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  1. I wanted to let you know that I shut down my spyware protection and my virus protection and retried the VIPM install and the install worked just fine. As I said before, I do appreciate your time and your help! Cheers, Jon McBee
  2. There is nothing unusual about my system, as far as I know. It is my home computer and I have admin privileges, it is not in lockdown, I am running XP and I am using the run of the mill Norton Antivirus. I will go ahead and try shutting down my antivirus and spywear protection and see if that is the root of the problem. I appreciate your time in helping me to solve this problem!
  3. Hello, I appreciate your quick reply! I first downloaded the VIPM 1.1 and tried to install it (this evening) and got the error 5 message. I then restarted my computer and downloaded VIPM 1.1.1 and got the same message, which is when I posted this question. However I have not restarted since I tried the 1.1.1 install. Perhaps that would do the trick? Thank you again!
  4. I get an error message during install. The error message reads "Error 5 occurred at an unidentified location... LabVIEW: File Already Open". I am running LV 8.5 with Professional Developers license. I am a bit confused by the last bit "LabVIEW: File already open" as neither labview or any type of VIPM is open. Please let me know how to get this fixed so that I can install the VIPM. Thank you very much for your help!
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