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  1. All of the packages have shown up in VIPM. 4 of them were installed and show online status as Local. ni_goop_wizard, nilib_rectangle, nirsc_html_help_common, and ogpatch_ni_motion7X_bugfix. The other 31 Packages show as Remote except for ogpatch_ni_motion6X_bugfix which shows as local but not installed. When I right click on any of the uninstalled packages and select install I get a results screen and the action will say NOT installed. If I double click on an uninstalled package I get the VIPM Error screen. All of them show: Error Code: 1 Error Source: (Package "enter package name here" is not cached.) Long Octal number->Long Octal number->OGC Main Window.vi This could be my fault as I thought VIPM was locked up because the hour glass was on for so long and I stopped the download process part way through. But how do I remedy this and get VIPM to install the packages? Thanks, Fred.
  2. I used the packagemanager to install the packages to LV 8. It appeared to work great. I closed every thing and reopened LV 8 and none of the vi's showed up in the pallet. I opened the package manager again and checked and they all appear in the installed list for LV8. Any suggestions on how to get the VI's to appear in the pallet? thanks, Fred
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