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  1. I'm unlucky, this package doesn't work on a 64 bits system : ./labview-2009-rte-9.0.1-1.i386.rpm is for architecture i386 ; the package cannot be built on this system I tried to install it with --force-architecture without results...
  2. When I followw your link I download this file : vipm-2011.0.1-linux Running this software as root show this error : --------------------------------------------------- Can't find library liblvrt.so.9.0 Make sure this library is installed in your LD_LIBRARY_PATH search path, or in /usr/lib --------------------------------------------------- Should I download this file : labview2009SP1runtime_linux.zip although I've got Labview 2012 ? Thanks for your help.
  3. Hello, I've bought the Labview 12.0.1 and I've installed the Linux version on my laptop with Ubuntu 12.04. When I try to install VIPM I've the message "liblvrt.so.9.0 missing". In fact I have "liblvrt.so.12.0". I did a symbolic link between the 12.0 version and the 9.0 vesion but it doesn't work. What can I do to solve this problem ? Thanks.
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