, before they are packaged. Thank you, -Jim
  23. Chris, Yes, please open a support ticket, here, and then we can look into the specifics of your problem. Thank you, -Jim
  24. Mark, As Chris mentioned, you can simply copy the cache folder contents (from a Commander or VIPM installation) to another VIPM installation's cache folder. Another option is to use the Package >> Add Package(s) to Package List, menu option to add a folder of packages into VIPM's package list. Please note, that we are actively working on features to make it easier to import package configurations onto non-networked VIPM installations. Thank you, -Jim
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