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  1. Hi guys, great discussion. Yes, the way you add arrays, clusters, and decorations is using these tricks to give them valid “values”.

    i agree that the current behavior where the design palette fails to load *any* controls is a bit of a bug (to say the least) — we will fix that (make it more fault tolerant) in a future release.

    And, we’re looking at better ways to support arrays, clusters, and decorations in the future. Until then, I’m glad you’ve discovered the work-around 🙂

  2. JKI Design Palette 1.0.2 is now available with Improved Toolbar, Information Dialog with Tips, and more...

    This builds on the 1.0.1 release and all users are encouraged to upgrade.

    Release Notes:

    • Improved Toolbar - simpler and with close window button where you'd expect it!
    • Information Dialog with Tips - now you can see the latest LabVIEW user interface design tips and articles from JKI!
    • Close Window button moved to upper right corner on main toolbar for easier closing of window
    • TipStrip for controls are now visible when hovering over items in the Design Palette and shows the name and search tags of items
    • Resizing palette window now keeps the topmost visible control in same relative position after resize (previously scroll position was reset)
    • Launch the Design Palette from the right-click menu of Front Panel items (controls, indicators, decorations, etc.)
    • Hot keys for Quick Drop mode (e.g. Ctrl-Shift-Space)  now work with right side keys (previously only left side keys worked)
    • Empty Clusters and Arrays (with no elements) are now supported (previously required a dummy "Delete Me" element)
    • Other minor improvements...

    Download and Installation:

    • Option A - Download and install with VIPM
    • Option B - Run the JKI Design Palette (Tools >> JKI Design Palette) and click the Updates  image6.png  button on the navbar.

  3. In the next release of the Flat UI Controls 2.0 we will be making the String Control resizable! For those of you who want to get it soon, here it is:

    Download: String--Simple-String-Resizeable.ctl



    • Place this file in the "<LabVIEW 2017>\resource\JKI\Design Palette\Themes\JKI Flat UI 2.0" folder and it will show up in the Design Palette.
    • You can delete the "String--Text-Input-Field-*.ctl" files in that same folder, if you don't want those not-so-well-resizable strings to not show up in the Design Palette anymore


  4. Thanks, Christian! That's very helpful.

    The issue is that we had the font for that set to Dialog Font and everything else is using Application Font. Hopefully, it'll be fixed/better in the next release. I appreciate you helping us make the Design Palette better and hope it works well for you. I look forward to any other feedback you have, as you take it for a spin on your projects.

  5. 2 hours ago, nathan-murphy said:

    I think I might be able to share this specific utility I'm working on. It's a very small piece in the big picture of what I'm working on, and I use little utilities like this to try out new toolkits, modules, or LabVIEW components to see what might be worth bringing into our more mainstream code.

    In this case, the utility I'm working on is an accuracy specification management tool. I can probably post a few screenshots and thoughts on the UI development once I finish it up.

    That would be great! Looking forward to seeing what you're been working on.

  6. Hi Nathan. We implemented Ctrl+P to replace in the 1.0.1 release of JKI Design Palette.

    1) Select the enum you want to replace.

    2) Press Ctrl-Shift-Space to activate the JKI Design Palette

    3) Type "enum" and then select the enum in JKI Flat UI Controls 2.0 (mouse or tab key)

    4) Press Ctrl+P to replace the selected enum on your VI FP with the JKI Flat UI Controls 2.0 enum you just selected in the Design Palette.


  7. Hey Nathan,

    Here's a new version of that control that should fix the issue.


    Replace the file, here, and you'll be all set:

    <LabVIEW>\resource\JKI\Design Palette\Themes\JKI Flat UI 2.0\Path--File-Browse-Folder-Location-Simple.ctl

    We'll have this fixed in the next official release of the JKI Flat UI Controls 2.0.  Thanks again for your attention to these little details.

  8. You're welcome and thanks for the add'l explanation about your applications and design approaches. I've been chatting a lot with @Eric Welden about all the great feedback we've been getting lately and one take-away for me has been that there are almost always some exceptions and creating a nice looking UI will most certainly involve a lot of customizations to a basic theme. So, the Flat UI Controls 2.0 will get you much of the way there (since it's a great baseline).  *And*, to create a mind-blowing UI, you'll definitely want to have a designer tweak stuff and create some customized elements 🙂

  9. That's a great observation, Nathan!  Yes, there are two primary layout use cases for the buttons: Laid Out Horizontally and Stacked Up Vertically

    When laid out horizontally, having the icons and text balanced in the center of each button looks really nice. Sometimes the distances/padding are event tweaked by hand to be more visually balanced than geometrically balanced (e.g. to off-site for any "optical illusions"). 


    However, when stacked up vertically (as you've described), it does look better to have the icons line up with each other and all the text all line up with each other (respectively), just as the Design Palette drop-down menu does (which you also highlighted).


    I'll make a note of your feedback. I agree it would be nice if there were a set for vertical alignment, as well as horizontal :)

    CC: @Eric Welden


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