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  1. Omar, Thanks for the quick reply, In regards to front panel events, since the front panel event structure only runs during the idle state doesn't the user experience a visible response lag if the previous state(s) require a considerable amount of time to run? ie: The state machine doesn't enter the idle state because its still busy processing. Isn't it better, from an end users point of view, to service the front panel with its own dedicated State Machine or event structure and then enqueue the user commands / data to other state machine(s) for processing? The processing time of the additional state machine(s) then do not interfere with front panel response times. As to queue's: I have a rather large vi that uses queues to transfer data between multiple while loop structures. Is there a way to extend the State Machine to allow for passing data via queues between multiple State Machines? Thanks,
  2. The state machine solves a lot of the most common problems encountered by Labview developers and will be very helpful in developing new vi's.. I am interested in how you expand this structure to handle queues and front panel events.
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