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  1. I am also noticing the same issue reported by Greg sands. It appears to be a general issue that the Compatible LabVIEW Version is being ignored. I'm seeing this in 2016.0.0 (build 1986). Is this a known issue at this point? -Matt
  2. Yes, we are still using the older tools, but we are working this month on getting switched over. Thanks for the great tools. -Matt
  3. Ah, you are brilliant, Jim. Resetting the Read-only attribute on this file in the temp directory will fix the problem. The key discovery for me was that deleting the file causes the problem to reappear, so I checked into our package, and there are a few files (the icon among them) that are built into the package with the read-only flag set. So, we need to make sure that all of the files destined for the package get the read-only flag cleared before we build the package. Very impressive remote debugging- many, many thanks. Best Wishes, Matthew Harrison
  4. Here is the error log from this morning after a single attempt to Open a single package. It appears to be complaining about file permissions, but I don't see any file permission problems, and like I said, these packages install fine as long as you select more than one. -Matt August_13_2010.txt
  5. It was really, really great to see you as well. Thanks so much for putting on that great BBQ. I did not realize that the Package Info Dialog was expected behavior. I should note, however, that if multiple packages are selected, it does not come up. Instead, I get a dialog like the attached: It is very reproducible. Just select a single package to add. I do not see it with the ones that automatically download from the package servers. Michael asked for an error log, so I'll post to that message with a fresh error from this morning. Best Wishes, Matthew Harrison
  6. Steps to reproduce: 1. Choose File->Open Package(s) from the File menu 2. Select a single package (.ogp) Expected Behavior: VIPM should add the package to the list of available packages Observed Behavior: VIPM opens the Package Information window, and very briefly displays the package info (for maybe 1/4 of a second), as in the attached image Then the Package Information window blanks out, as in the attached image The package is not added to the list. Workaround: Always select at least 2 packages when Opening Packages
  7. I think I figured this out. I have to download the 1.0 version. Somehow I didn't pick up on that even though I had read the posts regarding Linux installations before posting. -Matt
  8. I'm having trouble downloading the Linux version of VIPM. When I try to download it, there is a radio button with "Windows 2000 or XP" as the only choice. It looks like a Linux version should exist, but I can't see how to download it. Can anyone spot the error of my ways? Best Wishes, Matt
  9. It looks like I solved my particular problem, although I don't have a perfect root cause analysis. It appears that VIPM must be able to write various files to the Temp directory. I don't think that there was a permission problem, but somehow it was failing to overwrite some file that already existed. Unfortunately, I'm not sure how that bad file got there or why VIPM could not overwrite it. If I get more information, I'll post again. For my purposes, I solved the problem by blowing out the entire Temp directory, and verifying that it was not write only.
  10. I have had VIPM working fine under Vista for several months, but recently I have started to have a problem where I cannot add any new packages. Whenever I try, I get an error message "There was an error adding packages to the package list." I'm correlating this with an automatic update to SP1, but I suppose that I'm not positive that is the problem because I don't use VIPM every day. I'm not aware of anything else that has changed on my computer except these automatic updates since I knew it was working. I have tried completely uninstalling and reinstalling VIPM, but that didn't seem to make any difference. I have also verified the permissions for the JKI directory. I also tried installing and running with "Run as Administrator." I notice that when I check the network for available packages, I see all the .bmp and .spec files added into the cache directory. Also, I see .pdi2 files added to the LV 8.x directories in "databases" when I try to add packages. The point at which I get errors always seems to be the point where an .ogp file would normally be unzipped, or at least opened and read. I've double checked that nothing is read-only, and it seems like permissions should be allowed to everything that I can think of. An error log file is created, which I've attached. I'm really not sure what else to try at this point, but I've really come to depend on VIPM, so I'd love to get it working again. October_28_2008.txt
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