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  1. Philippe and Jim Thanks for your replies, I have modified the code as your image to get the parser okey according to your suggestion. But something is strange !! AS You can see from the screenshot all of the LabView xml data is the same for all 47 subcluster and equal to the heading cluster contents , and therfore also the Parsed xml dtaa is wrong, But; You can see from the "CT_Database xml string" that the actually contain differnt data for each "line" I also send a priontscren of the contents of the XML file that is created, so that looks okey, It looks like that thearading of this XML file using the suggetsed parser don't work as expected still, Any suggestions Ops, My memory limit to upload is exceeded. Ien only one screenshoot. '
  2. Hi Jim Thanks very much for your prompt answer, I have read your Tips and tricks. I believe I use 1 dim array of string clusters (see my attached screenshot) , but I could be wrong here, Shoulds I try i dim of arrys instead of 1-dim clusters for compund elements? The Major problem for me, not an expert of parsing is to find the LV code to read the created xml file back using EasyXML and write the code to organize the data so I can use the the multcolumn listbox for my selection,(this was made very easy to use the Spreadsheet String to Array in the fist place resding the tab based txtfile) as you can see(the pdf file send yesterday) from my first try I have been able to read the XML file and parse out something but then I am lost So I think the EasyXML make the work, I can not just figure out how to extact back the data an here I need a little more guidlines. Thanks Lars
  3. I have just started to usedmy paid version of EasyXML for a project that involves manipulation of data within a XML configuration file . I believ that this tookit should help me a lot. Unfortently I started with a 2dim arry information that this tool kit not can handle directly so I need some help for a work around when I try to read the XML file back ! Bakground: So I create a configuration file from an initial excel spreadsheet that was exported to a tab limited txt file . It consist of a arry of strings (36 columns and 46 lines(line=0 = headings) I made the a test program as you can see from the pdf file that read this table in and conver it to 2D string array to be presntated in a multi column listbox, that works as expected. I also have success to create a 46 input bundle cluster by using index array vi and the create a XML configuration file using Easy Write XML , My problem start when I tried to find how to parse back the information if I want to read the XML file that I have created and convefrt it back to the 2 dim string array i have from the beginning so I can use it in my multi column listbox. Please advice what step I should take , Thanks Lars create_XML_config_file_from_txt_file_and_try_to_read_it_back_to_an_string_array__not_succeded_yet__please_help._.pdf
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