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  1. Hi Jim Great work... Everything is working as expected. Both on the Swedish XP and on the English XP. Thank you /arne
  2. Hi Jim Strange things are happening over here... Here is the test package I have build on my "english XP"-machine, there is one problem, though - it doesn´t work... It is impossible to install the package on any machine. It shows up as a member of the VI Packager Library but the installation failes (nothing happens..) Have you made som changes to "Installation Locations" in some of the newer versions? The "Functions Palette MNU Installaton folder "autoupdated" from my original: C:\Program Files\National Instruments\LabVIEW 8.6\menus\Categories to \Categorie
  3. First of all: VI Package Manager (prof) is a great program... I haven´t found anything on the following issue (maybe it´s not a bug - just an issue for the feature list?) When installing a vip-package, build with VIPM (prof) on a machine with English XP, on a machine with Swedish XP, the installation is made to: C:\Program Files\National Instruments\LabVIEW 8.6\... but on the Swedish XP LabVIEW is installed on: C:\Program\National Instruments\LabVIEW 8.6\... so my packages simply don´t show up in the LabVIEW palettes. I have choosen in VIPM/Advanced buil
  4. Hi Jim No trouble at all. I just got puzzled over the Replace in "Error 10 occurred at Open/Create/Replace File in Easy Write XML File__JKI EasyXML.vi->Write and Read XML File.vi" My code works fine with Delete File before writing to the xml-file more than once. Thank you /arne
  5. Hi Is this a bug ?? Using Writing to xml file more than once (to the same file) gives an error 10. Try example "Write and Read XML File.vi". Switch "Delete File When Done (TRUE)" to off and run the VI twice... "Error 10 occurred at Open/Create/Replace File in Easy Write XML File__JKI EasyXML.vi->Write and Read XML File.vi" /arne
  6. Hello Jim Thank you... It was exactly what I needed. Project 1: We have a VB6-application which simplifies handling the software (and one of the instruments) on our research vessel. My plans for the future is to rebuild the application using LabVIEW instead of VB6. One of the essential parts of the application is to make changes in the instrument (software-) setup, so reading, make changes and writing to the xml-setup-file (and using LabVIEW for that) is one of the first step in the transformation... and yes the instrument supplier has recently change the setup-files to xml so we're
  7. Hello This is my first post in this forum, thank you for accepting me... XML is a brand new area for me (and I haven't coding LabVIEW for years either). I have tested the eval copy of EasyXML and I'm impressed (and I will buy an EasyXML-license before the end of May...) I'm working on a application that uses a xml-file as a setup for an instrument. What I want is to read the xml-file, pick out a few parameters from the file, change them and write the xml-file back to disk before the instrument-software reads the (modified) xml-file. I found it easy to pick out my parameters by
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