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  1. Error 5 when installing package in VIPM 2014

    Not knowingly (!) As I said, it did happen before I got the SSD, but it's got a lot worse since I did. Other data point is that for legal reasons the laptop has full disk encryption (Sophos Safeguard) - it's supposed to be completely transparent to the software but.... I've manage to catch a screenshot as VIPM throws the error - the erro details text at the end is singularly unhelpful: Main Package Name: Hierarchical Data Format (HDF5) v2.8.3.119 Package Name with Error: Hierarchical Data Format (HDF5) v2.8.3.119 Error Message: VIPM could not install the package h5labview2- . Error Code: 5 Error Source: =============== Here's the screenshot: (and just for clarity, this happens on all packages and if I manually unzip the vipm, the file is there....)
  2. Error 5 when installing package in VIPM 2014

    Sorry - forgot to check back on the bug report until now. Yes, so far this is just a problem on my work laptop. We have several desktop machines that I've had no problems with. One reason that I think it might be some race condition is that it got (a lot) worse when I got the hard disc on my laptop replaced with an SSD. I've tried turning off the anti-virus, but that doesn't seem to make difference.
  3. Under VIPM 2014 I'm getting intermittent cases of packages not installing with an error code 5. Installing into LV2012 sometimes I get an eror 5 (and obviously a failed installed), and then if I try again it installs cleanly. Sometimes it takes several goes to get a package to install. In LV 2013, it seems much harder to get it to install. The package in question is just an XControl, nothing particularly fancy, package built on the same version of VIPM. If the error code is being passed through from LabVIEW then this would be a file already open error, and the intermittent nature would suggest a race condition somewhere.... any thoughts ?
  4. Package building not working in LV2009

    Just to add a footnote to this long dead thread.... I hit a similar problem today after I had applied the f1 patch to my build install of 8.6.1 - the probelm is the routine used to find the LabVIEW version number (LabVIEWVersion_ogb.vi) doesn't grok the f1 patch ID and then returns the version as "2009". Probably I should report this on an OpenG forum too...
  5. This is somewhere between a bug and a feature request. Often I'm using VIPM to install the whole of the OpenG library on a new install or doing some other operation where the list of packages to be installed/updated does not fit on one screenful of the VIPM display. In these circumstances it would be nicer if the main display was still scrollable. Failing this, if the display would automatically scroll to the currently being installed package.

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