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  1. Sorry for the long delay, I had stopped monitoring the thread. But no, that's not what I get. I still have the same issue of the lvlib with shared variables not being installed to the project template folder. Here's a screenshot of the source and destination folders on my machined, and a dummy package similar to yours (I think) that reproduces it on my machine. Reproduce.zip national_instruments_lib_tester-
  2. Sorry, looks like I forgot the attachment somehow. Reproduce SV Bug.zip
  3. I'm trying to create a package from a LabVIEW project that includes a shared variable library (among other things such as documentation, subVIs, etc.) The package should be installed into the Project Templates destination. Other projects installed to this location without shared variables have been successful. When I build the package including the project with a shared variable library, I recieve no errors and the build is successful. It also installs into the LabVIEW project templates location correctly. I can also select the project successfully through the "create project" dialogue, however, the project is not created and ends with an "Error 1" or "Input Parameter Invalid". Adding the shared variable library to the Project Templates folder location manually removes the LabVIEW error and the project can be created successfully in LabVIEW. I've confirmed that the source file settings for the shared variable library are configured to install the library to the correct location in the LabVIEW Templates folder. This seems very similar to this bug found and solved in the past, but for the Example VI's destination. [bug] LabVIEW Variable Library is ignored when building a package I'm sure I'm doing something silly. A quick search of the forum didn't find anything too similar (though I'm sure I could have missed it.) here is the source code and package specification that is causing the problem.
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