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  1. Son of a gun!  After posting "I can't install VIPM 2019", I tried once more, got the same error, clicked something (maybe "ignore"?, and the installation started up, despite the error.  It finished, and now it looks like it is working.  Weird.

    Bob "I believe in Miracles" Schor

  2. Recently installed LabVIEW 2017 (have other versions already installed), VIPM Pro 2019 fails to install Hidden Gems for LabVIEW 2017 (but installs OpenG just fine).  I also tried running VIPM as Admin, made no difference.  

    Oops, spoke too soon -- Got Error Code 7 with OpenG LabVIEW ZIP Library.  Had gotten Error Code 8 with Hidden Gems.  Did reboot on first seeing this error, and still error persists.

    One other Gripe -- I logged in to JKI Community, saw my old messages, but couldn't Post.  I was identified on the Forum as Bob Schor (Members), but it still insisted that I "Sign In" again to post.  I did, got back to the same place, and now I can post.  This is an annoying "Feature" of the site!

    Bob Schor

    1. Bob Schor

      Bob Schor

      OK.  Second Reboot, uninstalled then reinstalled OpenG Toolkit, on reinstallation, only the LabVIEW Zip Library seemed to be installed, without error.

      Hidden Gems in vi.lib (from the 2017 menu) still gives me the error, message attached below.

      This time, when I log in to the Forum, I get here without trouble (i.e. it not only takes me to my "page", but it lets me enter this message without needing to "Sign In" again).  Weird.

      Bob Schor

      VIPM Hidden Gems Bug.txt

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