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  1. If I try to build a package which makes a call to the LV Icon Editor API function of "Launch Icon Editor.vi" of LV 2012 SP1, I receive dpendency not found errors. See attached file and VIP buildspec. http://screencast.com/t/nF2Gz6hCg
  2. Was it addressed an you're looking for validation? or just to see if it's still there?
  3. I'm building using VIPM 2012 and LV 2012. I have a collection of VI that are used as a template and get built into the package. It appears that when I build, VIPM auto sets the 'Window Title' to not be (same as VI name) http://screencast.com/t/F7famapI6 Is this expected behavior and/or can it be avoided?
  4. There seems to be a bug which prevents me from editing existing icons or saving whatever edits I make. See behavior in video http://screencast.com/t/l1ZNsucUJya It looks like if I create the icon from scratch, it will apply it, but upon trying to re-edit what was just created it gets erased again. http://screencast.com/t/J6IZFalAOFiS I don't know if it's an issue w/ my icon editor in 2011, but there is no indication that there is an error. VIPM 2011.0.0 build 1669 Before I re-install LV, it would be best to know where an error might be happening ~,~
  5. During an attempted build I encountered error 7 during "Property Node (arg 1) in Library.GetMemberVIs__ogb.vi " :: Full error in log file. I have many nested libraries as you can see in this Jingshot http://screencast.com/t/yySCc5pFB I'm pretty much building the package from the root library. I'm not sure where to start to troubleshoot with this one. <UPDATE> The error happens w/ the 'Preparing Source Distribution' active within the status bar of the build window Ideas? -Norm PS will send library upon request but will require a variety of RF drivers and toolkits to compile November-19-2010.txt Settings - Copy.txt
  6. I had isolated the issue down to some files that were in the directory structure, but not a dependency of the project. The only thing unique about these un used sub-vi is that they used the digital filter design toolkit. Once I removed them, the package built in normal time. Attached are those files should you choose to experiment with just them until I can get the rest of the files gathered up Composite_Filter_DFT.zip Also, I had forgot to mention, that 'eventually' (hours later) the package process finally ended w/ a linker method error, which I erroneously forgot to save data from. If there is a persistent log, I'll retrieve it and post here as per your instructions
  7. I currently am building a package and the process is taking forever. There are not a ridiculous number of files Nothing seems to be specifically hung as I can still manipulate the windows and the processor usage between LV and VIPM is varying as if it is active and not in some deadlock. Is there any debug log that I might be able to tap into to determine what exactly the system is doing or at what point it stalls? 'Preparing Source Distribution' is the current status of the builder window. Windows 7 LV 2009 SP1 VIPM 2010 Sending directory wouldn't be too helpful due to RF driver dependencies (unless y'all are willing to install those to test) I appreciate whatever help you've got. Wasted a day so far trying to get this build going.
  8. Yes, the internet connection is fine. Just to clarify, the network location is on the local network via \\Share\dir\...
  9. When I open the attached package from a windows explorer file view, I get the 'Package Not Compatible' error. If I go to 'File>>Open' the same package opens fine. I have isolated it down to opening packages from a network location. Windows 7 is the platform ni_tool_esf_1.0.0.vip
  10. I'm building a relatively deep library and I have found that in the process of building, I get the 'Source VIs or Libraries are missing' Opening all VI in the library is not quite feasible, so is there a way to determine which VI are spitting up and saying that their dependencies are not able to be found? Thanks, Norm
  11. I use an LLB that is supposed to go into the <LV>\projects folder and utilize the 'top level' flag on some of those VI to show up as Tools>>menu itmes. But after I build and install, there are no items listed for it in the menu. When I go to look at the LLB that was deployed to disk, the VI that was flagged as top level in the LLB is no longer top level. If I update the LLB to have the needed VI as top level, all goes back to as it should be. Is this expected, or a bug (feels like bug) ~,~ Thanks, Norm
  12. So currently I've been using a development workflow of a package that has the source code under user.lib to ensure proper linkages to other things under the LV directory. But unfortunately VIPM blocks making a package of something that exists under the LV directory. So if I have a package with components that will be deployed under the LV directory in multiple locations, and in development they already reside at those locations, what should I do when it comes time to build a package? Re-locate the source w/ out letting it re-link? Never allow development of a package or any of it's dependencies to exist under user.lib? (at least at build time) I guess my biggest confusion is that it seems as though I need to uninstall the old package before trying to build the new one so that VIPM doesn't find any dependencies under the LV dir. Am I misunderstanding something?
  13. A key piece that is missing for us is to associate a build w/ the current versions of the files in SCC. We're using P4 and the way that we'll overcome this is to, via a post build hook, make a P4 label w/ all the files in the build under SCC. But somehow I need to name this new label, and preferably it would be based off of the package name and version. So the idea is build a package->make a label.
  14. I saw in the archive that the extension of Hook attributes is being expanded, but for the time being, is there any recommended workaround to getting some extra info post/pre-build? An intermediate file that we can investigate? Thanks
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