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  1. @nathan-murphy I split this into it's own topic, to keep it separate from the "+" icon question/topic.
  2. Good catch on the Mouse Up issue! We'll take a look at it and see if we can get it fixed (to be consistent with the standard behavior of the existing LV Path Controls)
  3. That's a great observation, Nathan! Yes, there are two primary layout use cases for the buttons: Laid Out Horizontally and Stacked Up Vertically. When laid out horizontally, having the icons and text balanced in the center of each button looks really nice. Sometimes the distances/padding are event tweaked by hand to be more visually balanced than geometrically balanced (e.g. to off-site for any "optical illusions"). However, when stacked up vertically (as you've described), it does look better to have the icons line up with each other and all the text all line up with each other (respectively), just as the Design Palette drop-down menu does (which you also highlighted). I'll make a note of your feedback. I agree it would be nice if there were a set for vertical alignment, as well as horizontal CC: @Eric Welden
  4. Thanks for the good question, Nathan. I'll pass this feedback/question along to the design team. Certainly, it might be nice to have both. CC: @Eric Welden
  5. Hi Yes, if you had to use the off-line activation, then the feedback submission probably won't work, either. In that case, thanks for using the forums, or you can user our jki.net/contact form. -Jim
  6. Note hover can be disabled programmatically, by writing to the last two elements of the "Colors[4]" property (note that if a button has hover colors, there will be actually 6 elements of this array) 1 - FALSE 2 - TRUE 3 - Mouse Down when FALSE 4 - Mouse Down when TRUE 5 - Hovering when FALSE 6 - Hovering when TRUE
  7. Thanks for posting this. We've also experience this issue and I think the solution is to just disable hover on your buttons
  8. Fantastic! Happy to hear that the issue has been fixed. Hope it works well for you.
  9. You can probably imagine that Jim and Eric don't like restarting LabVIEW all the time
  10. Hi @DavidH. I'll take a look at our system and send you a private email to let you know what I find. We'll make sure you get up and running.
  11. Hi @KarelM. Thanks for reporting this. I haven't seen this ever happen before. The JKI Design Palette should only pop up when Ctrl+Shift+Space or Ctrl+Alt+Space are pressed. Also, when you say "LabVIEW search function (CTRL+SPACE)" I think you're talking about the Quick Drop window. That's odd that both the JKI Design Palette and Quick Drop show up. Which version of JKI Design Palette are you using? is the latest.
  12. That's really cool @ammouri! Thanks for sharing a picture of your custom buttons theme! Right now, the refreshing of the design palette isn't as great as it could be. You've got two options: 1) Restart LabVIEW, which will cause the Design Palette to reload all the controls. 2) Press Ctrl+R from within the Design Palette window to Refresh (re-initialize) the design palette -- note that this is not an official feature, but more of a developer-level feature that will most likely change in the future 🙂 Looking forward to seeing more of the controls you come up with!
  13. Hi Greg, This is all really great feedback! Thank you and keep it coming 🙂 I really like the ideas of filtering the controls types based on what's filtered in the search results, prioritizing control types that are named in a search term, and giving a set of additional tags/terms relevant to the current search that can be quickly clicked on to keep drilling down. We'll review those suggestions with our team, to see how we can fit them into our development roadmap. Regarding the showing of the names of the controls in the palette, here's what we've got and are working on (below). 1) You can press Ctrl+L to show/hide labels on the controls in the palette. This works right now. 2) We're working on adding TipStrips to the mouse when you hover over the items in the palette. This didn't make it into the 1.0.1 release, but it'll be in the next one. Thanks again! Jim
  14. Show Labels of All Controls in the JKI SDP (Ctrl+L) You can show or hide the labels of all the controls in the JKI SDP by pressing Ctrl+L. Press Ctrl+L to show labels on all the controls: Press Ctrl+L again to hide the labels
  15. That's great to hear it's working well for you now! Thanks for the kind words. Yes, you can add your own controls to the palette. See here for all the details (and have fun!)
  16. Hi @Christoph. Thanks for letting us know -- these easter eggs do need some attention. The custom colors don't actually change the ones that are dropped. That's a bug and we're looking at how best to implement a fix. Here's how the Allow Interaction is supposed to work. For example, you can click to toggle the buttons/etc.
  17. Hi Christoph. You're not missing anything -- we don't have a light theme yet. We're looking at ways to achieve this, and wanted to get our initial release of Flat UI 2.0 out the door. CC: @Eric Welden
  18. Thanks for the information @nathan-murphy. I see that there are still some kinks in the process, and I'm glad you were able to get the upgrade installed and activated successfully! Hope it works well for you and please keep the great feedback coming
  19. Hi @TaimoorMajeed. We’ve fixed this in the new release here: https://forums.jki.net/topic/2843-jki-design-palette-101-64-bit-labview-and-off-line-activation/ Please try upgrading and let us know how it works for you. Jim
  20. Fantastic! I’m glad to hear it’s working.
  21. Hi @Nils Thomsen. Thank you for reporting this issue. It looks like it might be an issue we resolved in our latest 1.0.1 release, here: can you upgrade and let us know if that fixes the problem? Jim
  22. Wonderful! Thanks for your help in testing. Hope it works well for you, and thanks for any feedback on how we can make it better.
  23. Hi @Antoine Chalons. Can you please try out the new 1.0.1 release and let us know if this resolves your issue. I think we've fixed it, and would love to hear your feedback.
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