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  1. Flaky and buggy at best....and why can't I get to VIPM from LabVIEW ?
  2. I seem to be suffering from the same sort of malady. I'm running Windoze XP Pro SP3, LabVIEW 8.0.1. Sometimes the splash screen comes up and then goes away almost instantly, other times it starts to draw the VI Package Manager Window and just locks up. I did manage to get it run once and upgrade some packages, but others would not upgrade, saying they could not connect to LabVIEW 8.0. I installed the lava dynamic pallettes which re-arranged my pallettes and while exploring them LabVIEW completely crashed....this really sucks...it used to actually work. I just tried again to start VIPM after a reboot. The splash screen came up, then the populated package list flashed on the screen....then nothing. What happened to make this not work anymore?
  3. Yes, it is Vista. Though, I'm not sure who is running whom. While it seemed that there were no further objections when I clicked OK, there was apparently no further action either. I restarted VIPM and it still wanted to update. I was still running build (I think) 655. Anyhow, long story short; I downloaded the update, saved it to disk and ran it as administrator (from context menu) and everything seems happy. Warm fuzzy feeling . . .
  4. During the process of updating my VIPM installation I got Error 740 (see attachment). I clicked OK and everything chugged along as though nothing was wrong and everything seems fine thus far. Should I be concerned or watching out for something? Is this a known issue? My installation is essentially still virgin. I just installed LabVIEW 8.0.1 and did a mass-compile before installing VIPM.
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