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  1. One of my colleagues almost fell down; he was so happy when I showed him this new feature. Excellent idea & implementation.
  2. I have a colleague that is interested in learning LabVIEW and I want to get him started on the JKI SM (and SMOs) right out of the gate. Are there any ready-made presentations that demonstrate the common pitfalls facing a new developer, and how the JKI SM handles them? Thank you, Jim
  3. After seeing half of the NI Week 2015 presentation, I'm more excited to know where I can get at it. Where? Thank you.
  4. How is this coming?
  5. Jim, Thank you; I would appreciate that very much. Jim PS - you guys rock!
  6. I'm dying to see more of this. I bid on a project that may start soon and will use the JKI State Machine, and I'd love to consider State Machine Objects.
  7. QD for JKI STM

    I apologize. It wasn't meant to be that way and I appreciate your willingness to credit it to translation. Thank you. You're correct about creating new states; mine is clearly inferior. I considered adding the features but never did it. My QD will add states to a string constant, though. Select a string constant, double-click states in the tree and they'll be added (and you'll be prompted for an argument if the argument terminal is wired). I haven't tried yours, and my QD plugin isn't the best, for sure.
  8. QD for JKI STM

    My Case Select quick drop plugin does two of the three things you've mentioned, plus lots more. https://decibel.ni.com/content/docs/DOC-24058 for the current version. http://lavag.org/files/file/90-caseselect/ for a list of features. This one also works with non-JKI (string-based) state machines and Event structures.
  9. I saw that, thanks. I'm working on getting folks to make reusable components then I can make a case for VIPM Pro all around, but we're pretty far from sharing.
  10. Thank you for answering. I understand the need for one VIPM Enterprise. Let's say our management is too frugal to spring for VIPM Pro for the rest of us; can we use an internal VIP repository using VIPM Community and a repository client license?
  11. Note: This original question refers to an older version of VIPM. Starting with VIPM 2012 and greater, you now only need VIPM Pro to connect (subscribe) to repositories. You also need VIPM Pro to create repositories and publish packages. VIPM Free cannot subscribe to or create repositories. For a complete comparison, click here. ======== Our LabVIEW developers are beginning to collaborate and I'm pushing VIPM, but I don't know which edition(s) we need. My thoughts are that we need: One or more Enterprise editions for each repository manager (I expect that we'd only have one) Mostly Professional editions so the rest can create & use VIPC files in our projects Perhaps a few Community editions for developers that are not managing projects. Can these users connect to a private repository made by an internal Enterprise user? Does this make sense? How much are subscriptions for the Professional and Enterprise editions?
  12. reference to Parse State Queue

    Thanks for answering. I did this (snippet) but it didn't work. I don't get any errors, it finds the SubVI and I can even open the Front Panel but the reference isn't to the one This VI is using. The Get Control Value nodes don't show anything. Did I misunderstand your intent or is there more to this? Jim
  13. JKI Beginner hoping to learn

    You need to have your SM loop through the Idle state in order to respond to FP events. Something like: Start Acquisition, Display Data, Idle...
  14. I want to read the Current State, Remaining States and Arguments indicators from the FP of the Parse State Queue vi in my JKI State Machine. I can't figure out how to get a reference to the VI. Can you help? I've looked and it doesn't appear to be in the App.All VIs In Memory list. I tried to modify the VI to return a reference to itself. No luck. I can see all instances of it when I set the FP to show when called, but I have some JKI-SM processes that I'm not interested in. Alternately, can you suggest how I can monitor this information?
  15. I've written a tutorial for the NI Community. I won't release it in the JKI Right-Click Framework for LabVIEW community until it's reviewed by someone with package-building experience. It's publically available in my documents, here. I've successfully built a few packages following this procedure. Would you review it and let me know what could be better? I'm particularly concerned about steps 4 through 7. Thank you, Jim

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