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  1. Hi Jim, This morning I reinstalled Zone Alarm and VIPM is working as it should. Everything seemed to be working fine with my firewall, but apparently that was not the case. Thanks for your help! Brett
  2. Thanks for for your very fast reply. I had originally tried turning the firewall off which did not work. Just now I completely shut down Zone Alarm and was able to download the packages as expected. It appears the problem is more at my firewall end so I'll play around the the firewall settings some more and see if I can get it to recognize VIPM. In the past Zone Alarm has been very good at recognizing programs trying to access the internet (even applications I have built in LV). Thanks for your help! Brett
  3. I have VIPM installed, but am having trouble downloading packages. The internet connection is set to Direct Connection (same as my Firefox). I am not using the Windows firewall, but instead I am using Zone Alarms firewall. VIPM is not in the Zone Alarm list of programs that have tried to access the internet. When I click on "Check the Network for Available Packages" it comes back saying there was an error checking the network for new packages. Any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks. Brett
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