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  1. Hi @MPJ. The new 1.0.1 release supports 64-bit. Can you give it a try and let us know if it works for you?
  2. Hi @Ingo and @nathan-murphy. Can you please try out the new 1.0.1 release and let us know if this resolves your issues.
  3. Hi @Bakur. Can you please try out the new 1.0.1 release and let us know if this resolves your issue.
  4. Hi @ammouri. Can you please try out the new 1.0.1 release and let us know if this resolves your issue.
  5. Thank you for posting this additional error dialog. We should have this one fixed in the next release, too.
  6. Thanks, Antoine. Those videos are really helpful. I was able to reproduce the bug, so we should be able to track it down and fix it. Thanks for your help.
  7. Hi Antoine. No, that's not the intended behavior. The DP should only open when a VI's FP is frontmost, and only if the DP window is pinned. Is the design palette window "pinned" when you see it opening when a project is opened?
  8. Thank you for posting this video -- it's extremely helpful. For what it's worth, I can't seem to reproduce this issue on my system. The thing that's the most strange is that it seems to be "pinning" the palette window each time you run the Open Method plug-in. I can't think of how that could possibly be happening, but I believe you 🙂 We'll keep looking into this.
  9. Thanks for letting us know about that error message. I suspect it might be related. We're working on a fix for that issue, so maybe when we fix it, the freezing issue will go away, too.
  10. Hi @nathan-murphy. I'll post to this thread, once we have a fix for you to test. We're working on it right now.
  11. JKI Design Palette 1.0.1 is now available with support for 64-bit LabVIEW and Off-Line Activation. Release Notes: 64-bit LabVIEW support Off-Line Activation No error dialog(s) when checking for updates (and no network connection) Controls now reposition live while the window is resized with the mouse (instead of only after resize is complete). Feedback and Activation Dialog improvements Ctrl+P to replace selected FP control (similar to Ctrl+P QuickDrop Shortcut) Design Palette now closes itself when no VIs are open (even when pinned) Resolved issues where palette would open whenever a LV Project is opened Download and Installation: Option A - Download and install with VIPM Option B - Run the JKI Design Palette (Tools >> JKI Design Palette) and click the Updates button on the navbar.
  12. Hmmm... it seems that it could be the system controls, or some control(s) in particular that might be causing the issue, once they appear on screen. Are you able to scroll all the way through the classic controls? All the way through the Flat UI controls? it would be nice to know which control(s) cause the freeze and why. We have not seen this problem before. thanks
  13. Hi @MPJ. We're working on adding 64-bit support to the JKI Design Palette. Right now it's not supported, but there's an issue that it's installing on 64-bit systems and missing some critical files. Please stay tuned, since a 64-bit build should be available soon.
  14. Hi @Pieth. That's very odd, since both the Flat UI Controls and JKI Design palette are hosted on the same server. What happens if you restart VIPM and try again?
  15. Hi @Sascha L.. We're working on a solution to this. Thanks for your patience.
  16. Hi @Ingo. We're working on a solution to this. Thanks for reporting it.
  17. Hi Patryk, If you unpin the Design Palette, does it still open when you do the "Open Method..." operation? Or, does it only do this when you have the Design Palette pinned? When pinned, the Design Palette will open any time that a VI Front Panel is open. I see from the video you posted, that the "Open Method..." opens the front panel and then the block diagram. So, this might be triggering the Design Palette. Does the Design Palette stay open when the Block Diagram of your "Open Method..." method is frontmost? Note: I couldn't see the Design Palette window in the video you posted, so it's hard for me to tell the answers to the questions I asked above. Thanks! -Jim
  18. Hi @ammouri. Thanks for reporting these issues. > Just installed the design palette from VIPM and when i scroll down, LabVIEW freezes and i am forced to end its task. Check attached screen capture. Are you able to use the Design Palette if you don't do any scrolling? Or, does it tent to freeze after a certain period of time? I'd like to know if the freeze is related to the scrolling, or if it's just happening regardless. > I also noticed another weird behavior: if i open a project, the Design palette will open with it, but when i close the project, the design palette will remain open and will prevent the LabVIEW welcome screen from opening (can't browse recent document or create new projects). I can still however press ctrl-n to create a new VI... Yes, we've had some other people report this, too. We're working on a fix. Thanks! -Jim
  19. Thanks for reporting this @SABARI SARAVANAN M! We'll add these bugs to our issue tracking system. FYI @Eric Welden.
  20. Hi @TaimoorMajeed. We've had a few other users report this issue. We think it's an IT/networking issue, where the JKI Design Palette cannot reach the server to submit the request for an activation code. We're working on an off-line activation solution, so please stay tuned.
  21. [Update: Version 1.0.1 supports off-line activation] We are looking into an off-line activation solution for users without an Internet connection. Thank you for your patience.
  22. How do I activate JKI Design Palette if I don't have an Internet connection?
  23. Adding your Own Themes and Controls Note: Adding your own themes and controls is not officially supported, since we may be making improvements to how this works, but we wanted to tell you how to do it, so that you can make the most of the JKI Design Palette in your LabVIEW work. We hope you like it. Installing Theme Files Themes are stored beneath LabVIEW, in the following location: <LabVIEW>\resource\JKI\Design Palette\Themes To create your own theme, for example for your company named “Acme Corp”, just create a new folder such as the following: <LabVIEW>\resource\JKI\Design Palette\Themes\Acme Corp Inside that folder, place your controls as *.ctl (Custom Control) files, such as the following: File Path Control (Acme Corp).ctl Listbox (Acme Corp).ctl Have fun! And, if you’ve created some controls that you’d like to share with others (especially the built-in themes like Classic, System, NXG, etc.), please post them to the JKI Design Palette Community Discussion Forum. File Naming and Search Keywords The words in the file name are used as keywords for finding search results when typing into the search box of the JKI SDP -- so, you want to name the file with keywords that users will typically use when looking for your control. So, you’ll probably want to include the following words in the filename: The type of control (e.g. “Button”, “LED”, “Chart”, “Date Timestamp” etc.) The Theme Name (e.g. “Acme Corp”, “Classic”, “System”) since people may want to type the theme name into the search box, rather than using the Theme selector/filter drop-down list. “Control” or “Indicator” if your theme has both control and indicator versions of the control file Regular Custom Control vs Type Definition If you make your *.ctl file a “Type Def.” (type definition), then the dropped control will link to the type definition *.ctl file and will be updated accordingly, if you change the type definition file. This may or may not be desirable for your users. If you don’t want the dropped instances linked to the type definition file, then be sure your *.ctl is a regular type definition.
  24. How do I get my own custom controls (or theme) to appear in the JKI Design Palette?
  25. My answer: You can flush the queue by writing an empty string to it — do not use the "add state(s) to queue" VI, but instead wire an empty string into the state string shift register. That will clear all the remaining states.
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