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  1. Justin, This problem also occurs when installing the Actor Framework Automated Message Class Creation Tool. Hopefully you can use this to help correct the issue. Brian
  2. Instrument drivers continue to be a headache to manage with LabVIEW. This refers to both "VISA" and "3rd party DLL based" instrument drivers. There are many issues encountered when dealing with instrument drivers: LLB Based Legacy Instrument Drivers that cause conflicts with other VIs DLL Based Drivers require an installer and DLL registration Most installers only install to a single version of LabVIEW I could see great value if VIPM could streamline the conversion of an instrument driver. An instrument driver "wizard" would seem to be the most logical way at handling the package building process with the following features: Conversion of a LLB based instrument driver to a LVLIB along with icon extraction Ability to create a package (installer/uninstaller) that is not based upon a LabVIEW version and accessible as a dependency across all versions of LabVIEW Ability to run an installer Ability to run an uninstaller to remove an instrument driver Ability to target MULTIPLE LabVIEW installations for a single installer/driver (The installer/uninstaller could be accomplished through the Custom Actions, but requires additional work that could be automated with a command line switch.) This would allow a VI Package Configuration to also include 3rd party instruments and would greatly improve the value of VIPM.
  3. I am attempting to build an instrument driver into an VI Package (VIP) and have run into a few issues: 1. The instrument driver was mass compiled within the "\instr.lib" folder and created an error upon the package build To work-around this, I moved the driver folder to a temporary path and re-compiled the lvlib. This seems to break the .mnu files located within the lvlib (LabVIEW issue). 2. Is there a way to import an existing mnu configuration into VI Package Builder? It seems tedious to re-create a pallet set that already exists. Note: Manually copying the driver folder into the "\instr.lib" folders works great. Is there a way in a VI Package Builder to bundle and copy a set of files without modifying? Thanks!
  4. It seems the mirrors are not all up to date. I attempted to do this using easynews, but this mirror returns "Moved Permanently" and re-directs to cdnetworks-us-1.dl.sourceforge.net or cdnetworks-us-2.dl.sourceforge.net. I don't see either of these listed in the VIPM options for mirrors. What is the best single mirror to use on sourceforge that will contain all VIPM packages?
  5. Well, I tried multiple solutions including the page referenced above and nothing seems to work except bypassing the firewall. However, for packages on the sourceforge network, every possible sub-domain would have to be manually added as the Astaro gateway does not support wildcards. Any other suggestions? I have attached the error message below when attempting the proxy server. Regards, 1. Main Package Name: oglib_error v2.3-2 Package Name with Error: oglib_error v2.3-2 Error Message: VIPM could not download the package oglib_error-2.3-2 from the remote server. Error Code: 42 Error Source: (http response "") 530D4EA822B9C380B890E7A6FF4563F0 in B434E01F39B48C60A0E5562FF4D214C9 -> 9EF580CDEC406FCDF848872CC3AE688F -> 87D287C50204FFFF9E1143AA7618D099.lvlib:2807443DD814CA1DB9B3E638F4B0EE5C -> 12A5D96B616E04B2F894B0578D062B75 -> VIPM Main Window.vi
  6. I cannot use VIPM on a network with the Astaro Security Gateway. VIPM will not connect to anything and the gateway is responding with "Bad Request". If I type the location directly into a web browser there are no issues: http://jkisoft.com/packages/SourceForgeMirrors.txt I have attached the TCP stream associated with an attempt to download the mirrors. Any help would be appreciated. vipm_error.html
  7. Would it be possible for JKI to provide a work-around for this? Maybe a regular expression that replaces all instances of a colon in the tag name (between a character? Thanks...
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