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  1. Dear Michael Thank you for your suggestion. But it could not solve this problem... I want to ask some question. 1) What is "JKIUpdateTask.job" ? Does it depend on the spec of PC (windows7 64bit) ? 2) Is it VIPM problem ? Or LabVIEW installer problem ? Do you know ? 3) Is there any solution ? I guess this problem is caused by VIPM bug... Regards, SHT
  2. Dear Ashish Thank you for your reply. I told my customer and wait on him. If he call me again, I will post the result. Regards, SHT
  3. Hi JKI, My customer has a installation problem on VI Package Manager(VIPM). He tries to install LabVIEW 2013 with latest DVD set which NI sent. He wanted to install VIPM but, he got installation error. Error message is " VI Package Manager 2013: An error occurred when creating a scheduled task 'JKIUpdateTask.job'. Error description parameter is incorrect. " How to solve this error ? He used LabVIEW 2012, 2013 and Windows 8 (64bit). Regards, SHT
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